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Tamar Bates Girlfriend Jameia Anderson Is Mother To Baby Leilani Bates

By / 9 February 2023 09:07 AM

Point guard Tamar Bates in action with the Indiana Hoosiers
Source : instagram

Tamar Bates and girlfriend Jameia Anderson are parents to baby Leilani Bates. Tamar Bates daughter Leilani was born on March 21, 2022.

The basketball point guard plays for the Indiana Hoosiers in the Big Ten Conference. An excellent high school recruit, the player has averaged 3.9 points and 1.3 rebounds on his 32 appearances as a freshman. Moreover, he also bagged 20 assists and eight steals. 

As a college freshman, Bates hasn't got substantial opportunities to showcase his talent yet. He mostly came as a substitute. Nonetheless, his stats are pretty impressive and it is just a matter of time before he starts on the court. 

Originally from Kansas City, he played his high school senior year at IMG Academy averaging 11.4 points per game. He was also ranked as the No.23 prospect in the nation by ESPN. 

Tamar's first year of college basketball indicates what he possesses. The player's next few years might be decisive in his career given that he also has a few personal struggles.

Tamar Bates and Jameia Anderson are together since high school

Jameia when she was pregnant with Leilani
Source : facebook

Bates is in a romantic relationship with Jameia Anderson. They started dating during high school. 

Both of them are from Kansas City and they met each other at Piper High School in Kansas. The couple clicked instantly and decided to give their relationship a chance. 

After dating for a couple of years, Meia and Tamar seem to have been distant for a while. Miss Anderson's few Facebook statuses indicate that things have been bad for them lately. 

Tamar and Meia seems to have grown apart from each other
Source : instagram

Currently working as a single mom, Jameia embraces her motherhood. Most of her social media posts reflect the mentality of an independent single woman. She doesn't hold back to satirically blame Tamar. 

Both Meia and Tamar have taken responsibility for raising their child. They, however, have deleted each other pictures from their social media handles. 

Tamar Bates Takes His Baby Daughter To His Game

Tamar Bates was with her daughter during a post-game press conference. 

Moreover, the Hoosiers ace has made a few sentimental comments about his daughter. Speaking in several interviews, the teenager was inspired by his daughter. He also mentioned that fatherhood had brought maturity in him in different ways. 

The Indiana star on press conference with his baby girl
Source : instagram

During the freshman season, there were times when the Hoosiers guard was not up to the mark. As a five-star recruit, he had a lot of expectations on his shoulder but things didn't go smoothly. 

But the IMG academy alum is determined to improve in the sophomore year. Leilani has become a big part of his life and she would be the spark that ignites him. 

Leilani Nicole Bates was born on March 21, 2022. She is yet to celebrate her first birthday but the little one has changed the mentality of her father. She resides in Kansas with her mother and grandparents. 

The couple also started Leilani's Instagram account which has over 100 followers already. 

Leilani celebrating her six months birthday
Source : instagram

Tamar Bates Age

Tamar Bates is just 20 years old, and he is already a father. He was born on February 21, 2003, in Kansas City. 

The basketball player was just 18 when he found out he would be a father. He and his girlfriend thought long and hard about the way and decided to keep it. But unfortunately, they have grown distant over the past few months. 

Despite all personal struggles, Bates has focused more on his career than ever. With expectations comes pressure, and the point guard tasted it during his freshman year at Indiana. 

Nonetheless, he was one of the division's breakout talents but has yet to unleash his full potential. Maybe that's what we will be seeing in the upcoming weeks. 

Tamar Bates Parents And Family

Bates with his parents
Source : twitter

The basketball player's family is currently in Kansas. His father, Dr. Tyrone, and his mother, Lajasima Bates, are why Tamar is an exceptional player. 

The Bates family always believed in their son. They supported him at every turn. And they are still doing it by looking after his daughter. They have also taken responsibility and pleasure to see their granddaughter growing up alongside them. 

Tamar Bates Siblings 

Bates has a brother, an older sister, and two younger sisters. 

His brother, Trey is also a basketball player. He currently plays for the Kansas City Kansas Community College. His younger sisters, Trinity and Tamia were with him when he went to his first training at Indiana and so was the eldest one, La'Shana. 

The Bates are a close-knit family. They share a beautiful bond and they are proud of it. 

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