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15 Basketball Players With Longest Wingspan Ever

By Abhay Acharya / 8 January 2024 08:19 AM

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Basketball, a game of precision and athleticism, has seen players with wingspans that defy expectations, offering a unique advantage on the court.

These players possess arms that seem to stretch beyond conventional limits, creating defensive barriers and offensive opportunities.

From towering shot-blockers like Manute Bol and Victor Wembanyama to versatile stars like Rudy Gobert and Dwight Howard, these athletes redefine the dimensions of the game.

Their remarkable wingspans not only influence their defensive prowess but also contribute to the spectacle of basketball, showcasing the diverse physical attributes.

1. Manute Bol

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  • Height: 7 feet 6 inches
  • Wingspan: 8 feet 6 inches

Manute Bol, one of the tallest NBA players, remains an indelible part of NBA history, for his astounding wingspan, the longest ever recorded in NBA history.

Bol led the league in blocks twice during his career and averaged a remarkable 3.3 blocks per game throughout his 10-year tenure.

His journey to basketball stardom was as unique as his physique. He honed his skills and landed a scholarship to Bridgeport University.

His talent blossomed, and after a standout college career, he was drafted 31st overall by the Washington Bullets in 1985.

2. Tacko Fall

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  • Height: 7 feet 6 inches
  • Wingspan: 8 feet 2 inches

Tacko Fall, a Senegalese center, has left an indelible mark on the basketball world with his extraordinary wingspan.

He played college basketball for the UCF Knights, where he established himself as a dominant defender, earning the AAC Defensive Player of the Year award in 2017.

After going undrafted in 2019, he secured a spot with the Boston Celtics and continued to make waves in the NBA.

After stints with the Celtics and Cavaliers, Fall took his talents overseas, currently playing for the Nanjing Monkey Kings in the Chinese Basketball Association.

3. Victor Wembanyama

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  • Height: 7 feet 4 inches
  • Wingspan: 8 feet

Victor Wembanyama, a basketball prodigy hailing from France, has captured the attention of the basketball world with his exceptional wingspan.

Wembanyama's dominance in the French LNB Pro A league and EuroLeague propelled him to be the 1st overall pick in the 2023 draft, ahead of highly touted American prospects.

Leading his French club to the championship title, he averaged a monstrous 21.6 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 3.2 blocks per game, earning himself the tournament's MVP honors in 2023.

Wembanyama stole the show at the 2022 LNB Pro A All-Star Game, claiming the MVP honor.

4. Kevin McHale

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  • Height: 6 feet 10 inches
  • Wingspan: 8 feet

Kevin McHale boasted not only exceptional skills but also an impressive wingspan that added to his defensive prowess.

His wingspan, combined with his footwork and basketball IQ, made him a dominant power forward for the Boston Celtics in the 1980s.

He was a key part of their "Big Three" alongside Larry Bird and Robert Parish, winning three NBA championships (1981, 1984, 1986) and earning seven All-Star selections.

His clutch performances were instrumental in securing Celtics victories on the biggest stage and earning him two Sixth Man of the Year titles.

5. Mo Bamba

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  • Height: 7 feet
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 10 inches

Mohamed Bamba boasts one of the longest wingspans in the history of the sport, standing at 7 feet tall with an extraordinary wingspan of 7 feet 10 inches.

Bamba averaged 3.6 blocks per game in his freshman year, earning him Big 12 All-Defensive team selection and propelling him to the 2018 NBA Draft.

A product of the University of Texas, he entered the NBA when the Orlando Magic selected him in the first round.

Bamba's shot-blocking prowess, agility, and ability to alter opponents' shots make him a defensive linchpin.

6. Boban Marjanović

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  • Height: 7 feet 4 inches
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 10 inches

Standing at a towering 7'4", Boban Marjanović is a gentle giant who has captivated basketball fans with his playful personality and, of course, his colossal wingspan.

He is a skilled center with a soft touch around the rim and a surprising agility for his stature.

Boban dominated in his home country, earning three Serbian league MVPs before embarking on his NBA journey.

His talent shone on the international stage, making the All-EuroLeague First team and leading the league in rebounding in 2015.

7. Alexis Ajinca

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  • Height: 7 feet 2 inches
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 9 inches

While not the most celebrated name in NBA history, Alexis Ajinca carved his niche as a formidable center during his eight-year NBA career.

Born in Saint-Etienne, France, he began his professional career in Europe before joining the NBA.

His impressive performances caught the attention of NBA scouts, and in 2008, he was drafted 20th overall by the Charlotte Hornets (Bobcats then).

