ESPN College Basketball Commentators and Analysts

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ESPN College Basketball Commentators are Dan Shulman, Dave Flemming, and Rich Hollenberg. Dick Vitale works as an analyst for the team.

It is a program created by ESPN for the presentation of college basketball games and news on its affiliated networks. The network primarily covers completion in NCAA D1 with the gaining of broadcasting rights to games from each major conference and several mid-major conferences.

Before CBS, ESPN was the first broadcaster to have early-round covering rights of NCAA Mens D1 Basketball tournaments and later partnered with Turner Sports to host the March Madness.

The program provides various commentaries, analyses, and field reports from different games with insights, opinions, and recent updates regarding recent college basketball situations.

All 63 games were on air on all the ESPN platforms for the College Basketball tournament that happened in March 2023.

ESPN College Basketball Announcers

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ESPN College Basketball announcers are:

  • Dave Flemming
  • Tom Hart
  • Rich Hollenberg
  • Mitch Holthus
  • Clay Matvick
  • Sean McDonough
  • Mike Morgan
  • Mark Neely
  • Dave Neal
  • Beth Mowins
  • Dave Pasch
  • Roy Philpott
  • Matt Schick
  • Jon Sciambi
  • Doug Sherman
  • Anish Shroff
  • Dan Shulman
  • Paul Sunderland
  • Joe Tessitore
  • Bob Wischusen

Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan is the NCAA college basketball and football play-by-play announcer for the ESPN Network.

He started his broadcasting career calling football games for ESPN but later added men's college basketball games to his list.

Recognized for his brilliant work as a play-by-play announcer, he is a five-time winner of the NSSA Sportscaster of the Year award. Morgan has also been called for Big 12 and Pac 12 college basketball games for Fox Sports where he was there for four seasons.

Dan Shulman

Dan Shulman is a play-by-play announcer and a commentator for the ESPN Network for men's college basketball and MLB telecasts on ESPN.

He commentates on Saturday Primetime men's college basketball games with analyst partner Jay Bilas. He was also the announcer for the NCAA men's college basketball tournament in March.

He joined ESPN in 1995 and was previously operated as the voice of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball from 2011 to 2017 and NBA games for the network from 2006 to 2011.

Honoring his work, Shulman was named the 2011 NSSA National Sportscaster of the Year and is a two-time winner of Sports Media Canada Broadcaster of the Year in 2000 and 2007.

Rich Hollenberg

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Rick Hollenberg has been working as a play-by-play commentator and an announcer on men's college basketball games for ESPN since 2009.

He also has been an NFL Network reporter and a correspondent for 12 years.

Before joining ESPN, he used to work at the New York Bureau of Associated Press before starting his television career. He had his first ESPN broadcasting experience in the late 90s when he used to be the correspondent for Scholastic Sports America.

He now works as an announcer and a commentator for the men's college basketball tournament for the Network and its affiliates.

Dave Flemming

NCAA Basketball announcer Dave Flemming joined ESPN in 2010 as a play-by-play commentator and an announcer. Since then, he has been calling out games on the network's basketball, baseball, and football coverage. 

He also works as a play-by-play commentator for the team. He called college basketball games for the first time in 2010.

Bob Wischusen

Bob Wischusen joined ESPN in 2005. He has been a play-by-play voice on ESPN college basketball and football since then. 

Besides basketball, he also has telecasted other games like the PGA Tour Championships, the British Open for Golf, and NCAA D1 college baseball.

Wishusen has also worked for the NBA teams including Knicks, Rangers, and Liberty Games from 2001 to 2008 for the Maddison Square Garden.

ESPN College Basketball Analysts

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ESPN College Basketball analysts are mentioned below:

  • Jay Bilas
  • Seth Greenberg
  • Tim Welsh
  • Corey Williams
  • Dick Vitale
  • Brooke Weisbrod
  • Jon Sundvold
  • Bryndon Manzer
  • Sean Harrington
  • Fran Fraschilla
  • Sean Farnham
  • LaPhonso Ellis
  • Daymeon Fishback

Jay Bilas

Jay Bilas is known for his insightful analysis and immense knowledge of men's basketball. He joined ESPN in 1995.

He usually calls up the men's college basketball games, including the nation's teams, and press conferences every week throughout the season.

Bilas has been working as an analyst since 2005 and has been an integral part of the ESPN coverage show during the NBA draft since 2003.

He worked as an analyst alongside his partner Dan Shulman, announcing the games together during the tournament in March.

His achievements include being a six-time Emmy Nominee and a winner of Outstanding Sports Personality in 2007, 2008, and 2020.

Besides analysis, he also writes for and was awarded the Best Column of the Year in 2007, presented by the United States Basketball Writers Association.

Seth Greenberg

Seth Greenberg has been working as a basketball analyst since 2012, bringing his 35 years of coaching experience into the analyst job.

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He appears as a studio analyst for Sportscenter and ESPN radio. He joined the Saturday college basketball program team in 2014 and has been there since then. 

Greenberg was a part of the NCAA men's college basketball tournament that happened in March, analyzing the games on the ESPN network.

Besides his work as an analyst, he has a 383-293 win-loss ratio in his 22 years as a head coach for Virginia Tech. He is second in the all-time wins list with a 170-123 record and has won the ACC Coach of the Year reaching the postseason six times.

Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale joined ESPN in 1979-1980 and is a college basketball well-renowned analyst and an ambassador.

He first called his first-ever NCAA Basketball game at Wisconsin on 5th December 1979 and has called more than 1,000 games since then.

Vitale has been selected for a total of 13 halls of fame including the National Italian Sports Hall of Fame, the Five Star Basketball Camp Hall of Fame in 2003, the Florida Sports Hall of Fame in 1996, and the National Collegiate Hall of Fame in 2008.

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