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When does the wnba season start 2023?

By Swikriti Kandel / 26 June 2023 09:15 AM

NaLyssa Smith(left) And Kelsey Mitchell(right) During A Matchup On 18 June 2023
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When does the WNBA season start 2023? WNBA season starts on 5 May 2023 and ends on 20 October. The league is currently in its 27th season.

Women's National Basketball Association is a reputed basketball tournament. The history of the league dates back to 1996 and its play began the following year.

It is a women's counterpart of the National Basketball Association(NBA). Female athletes who are passionate about basketball compete in the league.

Originally, the league began with 8 teams which has now expanded to 12 teams. The hype and buzz surrounding the tournament is overwhelming in recent years.

The new season brings the best out of the female players and their fans. Athletes eagerly anticipate beating former records, enhancing their skills, and making an impact.

On the other hand, fans can not wait to keep tabs on their favorite players, witness record-breaking moments, look out for rookies, and observe the intense matchups.

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WNBA Pre Season

WNBA pre season began on 5 May 2023. The exhibition game between Lynx and Sky on 13 May was recorded as the first WNBA match played in Canada.

The games usually begin in May after the training camp is over. Though exhibition games mark the beginning of the WNBA season, the training camps are also crucial.

The pre-season games are exhibition games that are played prior to the regular season. They are important to build the overall team performance.

During this time, the coaches take their time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of players and teams. They formulate new strategies and test them before going into the actual play.

It provides an opportunity for the rookies to show their skills and secure their spot on the roster. Likewise, established athletes can work to enhance their skills and become team leader.

Training Camp

The training camp is held before the pre-season either in early May or late April. In 2023, the preparatory practices began on 30 April and lasted a few days.

It is necessary for team building and skill development in order to perform well in the competition. Moreover, it is the best time to introduce newcomers to professional athletes.

The rookies who are drafted right out of college or other international leagues can benefit from the training camp. It provides them with a glimpse of how the actual match is going to be. 

Besides, the new players can hone their skills with guidance from their mentors. Meanwhile, the professional athletes can practice and the injured ones can heal.

WNBA 2023-2024 Schedule

WNBA 2023-2024 schedule is available on their official site and on CBS Sports. Although the matchups are fixed, they are subject to change in certain conditions.

The draft of the league took place on 10 April 2023. Players were selected by the teams in three rounds that consisted of 12 picks. The first pick was awarded to the Indiana Fever.

Aliyah Boston and Diamond Miller were the top prospects for the season. Boston was chosen as the 1st overall pick by Fever and Miller become the second overall pick of the Lynx.

Aliyah Boston Before The Match Against Seattle Storm On 22 June 2023
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The pre-season began on 5 May and ended on 14 May. A total of 9 games were played and the game was opened with a match between the Chicago Sky and Dallas Wings.

The 2023 regular season started on 19 May 2023 with four matchups. New York, Washington, Connecticut, Indiana, Chicago, Minnesota, Phoenix, and Los Angeles competed in the opener.

24 matchups were played in May and 67 are scheduled for June. Likewise, 59 games will be organized in July, 65 in August, and 25 in September.

Other important events of the Women's National Basketball Association are as follows:

  • 13 July To 17 July: WINBA All-Star Break
  • 15 July: AT&T WNBA All-Star Game
  • 7 August: Trade Deadline
  • 15 August: WNBA Commissioner's Cup Championship
  • 13 September: Playoffs Begin

WNBA Season Opener 2023

WNBA season opener 2023 game was organized on 19 May. The first matchup was between Connecticut Sun and Indiana Fever at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. 

The No. 1 pick Aliyah made her debut for Indiana in the same match. However, the Sun gained victory over Fever with an overall 70-61 score.

Mercy And Sparks Opened The Regular Season Along With Six Other Teams
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New York Knicks and Washington Mystics also competed on the same day. The Knicks were heavily defeated by the Mystics in a 64-80 loss.

The third opening game happened between the Chicago Sky and Minnesota Lynx. The matchup was interesting and it concluded with Chicago as the winner in a 11-66 game.

The last game that was organized on the game opener day was between Phoenix Mercy and Los Angeles Sparks. Los secured 94 scores whilst Mercy only made 71 till the end of the match.

The victors of the first four matches of the 2023 season opener round were Connecticut Sun, Washington Mystics, Chicago Sky, and Los Angeles Sparks.

How Many Games Are In The WNBA Season?

There are 240 games in the WNBA during a regular season. Each team in the league competes in 40 games including 20 home games and 20 road games.

Every franchise gets a chance to host a game for all the remaining teams. It ensures that a team competes in every other team's arena at least once. 

The training camp is organized for a few days and so are the pre-season games. Eight teams with the highest standings compete in the postseason matchups.

Twenty-seven games are played during the playoff to name a winner. In one season of the Women's National Basketball Association, roughly 275 games are arranged.

For the 2023 season, the regular season will end on 10 September if the games are played as scheduled. Even in extreme conditions, the games will not surpass September.

The season will end after the playoffs in October. When the Olympics are held, the league takes a month off in the middle of the season to allow their players to practice with their respective national teams.

When Does The WNBA Season End?

The WNBA season ends on 20 October after the winner of the playoff is declared. The offseason lasts till early April, just before the draft is conducted.

The break can be utilized by female athletes to take a rest and recover from the injuries that they sustain. Meanwhile, they can spend quality time with their family.

Athlete Candace Parker Serving As An Analyst During The Offseason
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Some players utilize this time to hone their skills to perform well in the upcoming matches. Others compete with the international leagues in this timeframe and book extra income.

Athletes often get involved in community events and promote the league during the off-season. Likewise, they go through player trades and sign contracts with the teams.

Meanwhile, WNBA evaluates team players, mentors, and the overall performance of the former games. They also identify the areas for improvement and make strategies for the coming year.

When Is WNBA Playoffs 2023?

WNBA playoffs 2023 is on 13 September. In the years when the FIBA World Cup is organized, the postseason matches are preponed to August. 

Unlike NBA, the Women's National Basketball Association does not consider conferences while selecting a team for the playoff matches. The top eight teams are selected based on regular-season standings.

The team with a high seed will have advantages in the postseason games. They are matched with the team with the low rankings. Moreover, the franchise will have a home-court advantage in each round.

The first round is played between eight teams in the best-of-three series. The franchise that will win two games out of three will be considered the champion.

The semifinal and finals of the matchup are played in a best-of-five format. The four winning teams will compete against each other in a 5-game series.

The first one to win the three games will become the winner. The victors of the second round will contend in the WNBA Finals and the season will end.