Ajinca's NBA career spanned eight seasons, seeing him play for four different teams, including the Bobcats, Mavericks, Raptors, and Pelicans.

8. Edy Tavares

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  • Height: 7 feet 3 inches
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 9 inches

Edy Tavares, the Cape Verdean giant, casts a long shadow on the basketball court with his immense reach.

He honed his skills in Spain before being drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2014. While his NBA career saw stints with various teams, it was in Europe where Tavares truly found his stride.

Tavares was a key defensive anchor in each of two EuroLeague Championships, swatting away shots and protecting the paint with his intimidating presence.

With four EuroLeague blocks leader titles, his wingspan is a nightmare for opposing shooters.

9. Rudy Gobert

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  • Height: 7 feet 1 inch
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 8.5 inches

Rudy Gobert is built upon with a career filled with accolades, achievements, and highlight-reel rejections alongside his exceptional wingspan.

His list of accolades includes multiple NBA All-Defensive Team selections and consecutive NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards in 2018 and 2019.

His wingspan allows him to swat away shots like flies, averaging a career-high 2.7 blocks per game in the 2020-21 season.

Rudy is a rebounding machine, pulling down an average of 11.7 rebounds per game throughout his career.

10. Mouhamed Sene

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  • Height: 6 feet 11 inches
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 8.5 inches

Standing tall at 6'11" inches with a wingspan of 7'8.5", Mouhamed Sene is a walking example of why wingspan can be one of the most valuable tools in an athlete's arsenal.

He honed his skills in Europe before making his way to the NBA in 2006, drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics.

While his NBA career spanned just four seasons and saw him bounce between teams like the New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder, he left his mark through sheer physical presence.

11. Dwight Howard

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  • Height: 6 feet 10 inches
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 8 inches

Dwight Howard, the 2020 NBA champion, stands out not only for his commanding presence in the paint but also for his impressive wingspan.

The eight-time All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year boasts a wingspan of 7 feet 8 inches, enabling him to dominate both ends of the court.

Howard played a pivotal role in the Orlando Magic's journey to the NBA Finals in 2009. His rim-protecting abilities and thunderous dunks have fueled his reputation as one of the most dominant big men of his era.

12. Wilt Chamberlain

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  • Height: 7 feet 1 inch
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 8 inches

Wilt Chamberlain, a basketball titan of his era, stood not only as a scoring behemoth but also as a player with a wingspan that added to his dominance on the court.

With his extraordinary wingspan, he averaged a mind-boggling 22.9 rebounds per game throughout his career, a testament to his defensive prowess.

He won two NBA championships, four MVP awards, 13 All-Star appearances, ten All-NBA team selections, and one Finals MVP throughout his 14-year NBA career.

Renowned for his 100-point game in 1962, a feat unmatched to this day, Chamberlain's impact on the game reverberates through the years.

13. Udoka Azubuike

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  • Height: 6 feet 11 inches
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 7 inches

Udoka Azubuike, a name synonymous with length and athleticism, stands tall among players with the longest wingspans ever.

At a staggering 7'7", Azubuike rose to prominence during his collegiate career at the University of Kansas, being named the Big 12 Player of the Year and earning All-Big 12 First Team honors.

In 2020, the Utah Jazz drafted Azubuike with the 27th pick, eager to harness his defensive prowess and rebounding skills.

14. Shaquille O’Neal

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  • Height: 7 feet 1 inch
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 7 inches

Shaquille O'Neal, a basketball titan with a colossal wingspan, left an indelible mark on the NBA.

Standing at 7 feet 1 inch tall with a wingspan of approximately 7 feet 7 inches, Shaq dominated the paint with unparalleled presence.

His illustrious career boasts an impressive array of accolades, including four NBA championships and three NBA Finals MVP awards.

Renowned for his powerful dunks and defensive prowess, O'Neal earned 15 All-Star selections and a league MVP title in 2000.

15. Bruno Caboclo

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  • Height: 6 feet 9 inches
  • Wingspan: 7 feet 7 inches

Bruno Caboclo, a Brazilian basketball marvel, stands out not only for his skill but also for his extraordinary wingspan of 7 feet 7 inches.

Discovered at a young age for his exceptional height and wingspan, he quickly rose through the ranks of Brazilian basketball.

In 2014, his talent caught the eye of the NBA, and he was drafted 20th overall by the Toronto Raptors.

Bruno has played for the Raptors, Sacramento Kings, Grizzlies, Rockets, and even overseas, amassing a collection of accolades that includes Bundesliga championship and NBB MVP.