NBA 2k24 Next Gen Park And REP Rewards

By Salim Prajapati / 8 September 2023 07:35 AM

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NBA 2k24 next gen park features two new playgrounds namely the Elite and Rise. The Next Gen Park has also introduced a new REP system.

As the game was released early in New Zealand on September 8, 2023, players are already loving these new settings. The Elite Park is situated in a contemporary urban location, while the Rise Park is nestled in a more natural environment.

Besides, there are several other features and a number of other modifications on the 25th installment in the NBA 2K franchise.

It is evident that fans will compare the new version to its successor NBA 2k23, and most of the improvements are positively received. 

However, players have expressed their sentiments regarding the removal of the body types feature in MyPlayer mode that was present in 2k23. This resulted in a loss of customization for gamers.

NBA 2k24 Park REP Rewards

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All reps in NBA 2K24 can earn Park Rep Rewards. Below is the list that unlocks at each level.

Rookie 1

  • Represent your affiliation with a RISE-branded basketball and Player

Rookie 2

  • Expand your wardrobe with a RISE clothing collection
  • Up your game with five of each Gatorade boost and 10 of each Skill boost.

Rookie 3

  • Take your shirt off and flex in the city
  • Earn access to extra badge-improving drills after completing a game in The Rec or in the City.

Starter 1

  • Heat Check Booster unlocked. After knocking down five outside shots in a row, your fifth shot will receive a huge timing window.
  • Up your game with 10 of each Gatorade Boost and 20 of each skill boost.

Starter 2

  • Unlock a permanent additional turbo meter (normally gained through gym workouts).
  • Whip around the city with your very own RISE-branded hoverboard.

 Starter 3

  • Unlock a large collection of elite level gameplay animation for your MyPLAYER.
  • Unlock improve prizing in your Daily rewards
  • Up your game with 25 of each Gatorade Boost and 50 of each skill boost.

Veteran 1

  • Recharge Booster unlocked. Your adrenaline will recharge faster in the game.
  • Receive 50,000 VC

Veteran 2

  • All finishing attributes are increased by +1 (does not count toward animation or badge unlocks).
  • Rebirth 2.0 unlocked. All rebirth 2.0 builds can immediately upgrade to 99 with silver badges and receive a 10% increase in badge progression.

Veteran 3

  • All playmaking attributes are increased by +1 (does not count toward animation or badge unlocks).
  • Receive 100,000 VC
  • Replenish your Gatorade boosts and Skills boosts inventory to x99 of every product.

NBA 2k24 Review Embargo Date

The review embargo for NBA 2K24 was lifted on September 1, 2023, at 8:00 AM Pacific Time. Metacritic, IGN, and Steam all have their say about the game.

The game is scheduled to be released on September 8, 2023, so this gives reviewers about a week to play the game and write their reviews. This is a common practice for major games because it gives reviewers enough time to experience the game and provide an honest opinion.

However, so far only the rating for NBA 2k24 has dropped on Steam and it currently holds a subpar rating of 5/10.

Meanwhile, other popular reviewing websites have yet to give a verdict on the latest 2k NBA installment. Speaking of the fans they are more excited than ever to taste the new bad boy of gaming.

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A Youtuber and Twitch gamer who goes by the moniker Solo compared NBA 2k24 with Fortnite saying it is as fun as the latter.

Similarly, another Youtuber Tyceno who has over 1 million subscribers on Twitch stream made a bold claim saying the 2k24 is the greatest 2k he ever played. To which NBA 2k24 Intel Twitter page reposted to at least give it a month to make such a tall declaration.

But whatever the Critics' score might the game receive, fans will have a fantastic ride as various new and exciting features have been added to 2k24.

Players can now experience the ultimate gameplay in MyNBA as a GM or Commissioner. With lifelike visuals, you can play with your favorite NBA and WNBA teams.

Moreover, relive Kobe's most iconic performances, from his early career triumphs to becoming one of the greatest players of all time, with Mamba moments..

Finally, PROPlay introduces a game-changing innovation that makes playing the game truly worthwhile.

NBA 2k24 Jerseys [All New and Classic]

NBA 2k24 has introduced sleeved jerseys for the first time. The game also features classic uniforms from the 60s and 70s for all franchises.

Here are some of the new jersey types:

  • Sleeved kits
  • Classic Uniforms
  • All-Star Team Uniforms

Nevertheless, not all teams offer sleeve jerseys, and only a handful of franchises include this option. 

One is the Golden State lightning bolt design, another is Allen Iverson's rookie jersey, and they are also including the last Bobcats jerseys along with the Hornets jersey from before Nike took over in 2015.

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Besides, the Celtics new city jersey also made it into the game.  The jersey features a skyline of Boston, with the Citgo sign prominently displayed.

The Bulls have a cool new statement jersey with black and white details. It has got the team's logo and the words "Chicago" and "Bulls" on the front, and it looks kind of classic.

You also have the Cleveland Cavaliers' 2016-inspired Black Adidad Sleeved jersey which one can easily picture Lebron James wearing it.

Additionally, the Lakers' timeless purple and gold jersey, which is among the most iconic NBA uniforms, can also be found in 2k24.

NBA 2k24 Dunk Animation

There are a variety of dunk animations in 2k24 to choose from each with its own unique look and feel. Some of the best ones are:

  • Pro Contact Dunks Off One
  • Big Man Off Two
  • Basic Hangs Off Two
  • Elite Contact Dunks Off Two
  • Big Man Back Snatchers
  • Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One
  • Bigman Windmills
  • Jordan Kilganon
  • Small Contact Dunks Off One/Two
  • Side Clutches Off One
  • Big Man Baseline Reverses Off One
  • Straight Arm Tomahwaks
  • Elite Basket Rim Pulls
  • Two Hand Under Basket Athletic
  • Pro Bigman Contact Dunks

Besides, there are also some signature dunks that can be used in the game.

Giannis AntetokounmpoRestricted
Vince CarterLocked
Darryl DawkinsRestricted
Kobe BryantRestricted
Luka DoncicLocked
Julius ErvingLocked
Paul GeorgeLocked
Aaron GordanLocked
Manu Ginobili2,500 VC
Draymond GreenRestricted
Lebron JamesLocked
CJ McCollum2,400 VC
Klay ThompsonLocked
Russell WestbrookRestricted
Zion WilliamsonRestricted

If you really want to make these epic contact dunks happen, one of the best things you can do is equip the "Elite Contact Dunks Off Two" animation.

It is like having a secret weapon that increases your chances of posterizing your opponent, which means dunking on them in a way that looks amazing and jaw-dropping.

The dunk requirements for each dunk in NBA 2K24 depends also upon other necessary attributes. There exist various types of dunks including windmills, under the leg, and 360 dunks.

Some dunks have height requirements as they are specifically for players between 6'5" and 6'10". Besides, there are also needs for alley-oops and contact dunks, including pro, elite, small and big contact dunks.

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