Women Basketball Balls Designed For Performance

By Salim Prajapati / 25 January 2024 06:54 AM

Source : basketballside

As the popularity of women's basketball continues to soar, so does the demand for equipment that complements the unique playing styles and preferences of female athletes.

The focus here is on the advancements made in ball design, catering to the distinct needs of female players.

Discover the blend of science and sportsmanship that has led to the creation of basketballs tailored to elevate the game for women athletes. Enter the glorious realm of Size 6 basketballs, the official rock for pros and the key to unlocking your on-court potential.

Think optimal grip for lightning-fast crossovers, a touch that enhances your feathery dimes, and a sweet spot that screams "nothing but net."

1. Wilson WNBA Official

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  • Price
    • $99.95 at Wilson
    • $108.99 at Amazon
  • Features: WNBA Authentic, Micro-Touch Composite Leather, Composite Pebbled Channels

Wilson WNBA Official Game Basketball is a high-performance ball that features Evo NXT technology.

It includes an Extended Range Tech for improved shooting accuracy, enhanced grip for better control, a soft feel for comfortable handling, and a moisture-wicking surface to keep the ball dry.

The ball also has a micro-touch Fire & White cover that provides a double-layered grip for even more control, and extra cushioning that allows players to dig their fingers deeper into the surface for a softer feel.

2. Spalding Legacy TF- 1000 Indoor

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  • Price
    • $84.99 at Spalding
    • $79.98 at KM Sports
  • Features: Wet grip microfiber composite cover

The Spalding Legacy TF-1000 Indoor Basketball is a top-quality ball crafted for dedicated athletes who take their game seriously.

It is used by some of the top college and high school programs in the country and is even approved by the NFHS.

The ball features a wet grip microfiber composite cover that provides excellent grip and moisture management, even in sweaty conditions.

Likewise, the rotationally balanced butyl bladder and nylon windings ensure that the ball retains its air pressure and shape for long-lasting performance.

3. Wilson WNBA All Team

Source : basketballside

  • Price: $26.95 at Wilson
  • Features: All WNBA Team logos, Deep Channels

Celebrate all 12 WNBA teams with the official Wilson WNBA All Team Basketball. Each panel showcases vibrant team logos, while the performance cover offers a superior grip on any court, indoors or out.

The ball boasts extended air retention and deep channels for enhanced control during dribbles and shots.

Whether you are a die-hard fan or an aspiring baller, this memorial basketball lets you rep your WNBA love and experience high-performance play.

4. Goalrilla Hype Women’s Basketball

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  • Price
    • $79.95 at Goalrilla
    • $54.95 at Escalade Sports
  • Features: Soft-touch high-quality composite cover

Goalrilla Hype Women's Basketball is a high-performance ball featuring a soft-touch composite cover that provides excellent grip and control, even in sweaty conditions.

The deeper channels between the panels help you channel your inner star and improve your dribbling and shooting skills.

Built to last, the ball's durable construction can withstand the rigors of indoor or outdoor play. And at the official size of 28.5 inches, it's perfect for taking your game to the next level.

5. Nike Elite All Court 8P Q3

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  • Price
    • $35.00 at Nike
    • $33.24 - $34.99 at Academy Sports
  • Features: Deep channels, Tacky surface

Nike Elite All Court 8P Q3 Basketball is crafted for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

 It is equipped with deep channels to ensure accurate hand positioning and control, along with a sticky surface for improved grip.

The ball is made from 85% rubber and 15% synthetic leather, providing durability to endure multiple games.

Additionally, it offers a gentle touch and enhanced grip, combining functionality with style through the inclusion of the Nike swoosh and "Elite" graphic.

6. Spalding Marble Series Multi-Color

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  • Price
  • Features: Allover Spalding color-infused graphics

Spalding Marble Series Multi-Color Outdoor Basketball is a unique and eye-catching ball designed for outdoor play.

It boasts a swirling marble print that is sure to turn heads, and its durable rubber cover can withstand the elements.

The ball is also infused with Spalding's color-infused graphics, so you can be sure it will represent your favorite brand with pride. It comes shipped inflated and game-ready, so you can start playing right away.

7. Molten BG3800-M3P

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  • Price: $54.98 at Molten
  • Features: FIBA Approved, Nylon Wound

Molten BG3800-M3P basketball replicates the official FIBA World Cup 2023 game ball, showcasing an enhanced textured surface for better grip and control, particularly in humid conditions.

This 12-panel ball boasts a two-tone aesthetic and is constructed with a sturdy indoor/outdoor synthetic cover. Additionally, it incorporates a nylon-wound butyl bladder to ensure consistent inflation and bounce.

8. Spalding Street Pink Outdoor

Source : basketballside

  • Price
    • $19.99 at Spalding
    • $18.03 at Walmart
  • Features: Deep channel design, Shipped inflated

Spalding Street Pink Outdoor Basketball, sized at 6 (28.5 inches), is specifically crafted for outdoor gameplay.

Engineered with a robust rubber cover, it is built to endure the challenges posed by asphalt surfaces.

Featuring a deep channel design, this basketball ensures excellent grip and control for both dribbling and shooting.

It also arrives fully inflated, allowing you to seamlessly transition from unboxing to on-court action without any delay.

9. Adidas All Court 3.0

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  • Price: $28.88 at Adidas
  • Features: Adidas Badge of Sport print, Polyurethane leather

Adidas All Court 3.0 Basketball is a multi-functional ball specifically crafted to accommodate both indoor and outdoor settings.

Contrived with a robust cover, it ensures a seamless and precise sensation, fostering confidence in catching and shooting whether you find yourself on the polished hardwood or the rugged blacktop.

Boasting a sturdy rubber bladder and featuring the iconic Adidas Badge of Sport, this basketball stands out as an excellent selection for players at any skill level.

10. Molten FX6

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  • Price
    • $59.98 at Amazon
    • $33.00 at eBay
  • Features: Composite Cover, Butyl Bladder

Molten FX6 stands out as a superior intermediate indoor basketball, meticulously designed with a composite cover and a resilient butyl bladder, making it ideal for intense competitive matches.

Its outstanding durability and improved air retention guarantee a reliable and lively bounce throughout the game.

Recognized and approved by the NFHS, it proudly holds the title of the official game ball for high school and college tournaments.

11. Spalding Stranger things ‘Greetings’

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  • Price: $39.99 at Spalding
  • Features: Limited Edition, Cali Floral pattern

Spalding x Stranger Things Greetings Basketball is intricately crafted to immerse in Southern California, invoking a sense of Cali Dreaming that will energize you for another adventure in conquering the enigmatic Upside Down.

Engineered with a robust all-surface construction tailored for both concrete courts and asphalt arenas, this basketball guarantees resilience and longevity.

The distinctive Cali Floral pattern adorning the ball pays homage to the iconic 80s surf style, but with a captivating Demogorgon twist that adds a touch of mystery and excitement.

12. Wilson NCAA Killer Crossover

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  • Price: $16.95 at Wilson
  • Features: Inflation retention lining, Deeper channels

Unleash your inner ankle-breaker with the Wilson NCAA Killer Crossover basketball.

This ball is designed to elevate your dribbling game with its deep channels and enhanced grip, giving you ultimate control for killer crossovers on any court.

The durable all-surface cover ensures long-lasting performance, while the inflation retention lining keeps your ball inflated and game-ready. Master the crossover and leave defenders in the dust with this basketball.