Inside NBA 2k24 Myleague and MyTeam Cards

By Biraj Khanal / 11 September 2023 02:32 AM

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NBA 2k24 Myleague enables you to make executive decisions as a manager and lead your franchise to Championship Glory. It is the popular hands-on mode in game.

The most famous video game series NBA 2K24 is releasing today featuring newly updated game modes like MyNBA, MyTeam, and other realistic improvements that users can experience.

The game will be available on all the gaming platforms like Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series and One. 

Likewise in other video games like FIFA, you can create your own team where you can make decisions and customize every aspect of the team and the players, drafts, and trades in your own way.

You can play through multiple regular seasons and compete for the Championships tracking the progress of every player in the squad.

The MyLeague inside MyNBA is back in the 2k24 version with the newly added features and the freedom to make decisions regarding signings to set your squad properly.

Whats In NBA 2k24 MyLeague?

NBA 2k24 MyLeague allows you to create and manage your own NBA team customizing every aspect of your team. The multi-season franchise mode debuted in NBA 2K15.

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You can choose from the five different eras mentioned such as the Magic vs. Bird Era, the Jordan Era, the Kobe Era, the LeBron Era, and the Modern Era with their unique gameplay style, presentation, and challenges.

They can take back the sport to the Magic 80s era enjoy the Chicago Bulls reign during the 90s in the Jordan Era or get nostalgic about the Black Mamba's early years in the Kobe Era.

Users can take control of the Association and their favorite players from the different iconic NBA eras inside the league in MyNBA, the ultimate franchise mode in NBA 2K24.

MyLeague in NBA creates ample space to experiment with your customizable various lineups on whether you want to recreate history or form new super teams.

Over the years with the game series releasing, MyLeague has been upgraded with enhanced customized gameplay by tweaking frequencies and AI related to team management and other office tasks of the team.

League expansion was added in 2K17 with the option to expand up to six teams or a custom league completely. Other features include Expansion drafts with player protection, schedule-creating tools, and pre-configured assets for expansion teams.

There can be seen The advanced stat tracking feature in addition to pick protections, the retirement of jersey numbers, team rivalries, and free agent clauses inside the league.

NBA 2k24 MyTeam Cards

NBA 2k24 MyTeam Cards include #99 OVR Kobe Bryant Card and #95 OVR Jayson Tatum. There are a total of 642 2K24 cards in numbers.

With the game finally here, 2KDAY has included the cards from the three various card collections with Jayston Tatum, Klay Thompson, and Chris Webber headlining the release.

The cards are further categorized into several tiers such as Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond card packs.

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Here are some of the MyTeam cards in the NBA 2K24 along with the color tier mentioned below:

#2KDAY Jayson Tatum Collection:

Collection Reward: Amethyst Jayson Tatum

  • Amethyst Al Horford
  • Ruby John Stockton
  • Ruby Rip Hamilton
  • Sapphire Antawn Jamison
  • Sapphire Robert Parish
  • Sapphire Michael Redd
  • Emerald Chauncey Billups
  • Emerald Raef LaFrentz
  • Emerald Dennis Scott
  • Gold Wesley Person
  • Gold Swen Nater
  • Gold Stephon Marbury

#2KDAY Chris Webber Collection:

Collection Reward: Amethyst Chris Webber

  • Amethyst Jason Williams
  • Ruby Paul Pierce
  • Ruby Patrick Ewing
  • Sapphire Caron Butler
  • Sapphire Devin Harris
  • Sapphire Roy Hibbert
  • Emerald Richard Jefferson
  • Emerald Michael Cooper
  • Emerald Kenny Smith
  • Gold Gerald Green
  • Gold Hersey Hawkins
  • Gold Glen Davis

#2KDAY Klay Thompson Collection:

Collection Reward: Amethyst Klay Thompson

  • Amethyst Andrew Bogut
  • Ruby Larry Johnson
  • Ruby Ron Artest
  • Sapphire Fat Lever
  • Sapphire Toni Kukoc
  • Sapphire Charles Oakley
  • Emerald Terrence Ross
  • Emerald Luis Scola
  • Emerald Rex Chapman
  • Gold Steve Kerr
  • Gold Kiki Vandeweghe
  • Gold Kendrick Perkins

The players in these collections are all available in the Player Mark whereas the #2KDAY packs and boxes will be for a limited time in the Pack Market.

NBA 2K24 MyCareer Storyline

NBA 2k24 Mycareer storyline introduces the Neighbourhood rebuild for previous-gen consoles and The City for current generations consoles.

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The MyCareer has arrived this time with the new features added where fans can expect the newly introduced features explained in the storyline.

One of the biggest additions to MyCareer is the Neighbourhood rebuild where the users can enjoy quick matches, 3vs3 matches and earn money. This feature is specially made available to previous generations' consoles, including PS4 and Xbox One.

As shown in the NBA 2K24 trailer, users can enjoy the revamped Neighbourhood with the newly added and upgraded facilities like a state-of-the-art, fitness gym, and a court with an ocean view adorned with a Yacht.

Another big addition is The City, which is made available for current generations' consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series.

The Miami-designed beach will be the place to hang out with your MyCareer player and also take part in several activities in the city.

The MyCareer mode is streamlined this time providing greater focus on how you prove yourself on the basketball court and what matters the most.

Another change is that you can play the Key games you choose where you can choose huge career moments and matches to play. The player ratings will be aggregated from the matches you play and how they perform.

NBA 2K24 Courtside Report

NBA 2k24 courtside report provides all the detailed information about upcoming seasons, all new rewards, and the latest enhancements in the game.

The courtside report brings all the updates with several upcoming modes to experience than before. 

Here is what you can find inside the courtside report in the NBA 2K24 regarding info and updates that you can experience are mentioned below:

  1. MyTeam Points and Launch Gem Colors
  2. New Player Market
  3. Pack Market
  4. Season changes and XP
  5. Season 1 Rewards and Tokens
  6. Salary Cap and Multiplayer Modes
  7. Coach Boosts and In-Game Upgrades
  8. Shattered Prizes starting your MyTeam
  9. Season 1 updates 
  10. The City and The Neighbourhood Updates
  11. Mamba Moments and MyNBA
  12. The WNBA

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