NBA 2k24 Mamba Challenge Rewards and MyPlayer Capsule

By Biraj Khanal / 7 September 2023 02:37 AM

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NBA 2k24 Mamba Challenge offers fans seven steps featuring iconic moments of Kobe Bryant. You will unlock the special Mamba Moments badge as a reward.

The NBA 2K24 is almost ready to be out in the upcoming days with the release date scheduled on Friday, 8th September 2023. The game is soon to be released with several enhanced gameplay features and new game modes.

Users can get their squads ready for the immense baseball actions experiencing the past, present, and future of hoops culture in this game series.

The game has added other modes like Hoop in Paradise, ProPlay, and the Mamba Moments and is being released as the NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant edition.

Similiar to the Jordan Challenge in 2K23, with the Late Kobe Bryant becoming the cover athlete, several challenges are announced and added to the game which the fans can enjoy inside the game mode.

The Mamba Moments is available on Playstation®5, Xbox Series, Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC.

NBA 2k24 Kobe Challenge Unlocked

NBA 2k24 Kobe Challenge Unlocked after completing the MyCareer mode and reaching a certain level of popularity. It can be accessed under the Mamba Moments option.

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The newly launched video game series is being released in Kobe Edition honoring the players for their contributions to basketball. Bryant was one of the recognized legends of the game unlike Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer.

Along with the Kobe Bryant editions comes the Mamba Moments mode where players can enjoy recreating the legendary Mamba moments of his iconic legendary career alongside his dominant performances in several games.

The game mode includes a collection of games such as huge individual outings, clutch playoff performances, and major Bryant career milestones with the rewards.

Players can have the chance to take the reins and see whether they can recreate the Bryants's most "awe-inspiring performances in legacy-defining moments" or not.

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Here are some of the Kobe Challenges in the NBA 2K24 inside the Mamba Moments mode listed below:

  • 13th May 2001 - Kobe Scores 48 Points $ 16 REBS Against Kings in 2001 WCF 
  • 7th January 2003 - Rainin Threes ( 12 Three Pointers in a Single Game) Vs Seattle Supersonics
  • 28th March 2003 - The Mentor faces the Mentee ( Go head-to-head as Kobe against his idol and mentor, MJ)
  • 20th December 2005 - Kobe Scores 62 Points in 3 Quarters
  • 16th March 2007 - 65 Points Vs the Portland Trail Blazers
  • 30th May 2008 - Kobe Leads Comeback in Game 5 of 2008 WCF
  • 17th June 2010 - Kobe Leads Lakers to Game 7 Win in 2010 NBA Finals

These are some of the Kobe challenges included in the game mode where the players can earn several rewards upon its completion.

Players will experience every moment inside Kobe challenges mode meeting certain scores and objectives to complete the challenges. The challenges should be completed in order.

With the completion of levels, the difficulty keeps increasing culminating in the 2010 Finals recreation. After all the challenges are accomplished, a special badge and a unique Kobe Bryant jersey will be unlocked as an in-game reward.

You can equip the unique reward in My Career/MyPlayer to show you have completed all the challenges paying tribute to Mamba's career.

Black Mamba MyPlayer Capsule

Black Mamba MyPlayer Capsule is a bonus item you will receive after preordering the NBA 2K24 Black Mamba Edition.

The capsule is a collection of four different items that you can use to customize your MyPlayer character in the game depicting Bryant's style and legacy.

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Here are some of the items included in the MyPlayer capsule that you will earn when you preorder the Black Mamba Edition:

  • An autographed Black Mamba Jersey with the legendary Kobe's jersey number 24.
  • A Black Mamba Hoodie designed with the snake and Kobe's Name.
  • A pair of Bryant's 11 purple and gold color schemed Sneakers.
  • A Black Mamba Hat with a gold Embroidery of Kobe's Initials.

You can have a mixture of all items with the other clothing and accessories to create a unique look for your character in the game.

Those items can also be used for increasing your player attributes and have special effects that enhance your player's performance. 

For example, the Kobe 11 Sneakers will provide you a +5 boost to your speed, Black Mamba Jersey will provide you a +5 boost to your shooting abilities. 

More on NBA 2k24 Kobe Bryant Edition

NBA 2k24 Kobe Bryant Edition is available for $69.99 for Xbox Series and PS5 and $59.99 for Xbox One and PS4.

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The developers have released the Kobe Edition which is available for pre-order for Xbox Series and Playstation 5 and Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

There are a total of four editions to be released by the developers for the game including the anniversary edition, Kobe Bryant edition, Black Mamba Edition, and WNBA edition.

The Kobe Bryant edition can be ordered for your console at two different prices. The edition for the Xbox Series and PS5 is available for $59.99 with several digital items included listed below:

  • NBA 2K24 for Xbox One
  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • 5,000 MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Promo Packs (delivered one a week)
  • 5x Six MyCAREER Boost Types
  • 3x Three Gatorade Boost Types
  • 95 Rated Kobe Bryant MyTEAM Free Agent Card

The same edition which is made available for the Xbox One and PS4 is $69.99 and has the same listed digital items as mentioned for the Xbox series. The difference between the two is the price of $10.

 NBA 2k24 Edition Differences

NBA 2k24 Edition Differences are the price and the pre order bonuses that can be received from the different NBA 2K24 editions.

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The game is set to be available in different editions after its release which are mentioned below:

  • NBA 2k24 Kobe Bryant Edition for Xbox Series - $69.99
  • NBA 2k24 Kobe Bryant Edition for Xbox One - $59.99
  • NBA 2K24 Black Mamba Edition - $99.99
  • NBA 2K24 25th Anniversery Edition - $149.99
  • NBA 2K24 WNBA Edition - $59.99

The edition with the highest price is the 25th Anniversery Edition at $149.99. Although it is the most expensive edition, it provides the same digital items as in other editions with additional rewards included. 

The major difference is that this edition provides a 12-month NBA League Pass subscription along with NBA 2k24 for the Xbox Series and Xbox One.

This edition will be available only till 10th September and won't be valid after the mentioned date. 

The Black Mamba edition, WNBA, and the 25th anniversary edition will have extra bonuses included with 3 Kobe Bryant T-shirts 1 Sabrina Lonescu T-shirt, and many other items.

The Black Mamba MyPlayer Capsule is also included in the 25th edition with four different items.