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Landry Shamet Father Ron Davis Has A Second Family With Three Kids

By / 9 February 2023 09:15 AM

The NBA player with his cousins from a basketball match on the left and mom on the right
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Landry Shamet is born to his father Ron Davis and mother Melanie Shamet. Melanie and Shamet shifted to live with his uncle when he was four. 

Landry is a professional basketball player from Kansas City, Missouri. At Wichita State University, where the athlete played basketball, he won the 2016–2017 American Athletic Conference Rookie of the Year award.

The Wichita State star was chosen by the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft. He participated in 72 games in his rookie season with the 76ers, scoring 7.8 points, pulling down 2.0 rebounds, and dishing out 2.2 assists each game.

In 2019, The NBA player was exchanged for the Los Angeles Clippers. The Rookie made a name for himself with the Clippers as a dependable 3-point shooter and a valuable reserve player. In 2021, he was moved to the Brooklyn Nets, where he helped the group win the NBA Finals. Shamet is renowned for his accuracy from beyond the arc and versatility on the court.

Landry Shamet grew up with a single mother

Melanie Shamet raised Landry as a single mother throughout his life.

Melanie has been working as the hotel operation assistant manager at Harrah's Entertainment since May 22, 1997.  In addition, she has been the Supervisor of Kansas City, Missouri-based Harrah's Entertainment since May 1997. At Caesars Entertainment, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, the single mom had also previously held the post of Hotel Front Office Supervisor. 

Shamet attended Boise State University as well and received a 1990 Park Hill High School diploma. During her time in Boise, she received a Volleyball Scholarship.

Landry and Melania Shamet from the locker room after the match on 12th December 2017
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Despite her professional career, Melanie was able to raise an athletic son and support him in every realm of his life. Landry presents his success to his mom whenever there is an opportunity. 

Landry Shamet met his Father after 10 years

During an Interview, Shamet spoke about connecting with his father for the first time the previous year. The Basketball legend mentioned that he had stepped into a big brother role with three younger siblings whom he had never met before. His mother, Melanie, had told him about his father when he was a teenager.

After nearly a decade, he reached out to his father, who had been playing overseas for 15 years. Shamet stated that being the only child of a single guardian his whole life had been a life changer and that he had underestimated the internal changes that would come with it. He also mentioned that his mind was not always on basketball during the games last year but now he feels like he is in a spot where it can be because he spent the whole summer with his family.

Ron David has his own different family

Landry Shamet father Ron Davis has a second family with three children. Ron stayed overseas away from the Shamets for 15 years.

During his time abroad, Davids started a new family with his wife.  Ron stayed away from Landy until the two crossed paths in 2021. During a press conference, The NBA star addressed his meting with his dad and siblings Tre, Anela and Kiana Davids.

Basketball Professional with his cousins during a hike they went on June 8, 2022
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Shamet said that he spent the last summer getting to know his siblings, who have provided him with a new and different support system that he had never experienced before. The Sun's athlete stated that he loves his siblings deeply and that the situation has been the coolest for him ever.

The Basketball star feels that it gives him purpose and he no longer cares about what others may say about him because he has his siblings. He believes that this is a part of his life now and that there is not a lot of unknown in his life anymore.

Landry siblings include two sisters and a brother

Landry Shamet has three siblings with sisters Anela and Kiana Davis alongside brother Tre Davis. Shamet met his siblings for the first time in 2021.

Anela was the first one to find out about her relationship with Landry. At the age of 21, the Volleyball stand found herself in a complex and private situation when she learned she had a new sibling. The oldest Davis was initially shocked to learn that Landry Shamet, a person she had seen on TV, was related to her. 

Despite the Suns being in the heart of their season, Anela decided to wait to reach out to Landry, wanting to give him space and be respectful. However, things changed when Landry requested to follow her on Instagram. From there, the two began messaging, eventually leading to Facetiming for the first time. The first call went smoothly and the four siblings had no shortage of banter and jokes as they shared stories about their childhoods.

The three siblings visited big bro Shamet last year during summer
Source : davidsonwildcats

According to davidsonwildcat, Last year after March, Kiana, Tre, Anela, and Landry have been making up for the lost time as a family. Despite the excitement of finding each other, there was still a lot of processing and difficulty in the fact that they had missed out on so much time together. This summer, the siblings spent time together in California and Arizona, visiting Landry and learning about his life while fully immersing him in his new role as "big brother".

Landry flaunts his brothers and sisters on his Instagram and can be seen spending time with the three. The four have developed an intense bond and the youngers look upto the NBA star as a rolemodel.