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First NBA Player With Signature Shoe

By Kapil Sapkota / 29 June 2023 03:09 AM

Frazier With His Signature Shoe
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Walt Clyde Frazier was the first NBA player with a signature shoe. Puma offered Clyde his first signature shoe, The Puma Clyde.

It happened in 1973 when Walt was playing for The New York Knicks. The Puma Clyde became the most popular shoe during the 1970s. It had a wide sole so a better stance. Puma designed it with a suede upper.

Chuck Taylor was the first basketball athlete to own a signature shoe, but he didn't play in the NBA. Taylor got his first signature shoe from Converse.

NBA players with signature shoes

All NBA players with signature shoes are Lebron James, Aaron Gordon, James Harden, and more. Stephen Curry and Luka Dončić also belong to the list.

Lebron James - NIKE

Image: Lebron James with Nike
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The famous basketball athlete LeBron James has been signed to Nike since 2003. Collaborating with Nike, James has released an incredible range of shoes. Their new model LeBron 20 is significantly lightweight as compared to typical LeBron shoes.

Aaron Gordon - 361 Degrees

Image: Aaron Gordon with his 361 Degrees sneaker
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361 Degrees has presented Aaron Gordon as the starring role of the face of its basketball division. Gordon and the Chinese sportswear brand have released 3 sneakers. 361 Degrees x Aaron Gordon AG3 is their most recent sneakers that debuted in 2022.

James Harden - Adidas

Image: James Harden with Adidas
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James Harden Game wasn't the All-Star this season, however, his latest Harden Volume 7 - his latest shoe - has been receiving huge appreciation from fans of his line. The design is a blend of retro and modern aesthetics composed of the puffer jacket-inspired design.

Stephen Curry – Under Armour

Image: Stephen Curry holding Under Armour sneaker
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Stephen Curry is supported by Under Armour for his powerful performance on NBA courts for over a decade. The duo's latest sneaker is Curry Flow 10.

Luka Dončić - Jordan

Luca Doncic playing, wearing Jordan shoes
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Luka signed a five-year deal with Jordan Brand in 2019, he made his signature shoe debut in the 2022-23 season. As his inaugural signature release, Luka has launched Jordan Luka 1.

Other NBA players with signature shoes are listed here:

  • Kevin Durant - Nike
  • Russel Westbrook - Jordan
  • Chris Paul - Jordan
  • Carmelo Anthony - Jordan
  • Dwyane Wade - Li-Ning
  • Damian Lillard - Adidas
  • Paul George - Nike
  • Derrick Rose - Adidas
  • Klay Thompson – Anta

NBA players with Nike signature shoes

Image: Nike G.T. Jump Basketball Shoes
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Nike is the dominant sports designing and manufacturing company that has a strong presence in basketball sneakers.

It features 5 NBA players with signature shoes.

  1. Lebron James
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo
  3. Kevin Durant
  4. Paul George
  5. Kyrie Irving

Lebron James is already discussed above. So, let's begin the list with the 2nd number of athlete from the list:

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Image: Giannis Antetokounmpo unveils new Zoom Freak 4 sneaker
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The Greece player Giannis has a number of big endorsement deals with Nike including a shoe endorsement deal. In 2017, Giannis signed a "long-term" sponsorship deal with Nike.

Endorsements make at least $10 million annually for him. He earned $35 million in salary and sponsorships between 2017-2018 and $43 million between 2018-2019.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant with Nike shoes and Basketball
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Kevin signed with Nike in 2007 when he was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics. Their partnership has produced 15 signature shoes since then.
According to Forbes's estimation in 2019, Durant makes $26 million from his deal with Nike.

Paul George

Image: Paul George holding Nike shoe
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George and Nike had their deal in 2010, and his signature line launched in 2017. The Nike PG line has been popular with players and fans.

In 2022, George's sixth and reportedly last signature shoe launched in 2022 for $110. However, both parties have not confirmed this report to be true.

Kyrie Irving

Image: Kyrie Irving's absolutely atrocious Nike shoe
Source : clutchpoints

Kyrie Irving's contract with Nike is no longer in existence. Nike terminated their deal in 2022 as controversies started between them.

Kyrie signed with Nike in 2011 and Nike launched his first signature shoes in 2014. Kylie made $11 million a year from Nike. As of now, Nike has no plan to sign with Kyrie again

Nba Players Shoes List

Sports sneaker brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Under Armour, etc. have established partnerships with various iconic NBA players.

New Balance is another brand getting popular in NBA. This has resulted in the rise of the popularity of their shoes among the players and fans.

Let's explore the brands that are in partnership with NBA athletes.


