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5 Best Jordans To Hoop In

By / 17 February 2023 04:04 AM

Jordan shoes are among the best basketball shoes, started by the legendary Michael Jordan
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Best Jordans To Hoop In are 1. Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 2. Jordan Why Not Zero.4 3. Air Jordan Luka 1. Basketball Shoes have been redefined ever since Michael Jordan set foot on the court. 

The Greatest of All Time by acclamation, Jordan is known for many things outside basketball as well. He is known for familiarizing the world with the sport and endorsement of products. 

In no time, Michael Jordan became a worldwide sensation for basketball fans and also in the sense of fashion. The Chicago Bulls star laced up the first Jordan sneakers in 1984 and the rest has become history. 

As a fan of Michael Jordan, it is only fair people would prefer the shoes once worn by the legend. We have categorized the five best Jordan shoes to buy in 2023 based on the following criteria: 

  • Comfort- Weight of the sneaker and whether or not it has a fitting insole. 
  • Price - Proper value for money. The list features Jordan shoes for low-range, mid-range, and flagship buyers. 
  • Material - Durability varies with materials such as patent leather, canvas, mesh, and suede. 
  • Outsole - To avoid slipping and provide strength during running and jumping. 
  • Design and Feel - The look and design of the sneakers is important, especially if it is to be worn outside. 

5. Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23

Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23
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Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 is one of the best Jordan shoes to hit the market.

Released in 2018, it features an AJ 6 outsole with a contemporary Flyknit top for breathable lockdown and an iconic style. The Flyknit construction upper combines lightweight support and breathability while the rubber outsole provides durability with multi-surface traction. 

One of the features of the sneaker is a polyurethane midsole with a visible Air-Sole unit in the heel and encapsulated Air-Sole unit in the forefoot providing cushioning and comfort. 

The Flyknit upper material
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It features jumpman logo on the back of outsole
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With a weight of around two pounds, Flyknit Elevation 23 is relatively lightweight increasing the comfort and fit while you wear it. On the other hand, the debossed design lines simply change the complexity in looks providing a bolder design. 

The sneaker works perfectly not only on the basketball court but also out of it. While you're strolling, the soft cushion is comfy, and it provides the spring you need to jump or sprint and catapult yourself into the air. In particular, the midsole is fluffy and squishy.

However, one needs to install extra ankle support depending on the physique. Nonetheless, the shoe has a lot of power on the base. 

The Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 pricing starts at $129.99 on Amazon but the price may increase up to $300 based on colors and designs. 

4. Jordan Why Not Zero.4

Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 is the shoe of Lakers' Russell Westbrook
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The Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 is one of the most popular Jordan shoes. It ranks first position for value for money. 

Specially made for Russell Westbrook, Mr. Triple Double is still phenomenal on the court. That alone is a testament to this sneaker. 

Released on May 11, 2022, Why Not Zer0.4 is the first Jordan shoe to feature double-stacked zoom in the forefoot, increasing the speed and responsiveness on the court. 

The brand new Jordan shoe is made for Russell Westbrook
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Other features include the mixed-material upper that has an off-white mesh foundation, which lets the orange basketball leather overlays shine through.

The design looks wonderfully alien with the black contrast used for exposed stitching and synthetic paneling throughout the profiles, while pink accents are added to the medial side. 

The sneaker comprises a strong knitting material
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It also brings one of the strongest outsoles to life
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Moving on to performance, the sole unit doesn't have a single flaw. After all, it is still being used by Westbrook. The mid-foot shanks provide a vivid pink flair to the construction. The only downside of the shoe is that it is prone to creasing. 

With a comfortable fit and durable upper design, you can easily hoop with Why Not Zer0.4. It is also one of the cheapest Jordan shoes on the market, making it a more obvious choice. 

The official price of the sneakers in the Nike Store at the time of release was $130. But it has changed and can be bought at around $100 on Amazon and eBay. 

