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By Aditya Bhattarai / 10 February 2023 10:07 AM

The Lakers, Clippers, Phoenix Suns, Warriors and Kings are the five Pacific division teams on the Western Conference.
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Western Pacific NBA teams are the Lakers, Warriors, Clippers, Phoenix Suns, and Sacramento Kings. The Pacific division was created in 1970.

The NBA has thirty teams under the Eastern and Western conferences, each managing fifteen under three divisions. The Western has Northwest, Southwest, and Pacific Divisions, while the Eastern has Central, Southeast, and Atlantic Divisions. 

Their purpose for dividing the teams was to group them per their geographical locations. With the widespread influence of the NBA in 22 states, the teams would steadily climb the ranks by competing with the local teams from the same conference.

Later, they compete with the other NBA Conference and decide on the team to reach the NBA finals.

There are five teams under each division, and the Pacific has two of the most prominent ones in the entire league. The Los Angeles Lakers have the highest number of NBA championships, and the Golden State Warriors are the current reigning champions.

The five Western Pacific NBA teams are arranged below according to their achievements under the Pacific Division.

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers are an NBA team playing in the Western Conference Pacific division. The Lakers were formed as Minneapolis Lakers in 1947.

The Lakers have prioritized their teams logo and jersey around the Purple and Gold colors.
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Initially, the Lakers played in the Eastern Conference Northeast division before relocating to Los Angeles in 1960. They are the most popular NBA team from California ranking first among all the Pacific Division teams since 1970.

Following their shift, the Los Angeles Lakers have won many NBA championships, conference titles, and Division finals as of 2023. 

Team Achievements

The numerous achievements of the Los Angeles Lakers are as follows.

  • The Lakers have the highest number of NBA championships tying with the Celtics at 17.

  • Their last victory in the NBA finals was against the Miami Heat in 2020.

  • They have won 19 Western Conference and 29 Pacific Division titles.

  • Five NBA championships and four Northeast division titles were obtained in the Eastern Conference as Minneapolis Lakers from 1947 to 1960,

  • They have won three consecutive championships twice in the past 75 years. The first time was obtained from 1952 to 1954 while the second three-win record was from 2000 to 2002. 

Notable Players

The Lakers had numerous NBA star players from Geroge Mikan to Lebron James. Anthony Davis and Lebron James are leading the current era as the MVPs of the team.

Lakers are known to have dominated the opponents with it most famous duos in history. The first pair is point guard Magic Johnson and center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar while the second duo is Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Byrant. The Bryant and O’Neal combo was dubbed the most incredible pair in the NBA.

Lakers stars Kobe and Shaq had the best combo and understanding leading the team to obtain numerous titles.
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Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar, O'Neal, and Bryant have won a combined total of eight NBA MVP awards while playing with the Lakers.

Additionally, Lebron James recently broke the record of most NBA career points reaching 38390 on February 7, 2023. The former record holder was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38387 points.

Current Players From Lakers And Their Roster For 2023

There are sixteen players on the Los Angeles Lakers roster for 2023. Four of them were traded to Utah, and two are on the bench.

The following table includes the Western Pacific team Los Angeles Lakers roster for 2023.

1. Patrick BeverleyShooting Guard
2. Rui HachimoraSmall Forward
3. Rui HachimuraPower Forward
4. Anthony DavisCenter
5. Dennis SchroderPoint Guard
6. Russel WestbrookPoint Guard
7. Austin ReavesPoint Guard
8. Troy Brown JrSmall Forward
9. Thomas BryantCenter
10. Max ChristieShooting Guard
11. Wenyen GabrielPower Forward
12. Lonnie Walker IVSmall Forward
13. Damien JonesCenter
14. Scottie Pippen JrPoint Guard
15. Cole SwiderPower Forward
16. Juan Toscano-AndersonSmall Forward

The Lakers starting lineup for 2023 include Patrick Beverley for Shooting Guard, Rui Hachimora as Power Forward, Lebron James as Small Forward, Anthony Davis as Center, and Dennis Schroder as Point Guard, as per ESPN.

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors are an NBA team in the Western Pacific division of the league. The Warriors have been based in San Francisco city since 1962.

Association edition of globally-recognized Warriors jersey with the Global Logo of the team.
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Established as Philadelphia Warriors in 1946, the team changed its name after coming to San Francisco, becoming the Golden State Warriors in 1971.

Before moving into the Western Conference Pacific Division, they had played 16 seasons as the Eastern Atlantic Division team.

The Warriors are the second team from California after the Los Angeles Lakers to have the most number of NBA championships. They are the reigning NBA champions after winning the 2022 NBA Finals. 


The achievements of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA since their inception are noted as follows.

  • The Warriors are the third team to have won the maximum number of championships in the NBA after the Celtics and the Lakers.

  • Stephen Curry led the team to win two consecutive championships in 2017 and 2018.