Image: Nike Logo
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Nike was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 and renamed Nike in 1971 after the Greek goddess of victory. The multinational company is majorly in the sports business involved in designing and manufacturing footwear, apparel, and equipment.

Nike is one of the most valuable sports brands and 76000 people are employed under Nike globally. A 2021 study from Baller Shoes DB showed that 67.1% of active NBA players wear Nike shoes. It proves the dominance of Nike over other brands.


Image: Adidas Logo
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Founded in 1924,  Adidas is a German athletic apparel and footwear corporation. It is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, being Nike the first. The company's revenue in 2018 was  €21.915 billion.

As Nike is the strongest rival for Adidas, it dealt with James Harden for $200 million back in 2015. It has gradually strengthened its presence in NBA over the years.


Image: Jordon Logo
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Nike created the signature shoe of the noticeable basketball athlete Michael Jordan, but the Air Jordan line became so popular that it eventually became a separate brand in 1997.

Nike signed with the young rising basketball stars Vin Baker, Eddie Jones, Derek Anderson, Michael Finley, and Ray Allen. So these talents would endorse their product and the brand could survive the competition. As of now, 9% of the total NBA players are signed with Jordan.

Under Armour

Image: Under Armour Logo
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The multinational brand Under Armour was incepted in 1996  in Baltimore, Maryland. It develops, markets, and distributes performance apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and youth together with its subsidiaries.

Under Armour has risen up as a great force in NBA as it had a partnership deal with NBA in 2018. It contracted with famous basketball star Steph Curry in 2013 and several other players are signed with Under Armour.

New Balance

Image: New Balance Logo
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One of the world's major sports footwear and apparel manufacturers, New Balance was founded in 1906 in Boston, USA. The multinational corporation has a revenue of $5.3 billion as of 2022. It employs 6500 people around the globe.

It has signed big basketball stars like Kawhi Leonard, Jaylen Brown, Jamal Murray, Dejounte Murray, and Zach LaVine and made its presence strong in NBA.

NBA Players Signed With Adidas

James Harden, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, and more players are signed with the dominant brand of the NBA, Adidas.

Trae Young, Derrick Rose, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are the additional players who fall on the same list.

The NBA players with their signature shoes partnering with Adidas are enlisted as follows:

Player's NameSignature Shoe
James HardenAdidas Harden
Damian LillardAdidas Dame
Donovan MitchellAdidas D.O.N.
Trae YoungAdidas Trae Young
Derrick RoseAdidas D Rose
Kareem Abdul-JabbarAdidas The Blueprint
Tracy McGradyAdidas T-Mac
Nick YoungAdidas Crazy Explosive

WNBA signature shoes

Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) signature shoes are from different brands like Nike, Reebok, Fila, and more. The list also includes brands such as Adidas and Puma.

Here's the list of WNBA players with their signature shoes:

PlayersSignature Shoes
SHERYL SWOOPESNike Air Swoopes 1-7 (1995-2002)
REBECCA LOBOReebok Lobo (1997)
LISA LESLIENike Total Air 9 (1998)
DAWN STALEYNike Zoom S5 and S5 II (1998-99)
CYNTHIA COOPERNike Air C14 (1999)
NIKKI MCCRAYFila Nikki Delta (1999)
CHAMIQUE HOLDSCLAWNike Shox BB4 Mique and Shox Mique (2001-02)
DIANA TAURASINike Air Taurasi and Shox DT (2005-06)
CANDACE PARKERAdidas Ace Commander and Ace Versatility (2010-11)
BREANNA STEWARTPuma Stewie (2022-Present)
ELENA DELLE DONNENike Air Deldon (2022)
SABRINA IONESCUNike Air Sabrina (2023)

NBA players signed with Jordan

Image: NBA players with Jordan Brand shoe contracts
Source : sportingnews

Luka Dončić, Jayson Tatum, and Chris Paul are some of the noticeable NBA players who are signed with Jordan. Other athletes signed with Jordan include Bam Adebayo, Bradley Beal, and more.

When it comes to shoe endorsement in NBA, there are few other brands to get more respect than Jordan. Jordan is a part of the larger brand Nike, the Jumpman logo is still meaningful and every athlete understands the value of the logo.

Here's a full list of NBA players signed with Jordan along with the signed year:

Luka Dončić2019
Jayson Tatum2019
Chris Paul2006
Bam Adebayo2021
Bradley Beal2020
Carmelo Anthony2003
Zion Williamson2019
Russel Westbrook2013
Kemba Walker2015
Victor Oladipo2013
Mike Conley Jr.2016
Blake Griffin2012
Caris LeVert2020
Harrison Barnes2011
Andre Drummond2014
Rui Hachimura2019
Tim Hardaway, Jr.2017