3. Air Jordan Luka 1

The new Jordan Luka 1
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With a low-cut design and IsoPlate system, Luka Doncic finally found the perfect set of sneakers for him. 

Released on September 2022 worldwide, the Mavericks star made his first signature Jordan shoe a beast. The mesh foundation and protective TPU overlays of the shoe are built in a cream color scheme.

One of the most exciting features includes Formula 23 foam in the midsole for additional speed and responsiveness on the basketball court. 

Luka Doncic releases his first signature shoe with Nike's Jordan
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It features the
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The jumpman logo at the bottom portion
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Moreover, the design is impeccable too. The shoe has red embroidery for the Doncic logo and portions of the rubber heel counter, as well as faded tones of olive accents on the tongue tabs. The gold and red pull tabs are reminiscent of the Jordan 36. 

Best suitable for lateral movements, it is a mandatory shoe to have for basketball players who do side steps more often. It is now one of the most used basketball shoes in the market and its lower price makes it the first choice. 

The Nike Stores are selling Air Jordan Luka 1 at a price of $110, which is less than the official price of Jordan Why Not Zer0.4. 

2. Jordan Zion 2

Jordan Zion 2 comes with a unique design and high comfort
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Jordan Zion 2 is another Jordan brand shoe that took the market by surprise in 2018. It is the second signature shoe of Zion Williamson, the first pick for the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2019 draft. 

Released in September 2022, the shoe has taken the 80s and 90s model shoes and transformed those designs to give a modern look. It is more durable and stable with synthetic leather in the upper and outsole rubber provides the necessary traction. 

Zion 2 graffiti edition
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The brand new Zion 2 doesn't compromise with the safety and materials. Featuring a larger Air Strobel unit in the heel, the shoe became the first Jordan shoe to use the feature. It also features zoom Air cushioning under the forefoot providing springy, responsive support.

Moreover, the shoe comprises an encapsulated Air-sole unit in the heel that makes the shoe feel lighter than it is. The lightweight allows you to make turns faster and saves energy, hence increasing the speed. 

Zion 2 inspired by Naruto
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The sneaker is known for its outsole that avoids slippage
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Likewise, Zion 2 comes with a brand-new hook-and-loop forefoot strap, helping in mobility profoundly. 

One of the cheapest Jordans in the market, Zion 2 was released at an official price of $120. However, the price may vary depending on the colors and websites.

1. Air Jordan 36

The Air Jordan 36 Mid
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The Air Jordan 36 is the best Jordan shoe made to date. 

The sneakers were released on the retail market ahead of the 2021/22 NBA season and the sales went berserk in no time. The AJ 36 is a top-notch shoe, both in performance and design. 

The 36th model in the former Bulls star's signature line justifies all the Jordan shoes that came before it. The Bostons star, Jayson Tatum wore it for the first time on March 25, 2021, in the second game of the playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets. 

One of the best features of the AJ 36 is the traction. The rubber outsole is one of the strongest until now with unhindered performances both on and off the court. 

The Air Jordan 36
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With its Air Zoom Unit, it has a full-length Zoom Air Strobel that provides comfort and cushioning feel as well as an additional layer of protection. It makes jumping incredibly easier and more comfortable. However, some people have complained that the shoe is so cushioning that sometimes it lacks the court feel. 

Moreover, other important features include lateral stability and torsional support. The leno jacquard weaving is very strong even though it does a slight compromise in design. . The yarn used enhances its strength making the shoe lightweight, breathable, and incredibly strong.

The Air Jordan 36 Low PE
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The exquisite design and comfort makes the shoe GOAT
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Several features like an internal heel counter. a midfoot shank plate, secure 1-to-1 fit, and a fairly wide base make the AJ 36 one of the best Jordan shoes to have dropped in the 30 years of their history. 

Released at a price of $185, the Air Jordan 36 is worth every penny you spend for it. 

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