  • Under Curry's leadership, they are the current reigning champions after winning the NBA Finals in 2022.

  • They are the third team to have reached the most number of NBA finals after the Lakers and Celtics.

  • They have won seven conference titles in NBA with a consecutive record of five wins from 2015 to 2019.

  • The Warriors have 12 divisional titles with five consecutive wins from 2015 to 2019.

Notable Players

Wilt Chamberlain, Ricky Berry, and Stephen Curry are the top three players from the Warriors. Wilt and Stephen got three MVP awards playing with the team.

Stephen Curry and Wilt Chamberlain are the two generation of best players in the Warriors history.
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Likewise, players like Paul Arizin, Nate Thurmond, Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway, and Neil Johnstin are counted among the all-time Golden State Warriors stars.
In the meantime, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson are counted among the new generation Warriors along with Stephen Curry.

The Warriors Roster For 2023

Golden State Warriors have sixteen players on their roster for 2023. Stephen Curry and Ryan Rolins are currently out due to injury and two are on the bench.

The list of players on the current roster for the 2022-23 NBA season is as follows.

1. Stephen CurryPoint Guard
2. Klay ThompsonShooting Guard
3. Andrew WigginsSmall Forward
4. Draymond GreenPower Forward
5. Kevin LooneyCenter
6. Patrick Baldwin Jr.Small Forward
7. Donte DiVincenzoSmall Forward
8. JaMychal GreenCenter
9. Andre IguodalaShooting Guard
10. Ty JeromeShooting Guard
11. Jonathan KumingaPower Forward
12. Anthony LambSmall Forward
13. Moses MoodySmall Forward
14. Jordan PooleShooting Guard
15. Ryan RollinsShooting Guard
16. James WisemanCenter

The Warriors starting lineup for 2023 places Stephen Curry as Point Guard and Klay Thompson as Shooting Guard. Additionally, Andrew Wiggin is leading the Small Forward, and Draymond Green is the opening Power Forward along with Kevin Looney as the Center for the season.

Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are an NBA team in the Western Conference Pacific Division. The Kings are the oldest team in the NBA with a hundred years of history.

Official primary and secondary logo of the Sacramento Kings.
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Formed in 1923, the Kings were initially based in Rochester and started playing in the NBL as Rochester Royals in 1945. They are currently the only North American sports team that represents Sacramento.

The Kings had won their only NBA championship during their days as the Royals in 1951.

After leaving New York, they have not reached the NBA finals in the past 71 years. They are the only team with the longest postseason drought in all major league sports.


The Sacramento Kings have fewer NBA accomplishments than the other Western Pacific teams. Some of their attainments as the oldest team in history are as follows.

  • The Kings won their first-ever NBA championship in 1951. 

  • They have five division titles with only two in the Western Pacific Division.

  • Nine players from the NBA Hall Of Fame had played with the Sacramento Kings. 

  • Kings head coaches Pete Carril and Bill Russel are both listed on the Hall of Fame list.

Notable Players

Mitch Richmond, Oscar Robertson, and Chris Webber are a few remarkable players from the Sacramento Kings. DeMarcus Cousins 

Mitch led the early generations of the Kings by winning six NBA All-Star games and even brought the first-ever NBA All-Star MVP as a Kings player. Meanwhile, Oscar laid the groundwork during the sixties.

Webber and Richmond are among the top iconic players of the Sacramento Kings
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Similarly, Chris Webber had made four All-Star appearances and five All-NBA selections during his seven years tenure with the Kings and almost won the championship ring in 2002.

The Kings had retired jerseys No. 2, No.4, and No. 14 in honor of Mitch, Chris, and Oscar respectively.

The Kings 2023 Roster And Starting Lineup

The Sacramento Kings have seventeen people on their roster for 2023. The Kings have Davion Mitchell and Malik Monk on the bench for the season.

1. De'Aaron FoxPoint Guard
2. Kevin HuerterShooting Guard
3. Harrison BarnesSmall Forward
4. Keegan MurrayPower Forward
5. Domantas SabonisCenter
6. Terence DavisShooting Guard
7. Matthew DellavedovaPoint Guard
8. Kessler EdwardsSmall Forward
9. Keon EllisShooting Guard
10. Richaun HolmesCenter
11. Alex LenCenter
12. Trey LylesCenter
13. Chimezie MetuPower Forward
14. Malik MonkShooting Guard
15. KZ OkpalaSmall Forward
16. Neemias QuetaCenter
17. Davion MitchellPoint Guard

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns have been an NBA team from Western Pacific Division since 1972. The Suns were established in 1968 as an expansion team from Phoenix, Arizona.

While the other four Pacific teams are from California, The Suns are the only team from Arizona. Similarly, they are the only team to use the Phoenix City name, unlike the other three major sports teams having Arizona in their name.

The Phoenix Suns are known to use these three logo with the left one being globally recognized version.
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The Suns come fourth among the Pacific teams as the other three have won at least one NBA championship. However, they are still higher than the Clippers which has even fewer titles at the divisional level.


