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NBA 2k24 Best Free Throw Animation And Layup Package

By Biraj Khanal / 15 September 2023 10:51 AM

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NBA 2k24 best free throw animation is of Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, and Jamal Murray. Curry has the No 1 throw style in 2K24.

Free throws are the unopposed attempts on target to score the points shooting behind the free-throw line situated near the restricted area.

They are awarded after the shooter is fouled by the opposing team. In the NBA, the best shooters include Steve Nash, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant with the best free throws.

NBA 2K24 has enhanced its gameplay and has added the best animations in different fields in the game including the free throw, and dribble animations.

Curry's style have been the most picked by the users since NBA 2k22. Kevin Love had the top free throw style in NBA 2K23.

Best Free Throw NBA 2K24

Best animation 2k24 is of Stephen Curry with his smooth and natural release of the ball during the throw.

Different players have their unique styles for free throw and users can change the game if they can choose the perfect pick for their characters with a higher or equal to 80 OVR rating in the game.

Source : instagram

Here are the top 5 free throw animations listed in NBA 2K24:

  1. Stephen Curry
  2. Michael Jordan
  3. Jamal Murray
  4. J.R Smith
  5. Klay Thompson

Among these, Curry and Jordan are the top picks regarding free throw and are a famous choice for gamers. 

The smooth and efficient release at the time of the throw makes it easier for the users to time their throws accurately. If the user is a die-hard fan of Stephen Curry style, then his free throw style might match your character in the game.

Unlike Stephen, Jordan also has his legendary free throw technique which is considered an excellent option for the users.

Known for his reliability and consistent shooting, you can have his classic touch of making the free throw going with Jordan's style.

Another throw gamers can try is Jamal Murray's free throw style which is unique and has its followers in between gamers.

With the balance maintained between accuracy and ease of use, it has become a viable choice for many gamers to practice with their character.

If you are going for the simple and efficient style for free throw then, the Klay Thompson style will be the perfect match. You can use his style to have a balanced throw without any showboating. 

Since it is all about timing your throw to perfection in the game, choosing the right throw animation and mastering your timing skills can be the dominant force on the court.

You can have your eye on players with more than 80 attributes regarding free throws. Some of the ten players who have higher than 80 FT are mentioned below:

Players NameFree Throw Rating
Luke Kennard, SG/SF, Memphis Grizzlies94
Tyler Herro, SG/PG, Miami Heat93
Danilo Gallinari, PF/SF, Washington Wizards93
Seth Curry, PG/SG, Dallas Mavericks93
Kevin Durant, PF/SF, Phoenix Suns92
Stephen Curry, PG/SG, Golden State Warriors92
Damian Lillard, PG, Portland Trail Blazers92
Ty Jerome, PG/SG, Cleveland Caviliers92
Vlatko Cancar, PF/SF, Denver Nuggets92
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, PG/SG, Oklahooma City Thunder91

Best Shooting Animations NBA 2K24

Best shooting animations NBA 2k24 is based on Shot Speed, Release Height, Defensive Immunity, and the Timing Impact of the player.

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Shooting animations for the players need to be smooth and efficient according to their playing positions and their character built by positions.

They should focus on these things while balancing the shooting animations in the game:

  • How quick the shot is.
  • How high the arc of the shot is released.
  • How effective the shot is against defensive contests 
  • Adjusts shot windows.

Here are the 5 players with the best shooting animations who have received the best grades in NBA 2K24.

1. Stephen Curry

  • Height and Rating Requirements - Under 6'5", Mid Range Shot or Three Pointer 92+ 
  • Release Height - A-
  • Defensive Immunity - A+
  • Release Speed - B+
  • Timing Stability - A

2. James Harden 

  • Height and Rating Requirements - Under 6'10", Mid Range Shot or Three Pointer 87+
  • Release Height - C-
  • Defensive Immunity - A-
  • Release Speed - A-
  • Timing Stability - A

3. Kyrie Irving

  • Height and Rating Requirements - Under 6'5", Mid Range Shot or Three Pointer 87+
  • Release Height - A-
  • Defensive Immunity - A
  • Release Speed - B-
  • Timing Stability - A-

4. Terance Mann 

  • Height and Rating Requirements - Under 6'10", Mid Range Shot or Three Pointer 86+
  • Release Height - B+
  • Defensive Immunity - B+
  • Release Speed - A+
  • Timing Stability - B-

5. Payton Pritchard 

  • Height and Rating Requirements - Under 6'5", Mid Range Shot or Three Pointer 82+
  • Release Height - B-
  • Defensive Immunity - B-
  • Release Speed - B
  • Timing Stability - B

Best Layup Package In NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 Best Layup packages are Circus Layups, Dominant Big, Long Athletic, Ja Morant, and Zach LaVine.

To unlock the effective Layup animation packages in 2k24, NBA 2k24 layup requirements should be fulfilled depending on the package. 

Some have specific requirements, including a minimum layup rating or height that you need to match up before equipping them.

Source : youtube

Here is the available packages list in the game with its unique set of animations and requirements as per the player positions:

Position - Guards

  • Long Athlete - The long Athlete package is considered a great option for guards and provides long-distance hot steps and euro steps to bypass defenders.
  • Circus Layups - It is an all-rounder package for guards with a diverse range of euro step and reversing layup techniques.
  • Ja Morant - The fly-high Ja Morant package helps you with explosive layup animations perfect for fast breaks. It further blends into dunk animations for monster jams.

Position - Forwards

  • Long Athlete - Its longer hot steps and euro steps can help forwards to start their drive towards the basket getting around big men slowly.
  • Circus Layups - This package will guide forwards to finish from any angle with its unpredictability against the shot blockers. 
  • Dominant Big - Emulating drops steps and up-and-under too big men, it provides dominant layup animations for players at low post.

Position - Big Men or Centre

  • Dominant Big - Allowing to drop step or spin from post with a high percentage, it is the premier option for centers channeling the Shaq in the paint.
  • Long Athlete - The longer hot steps and euro steps will make it easy to drive to the rim for the centres operating more out of the high post.
  • Circus Layups - The circus layups provide a nice change of pace for the centres with the variable reverse layup options. It helps to catch the defenders off guard finishing layups using variable angles and good finesse finishing moves.

Pass Animation Requirements 2K24

Pass animation requirements 2k24 are Ball Handle, Speed with Ball, Minimum Height, and Pass Accuracy.

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There are different packages available regarding the passing styles and animations with their necessary requirements. 

All the needed requirements for the mentioned packages are the same except the Pass Accuracy which varies as per the packages. The common required minimum height for all the styles is 5 feet and 7 inches whereas 7 feet and 3 inches is the maximum point.

Regarding the ball handle and speed with the ball, no limitations are set for all the mentioned styles. 

Here are the mentioned passing styles with their pass accuracy listed below:

  • None ( General) - Any
  • Fundamental Passing Style - Any
  • Lamelo Ball - 85 
  • Stephen Curry - 80
  • Deaaron Fox - 79
  • Tyrese Haliburton - 89
  • LeBron James - 86
  • Nikola Jovic - 80
  • Damian Lillard - 81
  • Ja Morant - 75
  • Domantas Sabonis - 75
  • Jason Williams - 90
  • Trae Young - 80
  • Magic Johnson - 85