Tallest College Basketball Player Ahead Of 2023-24 Season

By Biraj Timilsina / 12 September 2023 03:46 AM

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Tallest College Basketball Player 2023 are Jamarino Sharp and Connor Vanover standing at 7 feet 5 inches followed by Zach Edey and Matt Van Komen.

Basketball, the third most popular Sport in the US has a rich history of the game in the country. The game initially played as a game for winter soon grew in popularity across the country. 

In states like Kentucky and Kansas, College basketball is more popular than the NBA itself because of the rich history of their college basketball teams. Kentucky Wildcats is considered to be the most successful college basketball team in the country in terms of all-time winning percentage.

For tall players, the shot requires less time to reach the basket. They have a wider arm span so, the plating defense will be easier for them too. For the rebound of the ball and the ability to reach higher into the air, it is easier for tall individuals. 

The average college basketball player's height is about 6 feet and 5 inches. The top ten players for the tallest height are all above 7 feet.

Here is the list of the top ten tallest NCAA college basketball players ahead of the 2023/24 season mentioned below:

Top Ten Tallest College Basketball Players 2023

Jamarino Sharp7ft 5in
Connor Vanover7ft 5in
Zach Edey7ft 4in
Matt Van komen7ft 4in
Connor Kern7ft 3in
Donovan Clingan7ft 2in
William Berg7ft 2in
Mabor Majak7ft 2in
Hunter Dickinson7ft 1in
Oumar Ballo7ft 0in

Jamarino Sharp - 7 ft 5 in

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Jamarino Sharp is the tallest basketball player in college who recently joined Ole Miss in 2023. Standing at 7ft and 5 in, he is one of the tallest humans too. 

Joining the college leagues in 2019, Sharp was even the tallest player in college basketball 2019.

He was awarded with Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year twice. Once in 2022  and once in 2023. Similarly, Sharp was the NCAA season blocks leader two times once in the year 2022 and another in the year 2023.

In 2022 he set the record for the most blocks in a single-season program. He had 148 blocks in that season.

Sharp was drafted for the NBA in 2023 but the draft was quickly withdrawn as the player was interested in playing for 'Ole Miss' for another season.

Connor Vanover - 7 ft 5 in

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Connor Vanover is one of the tallest college basketball players. Standing at a height of 7ft 5 inches, he is currently affiliated with Oral Roberts.

Tying with Jamarino Sharp, Vanover is the tallest player in ncaa basketball for the year 2023.

Playing in the center position for the team. Vanover was designated as the Summit League Newcomer of the Year for the Orals and was also awarded the Defensive Player of the Year in the 2022-2023 season. 

He set his own personal record of his career, blocking 8 shots in 2022. In the same year, he recorded his career-high rating of 32 in efficiency.

Vanover was drafted for the NBA 2023 but later the draft was withdrawn and he will continue his last year of college basketball with the University of Missouri. The fast-paced game of this state is what attracted him to Missouri.

Zach Edey - 7 ft 4 in

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Zach Edey is one of the tallest players in the NCAA. Measuring of 7feets and 4 inches he is currently playing for the Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball team.

 He has been with the team since of start of his college year back in 2020. Born in Canada but playing for an American College, Edey has many achievements under his belt.

He was awarded the National College Player of the Year in 2023. Zach was also awarded the Pete Newell Big Man Award and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award in the same year.

He was the MVP of the Big Ten tournament in 2023. He was even selected as the Big Ten Player of the Year in  2023 and was even added to the first team of the All-Big Ten in 2023. 

Withdrawing from the draft of the NBA, Zach is set to return to his team purude. He will play one season of College basketball for the team purude.

Matt Van Komen - 7 ft 4 in

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Matt Van Komen is one of the tallest basketball player in the NCAA. Measuring about 7 feet and 4 inches, he plays with Saint Mary's Gaels and plays center of the team.

He played a total of 13 games in the 2022 season but was unable to get a head start in any of the games he played. He managed to get 0.2 field Goals per game and played only an average of 2.5 minutes a game. 