The Phoenix Suns have obtained numerous titles as an NBA team from Arizona since their inception in 1968. Some of the major attainments by the Phoenix Suns are as follows.

  • The Suns won three Western Conference titles in 1976, 1993, and 2021.

  • The Phoenix-based team has reached the NBA Finals three times since its inception.

  • They have won eight titles from the Pacific Division with three consecutive wins from 2005 to 2007.

  • Eleven Hall of fame NBA players were associated with the team, and two of them won an NBA MVP playing with the team.

  • The Suns have the fifth-best winning percentage in NBA history, further ranked second highest among the teams yet to win a championship.

Notable Players

Paul Westphal is the 1974 NBA Champion that led the Phoenix Suns to their first NBA finals.

The Suns have also nurtured Hall of Fame players like Charles Barkley and Connie Hawkins. Similarly, Steve Nash had made a name for himself by winning back-to-back NBA MVPs in 2005 and 2006. Nash led the team to win three consecutive divisional titles from 2005.

Steve got his first NBA MVP on May 9, 2005, playing for the Suns.
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(Steve Nash)

On the other hand, the new generation talents such as Devin Booker and Chris Paul have improved the team's status in the current era.

The Suns 2023 Roster And Starting Lineup

The Phoenix Suns have sixteen players on their roster for 2023 with the addition of Kevin Durant. They traded Dario Saric to Thunder for Darius Bazley. 

The full roster for 2023 is in the table below. 

1. Chris PaulPoint Guard
2. Devin BookerShooting Guard
3. Torrey CraigSmall Forward
4. Kevin DurantPower Forward
5. Deandre AytonCenter
6. Adonis ArmsSmall Forward
7. Bismack BiyomboCenter
8. Jock LandaleCenter
9. Saben LeePoint Guard
10. Damien LeeShooting Guard
11. Josh OkogieSmall Forward
12. Cameron PaynePoint Guard
13. Dario SaricPower Forward
14. Landry ShametShooting Guard
15. Ismail WainwrightSmall Forward
16. T.J. WarrenSmall Forward

The starting lineup for 2023 includes Chris Paul and Devin Booker as Point Guard and Shooting Guard. Torrey Craig is the Small Forward while Kevin Durant is joining as a Power Forward with Deandre Ayton as the Center for the team.

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers were the last to join the Western Pacific Division in the NBA. The Clippers were established in 1970 and moved to Los Angeles in 1984.

LA Clippers updated their official logo for the franchise on June 2015.
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They rank last among the Pacific Division teams as the Californian team has only won two divisional titles since 1984. Moreover, the Clippers are the oldest teams in NBA to have never played in the finals. 

Compared to the Lakers, they are termed the opposite of each other even though they are both from Los Angeles City, California.


The Los Angeles Clippers have the lowest achievements in the NBA. Some of the significant attainment of the team are as follows.

  • The Clippers consecutively won their first and second titles in the Pacific division in 2013 and 2014. 

  • They reached their first-ever Conference Finals in 2021 but could not win against Phoenix Suns.

  • They have the longest winning streak of 17 during the regular NBA seasons, placing them in the eighteenth position.

Notable Players

Bob McAdoo, Bill Walton, and Paul Pierce are some NBA Hall Of Fame players that played more than one season with the Clippers.

Meanwhile, five other players from the list left the team after a single season. In addition, some NBA All-Star players achieved multiple awards while playing on the team. 

Kawhi Leonard has been playing Small forward for the LA Clippers since 2019.
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Bill Fitch, Eric Bledsoe, Danny Manning, and Kawhi Leonard are among a few iconic players with notable attainments playing with the Clippers.

The Clippers 2023 Roster and Starting Lineup

There are sixteen basketball players on the roster of the Los Angles Clippers for 2023. Reggie Jackson and John Wall from the list have joined other teams.

The current list of players from the Los Angeles Clippers is in the table below.

1. Terance MannPoint Guard
2. Paul GeorgeShooting Guard
3. Kawhi LeonardSmall Forward
4. Marcus Morris Sr.Power Forward
5. Ivica ZubacCenter
6. Nicolas BatumPower Forward
7. Brandon Boston Jr.Shooting Guard
8. Moses BrownCenter
9. Amir CoffeySmall Forward
10. Robert CovingtonPower Forward
11. Moussa DiabatePower Forward
12. Bones HylandPoint Guard
13. Reggie JacksonPoint Guard
14. John WallPoint Guard
15. Norman PowellShooting Guard
16. Jason PrestonPoint Guard

According to ESPN, the Clippers starting Lineup for 2023 has Terrence Mann as Point Guard, Paul George as Shooting Guard, and Ivica Zubac in the Center. Similarly, Kawhi Leonard is the Small Forward while Marcus Morris Sr. will play the Power Forward.

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