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Utah Jazz Radio Announcers And Broadcast Team

By Bishow Adhikari / 24 November 2023 03:22 AM

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Utah Jazz radio announcers include Craig Bolerjack, Thurl Bailey and Holly Rowe. Bolerjack is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster in his 19th season.

The Utah Jazz games are broadcast on both radio and television. The trio has a highly experienced and award-winning broadcast team for radio broadcasts.

Craig Bolerjack is the color commentator. Thurl Bailey the TV game analyst is with him and provides in-depth analysis during the game. Holly Rowe is an experienced sports broadcaster who adds a dynamic to the broadcast and rounds out the duo.

Holly Rowe contributes to the digital content team in addition to play-by-play and commentary. Mariluz Cook the TV game analyst who joined the team in March 2022 has been praised for her captivating in-arena hosting.

Nelson Moran is the Spanish-language play-by-play announcer/color analyst followed by Isidro Lopez who is the Spanish-language play-by-play announcer and Nicole Hernandez the Spanish-language color analyst/sideline reporter.

Utah Jazz Radio Broadcast Panel

Utah Jazz radio broadcast members are:

  • David Locke
  • Ron Boone
  • Nelson Moran
  • Isidro Lopez

With 13 years of radio play-by-play experience for the Utah Jazz, David Locke brings an unrivaled energy and understanding of the game to his listeners, consistently providing high-value entertainment.

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Prior to joining the Jazz, he was the radio voice for the Seattle Supersonics the WNBA's Seattle Storm and the Utah Starzz.

Locke was hired by the Utah Jazz in 2009 to replace retiring broadcasting legend Hot Rod Hundley who had called Jazz games for 35 years.

Boone has worked as a broadcaster for the Utah Jazz for the past 34 years. In September 1988, Boone began calling games for the Jazz.

For many years, the Utah Jazz's announcers were "Hot Rod" Hundley and Boone. Many Jazz fans associated the duo with Jazz basketball.

With 13 years in the ABA and NBA including two seasons with the Utah Jazz, Ron Boone truly understands the game. He began his 34th season with the franchise as a commentator on the team's television pregame and postgame shows.

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The Jazz will have a Spanish radio broadcast for the ninth consecutive season in 2018-19. Nelson Moran, Isidro Lopez and Francisco Vazquez will join Nelson Moran in calling all regular season games at 1600 AM.

This season the Spanish radio broadcast for 45 Jazz games will be simulcast live on Latino 106.3 FM for the first time.

Isidro Lopez has been the Play-by-play for the Utah Jazz Radio network, Spanish Radio and On-air Spanish talent of the Real Salt Lake Soccer Team since September 2015.

Rowe joins the team with nearly 30 years of sports broadcasting experience. She is well-known for her energy and reporting abilities and contributes to the radio team.

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Jazz fans in Utah and most zip codes within a 150-mile radius of Delta Center can watch every Utah Jazz game on KJZZ over-the-air antennas, cable subscriptions and various vMVPD streaming services.

Fans in most of southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming can watch Jazz games on Fubo thanks to a new KJZZ feed.

Admirires in Montana the rest of Idaho and eastern Washington will be able to watch Jazz games for the first through Root Sports Northwest subscription.

Utah Jazz TV Announcers

Utah Jazz announcers on television comprises of the following:

  • Craig Bolerjack
  • Thurl Bailey
  • Holly Rowe
  • Alema Harrington

Craig Bolerjack is now in his 16th season who was the Jazz's second announcer when he joined the team in June 2005.

Aside from his powerful voice, he brings a national and diverse background to Jazz broadcasts. In 2009, he was a member of the Jazz broadcast team that won an Emmy for its coverage of late Jazz owner Larry H. Miller's life.

He also has a national and diverse background having broadcasted in the NFL, College Football and the NCAA National Basketball Tournament.

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Thurl Bailey was the seventh overall pick in the 1983 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz. He played nine years of his sixteen-year professional basketball career with the Jazz, three years with the Minnesota Timberwolves and four years in Italy and Greece.

Thurl has worked as a pre-half and postgame analyst for Utah Jazz televised broadcasts since retiring with the Jazz in 1999-2000.

Rowe has participated in a variety of sports, including the NBA, NFL and the NCAA basketball tournament. Before the team relocated to San Antonio she worked as an analyst for the WNBA's Salt Lake City Stars.

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Rowe will continue to work as an ESPN/ABC commentator this season in addition to her time with the Jazz.

Alema Harrington is a broadcaster by trade who works in addiction recovery as a hobby. He was a member of the 1984 National Championship team and has covered the biggest events in Utah sports, including the NBA finals with the Jazz, the Final Four with the Utes and the 2002 Winter Olympics.

He has worked as a sports radio talk show host and weekend sports anchor and is currently the host of "Jazz Game Night" as well as the Utah Jazz's pre-half and postgame shows.

Utah Jazz Commentators

All the announcers also act as commentators for the Utah Jazz.  Some of the extra commentators are:

  • Mike Smith
  • Nicole Hernandez            

Mike Smith's work with the Los Angeles Clippers is his most well-known. He worked as a television analyst for all Clippers telecasts for 20 years.

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In 2013, Mike was ranked first among the NBA 30 local television teams. He also won an Emmy for his efforts. He has been broadcasting for the Utah Jazz for the last three years.

Mike and Rod Hundley are the only NBA players to do radio "play-by-play" for the league. His passion for sports has been with him since his childhood. He was a two-time all-American in basketball at Brigham Young University where he excelled in both volleyball and basketball.

He earned degrees in Spanish and communications and has since instilled the 'Fuego' in his illustrious and award-winning broadcasting career.

Nicole Hernandez has been the Spanish-language color analyst and sideline reporter for Uta Jazz since 2016.

Utah Jazz TV Schedule

The Utah Jazz TV schedule is listed below:

  • Saturday, November 25 - New Orleans Pelicans (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Monday, November 27 - New Orleans Pelicans (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Wednesday, November 29 – Memphis Grizzlies (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Thursday, November 30 – Minnesota Timberwolves (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Saturday, December 2 – Portland Trail Blazers (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Monday, December 11 - Oklahoma City Thunder (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Wednesday, December 13 - New York Knicks (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Thursday, December 14 - Portland Trail Blazers (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Saturday, December 16 – Sacramento Kings (NBA TV)
  • Monday, December 18 – Brooklyn Nets (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Wednesday, December 20 – Cleveland Cavaliers (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Thursday, December 21 – Detroit Pistons (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Saturday, December 23 – Toronto Raptors (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Tuesday, December 26 - San Antonio Spurs (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Thursday, December 28 - New Orleans Pelicans (JAZZ+, KJZZ)
  • Saturday, December 30 – Miami Heat (JAZZ+, KJZZ)

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The majority of Utah Jazz games can be seen on KJZZ-14 which is free to watch with a digital antenna. If you live outside of the market, you can watch the game by purchasing the NBA League Pass. Sling TV is one of the picks for it as well as nationally broadcast games.

KJZZ-TV can be accessed via an over-the-air antenna or through Comcast, DirecTV or DISH. Jazz+ subscribers can watch the Spanish-language TV commentary during a live game stream.