Van Komen was not drafted for the NBA this season and has signed to play for the 'Hawai Pacific University' in the 2023 season. 

Connor Kern - 7 ft 3 in

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Connor Kern is one of the tallest college basketball players measuring about 7 feet and 3 inches. He is currently associated with the Texas A&M-CC Islanders as a center for the team.

He has not had many opportunities to play many games as he is in his freshman year of college but for any games he played, he had an impactful presence for the team. In any game he played for more than 10 minutes, he managed to score more than two points for the team.

He is not eligible for the NBA draft right now but will be eligible for the draft in 2026. He is planning on staying with Texas A&M-CC Islanders for another season.

Donovan Clingan - 7 ft 2 in

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Donovan Clingan is definitely one the tallest in College Basketball. Measuring 7 feet and 2 inches, he has currently signed with the University of Connecticut as their center.

He was named to the Big East Conference All-Freshman at the end of the regular season. He also helped UConn with their 2023 NCAA Tournament as a fresh year. He averaged about 6.9 points and 5.6 rebounds in just 13.1 minutes per game.

Clingan was likely to be picked in the 2023 draft but later had to return to UConn for his sophomore year.

William Berg - 7 ft 2 in

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William Berg, one of the tallest in the league measures about 7 feet and 2 inches in height. Berg is at the moment playing with the Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball team.

Berg represented Sweden in the U16 and U18 National Teams and even competed in the U18 Nordic Championship. He is a mobile center for the team and because of his commitments to the team only visited Utah and did not consider other teams as options.

He will be eligible to be drafted in the 2026 NBA draft and is currently playing for the boilermakers as the center for the team.

Mabor Majak - 7 ft 2 in

Mabor Majak, born in Sudan and measuring 7 feet and 2 inches, Majak is currently associated with Missouri tigers. He played a support role for the team.

Majak was playing for Cleveland State Vikings in the 2021- 2022 season where he played an average of 4.5 minutes per game and contributed on a 0.2 field goal per game. He had 0.5 field goal attempts in the game. 

Mabor was the support for the team and contributed 0.9 rebounds per game. Born in Sudan and making my way into one of the most competitive college basketball leagues in the world is an achievement in itself.

In the 2022-23 season, Majak only played an average of 2.5 minutes per game where he played 8 games and contributed in 0.1 field goal attempt Per Game and 0.4 rebounds for the game.

He has committed to Missouri this season and the draft for his NBA is held for now.

Hunter Dickinson - 7 ft 1 in

Hunter Dickinson makes the list with a height of 7 feet and 1 inch. Currently playing for the University of Kansas which he recently joined in 2023.

Making his debut as a freshman in Michigan, Dickson was named a consensus second-team All-American in 2021. He was also the Big Ten freshman of the year in 2021. He was also included in the Jordan Brand classic squad in 2020.

Added to the list of Second-team All-Big Ten in 2022  and First-team All-Big Ten in 2023 are some of his achievements in the recent seasons.

With so many achievements in hand, he had offers from many colleges be he sealed the deal with Kansas City in 2023.

Oumar Ballo - 7 ft 0 in

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Oumar Ballo, currently playing for the Arizona Wildcats measures 7 feet and 0 inches in height and 260 pounds in weight. He plays as the center of the team.

As a freshman in 2021, he averaged 2.5 points and 1.5 rebounds per game per game which helped him to achieve West Coast Conference (WCC) All-Freshman Team honors. After which he joined the Wildcats.

In recent years, he had quite some achievements too. Reserving a place in First-team All-Pac-12 in 2023 and winning the award as Pac-12 Most Improved Player of the Year in the same year really highlighted his career.

Ballo is projected to be picked in the 2024 NBA second draft but for right now he is with the Wildcats.

Some FAQs

Who Is Tallest College Basketball Player?

The tallest college basketball player is Paul “Tiny” Sturgess measuring at about 7 feet and 7.26 inches. He played for the Mountain State till 2011.

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