Inside NBA 2k24 Shooting Slump And Badge Regression

By Biraj Khanal / 13 September 2023 06:49 AM

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NBA 2k24 Shooting Slump automatically pops out when the player misses a few consecutive shots making it harder to hit a much smaller green shot release window.

The highly anticipated release of the basketball video game series NBA 2K24 has been flooded with several bugs and issues with bad reviews on Steam.

As far as the NBA gamers are concerned, they have labeled the addition of features like shooting slump as the worst addition to the game.

The game was officially released on 8th September and was released in four different versions. It also has added the new career storyline modes, Mamba Moments mode, and introduction to two new cities, The City and The Neighbourhood.

Shooting Slump was considered the newly added mechanics in the game which determines when the players will enter into a cold streak.

This feature appears when your player misses a few consecutive shots.

Shooting Slump Meaning In NBA 2k24

2k24 Shooting Slump mechanics is the new added feature that activates after your player misses more than two consecutive jump shots.

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It is a realistic new additional gameplay mode where the players can have to go through the cold streaks after they miss several shots in a row. 

If your player misses two or more shots consecutively then it pops out decreasing the size of the green release window which will affect the shooting practice of the player.

The exact number of misses done by the players depends upon factors like your 3 PT attributes, Hot Zones, and Shooting Badges.

The developers added the Shooting Slump in NBA 2K24 to add more challenges and realism to the game but some players find it irritating and unfair.

The shooting slump once you triggered lasts for an estimated 2 to 4 shot attempts but if you continue to miss shots during the slump it can extend up to additional Cold Zones including the penalty.

The greening appearance during the shot makes it harder to aim the target whereas making non non-greening shot needs more practice and training.

In contrast, the newly added mechanics have created a havoc situation for the players as they are sharing their distance for the new shooting mechanics.

After missing the numerous shots, the player should expect to see a "Shooting Slump" notification pop up making it difficult to hit with a smaller green shot release window.

Players shared their frustrations shortly calling it the worst addition the 2K has added to its feature making it impossible to green no matter what your rating is.

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On the dedicated page of NBA 2K24 Intel, they shared asking the players on their Twitter Handle to Like if they want it to get toned down or taken out of the game. The players shared their frustrations saying to take out the feature from the game. 

The Gameplay director of NBA 2K Mike Wang responded on the Twitter handle to the player's frustrations by saying it is just the game that lets you know that you missed 3 shots in a row and it doesn't affect your ability to shoot but will get hit your teammate's grade. 

NBA 2k24 Badge Glitch

NBA 2k24 Badge Glitch can help your player to be a game changer with the maxed out badges providing you a crucial advantage on the virtual court.

The glitch might help you unlock all the badges to boost your player's performance but can be done at their own risk of getting banned by the game officials.

Here are some of the needed requirements that the player should collect for the badge glitch:

  • You need to have the Hall of Fame Battle Pass which is its first requirement as the glitch relies on obtaining the silver and gold floor setters through the season pass.
  • To get a full glitch advantage, you need to purchase level skips. Achieving Level 40 is crucial as it unlocks the gold setter, and Level 20 which unlocks the silver ones. It might be expensive to buy.

It's essential to upgrade your gold badges before your silver ones to save time. Starting with silver badges and then moving to gold would be inefficient and could lead to wasted effort.

If you can't reach Level 40 on the battle pass, You can still use the silver floor setter, which is available at Level 20. This allows you to upgrade your badges to silver.

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Going through the Badge glitch process here are the steps you can follow in order to take advantage of the glitch:

  • Reach Level 40: You need to ensure that you have reached Level 40 to unlock the gold floor setter.
  • Start with Gold: You can select the floor setter category by going through your badges menu. It allows you to choose the badge you want to upgrade to gold.
  • Upgrade and Close: Immediately close the game application after you confirm it to upgrade to gold. This step needs to be repeated for every badge you upgrade.
  • Silver Badges: You can proceed to the silver ones after upgrading all your gold badges. The process here is the same as for the gold ones.
  • Attribute Requirements: You must meet the attribute requirements to unlock each badge. If your player doesn't have the necessary attributes, you can't upgrade the badge.
  • New Player Considerations: You should be prepared to spend the virtual currency if you are doing on a new player to level up.

Please note that this glitch is tempting but is involved with significant risks of getting banned by the officials from the game. You need to invest VC to level up in a rapid way so proceed at your own risk and be aware of the consequences.

Shot Timing Visual Cue 2k24

Shot Timing visual cue 2k24 settings can be fixed by going through Options and then Control Settings to change your desired options.

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The shot timing is one of the crucial parts of the game as it can make or break your shot. You need to ensure your accurate shot timing as possible.

You can experience the different available settings until you find the matching settings that suit your playing style in the game.

Here is the steps from where you can change your desired option settings for shot timing visual cue:

  • First, Go to the Options and then Control Settings.
  • Then, Scroll down till you find Shot Timing Visual Cue settings.
  • Finally, switch off or change the settings to your desired gameplay style.

There are four shot timing settings available in the game which include Release, Jump, Set Point, and Push.

All these settings have their own unique cues which can change the time in milliseconds. It will take you 500 MS to set it to jump, and 501 MS to set it to Release. 

As all settings can affect your shot timing and game performance, you can try any of the four settings and decide which one is best for you.

Jump can be the better option if you are a veteran player but if you are a new player, then set point and release can give you a better advantage with lower shot timings.

The option regarding shot timing visual cue can improve your shot accuracy when you set it in accurate way.

Badge tiers 2k24 List

Badge tiers 2k24 List includes S(purple), A(gold), B(silver), and C ( bronze). S is the highest badge tier of all four tiers.

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Here is the list of badge tiers explained below in detail:

1. S-Tier

This is one of the best and the highest tier in the game which needed higher attributes and skills to unlock. 

It is reserved for elite players who succeeded in certain game aspects like shooting, defending, or playmaking. 

Some of the examples regarding the S tier badges are Deadeye, Clamps, Dimer, and Limitless.

2. A-Tier

After the highest tier comes the A-Tier which requires high attributes and skills to get unlocked. 

They are suitable for very good professional players who have a specialization in certain aspects or have a well-rounded game sense. 

Some examples include Catch and Shoot, Intimidator, Floor General, and Space Creator.

 3. B-Tier

B Tier is the third-best badges in the NBA 2k24 which needed moderate attributes and skills to unlock. 

It is matched for the average players who have some strengths and weaknesses in their game. 

4. C-Tier

These are the lowest badge tiers in the town as they need lower attributes and skills to get unlocked. 

They are suitable for below-average players who need help in the game or are a beginner in the game trying new things.

Best Shooting Badges 2K24

The NBA 2K24 has added a lot of new features in the game including a significant change to the badge tiers with the introduction of new shooting badges.

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Here are the best ranked shooting badges in NBA 2K24 by Tiers mentioned below:


  • Limitless Range
  • Agent 3
  • Space Creator
  • Blinders
  • Whistle (NEW)
  • Green Machine


  • Catch and Shoot
  • Claymore
  • Deadeye
  • Spot Finder (NEW)
  • Hook Specialist (NEW)
  • Float Game (NEW)
  • Post-Fade Phenom (NEW)
  • Middy Magician


  • Slippery Off-Ball
  • Comeback Kid
  • Guard Up
  • Free Points (NEW)
  • Corner Specialist
  • Open Looks (NEW)