Natasha Adair Salary At Arizona State University Explained

By / 8 February 2023 09:06 AM

Adair will be the Sun Devils coach until 2027
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How much is Natasha Adair salary at Arizona State University? Coach Natasha Adair has an annual salary of $625,000 dollars.

No one in Arizona State could fathom the retirement of legendary Charli Turner Thorne, who led the Sun Devils basketball to unimaginable heights. But her retirement was inevitable which was a loss for the Devils women's basketball.ย 

Nonetheless, a vacancy is an opportunity for someone else and Natasha Adair had already proved herself to fill the shoes of Thorne. Arizona State appointed her as the head coach in 2022.ย 

With more than 20 years of college coaching experience, Adair took Delaware University athletics to great heights. She took the school to its first NCAA tournament appearance in over a decade.ย 

Under Natasha, Delaware won the regular conference season in 2020/21. She was named CAA Coach of the Year during the year, taking her team to the WINT semifinals as well. The following year, she led Delaware to the CAA tournament championship while finishing second in the conference.ย 

A power forward as a player, she played college basketball for South Florida. She has been a basketball coach for the past 23 years.ย 

Natasha Adair Salary And Earnings

ASU coach Natasha Adair makes an annual salary of $625,000 dollars. She has her contract which will expire on March 31, 2027.ย 

However, her payment is dynamic and will change in case of any accomplishments. According to her contract, her salary will increase by 10% if she becomes the NCAA champion with ASU.ย 

Likewise, Adair will make 8%, 6%, and 5% more money if she takes the Sun Devils to the final four, elite eight, and sweet sixteen respectively.ย 

Coach Adair poses with the Sun Devils 2022/23 roster
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Arizona State signed Natasha in a five-year deal. Her contract expires on March 31, 2027, but if the university is to retain her as the head coach after the allotted time, she will receive a retention bonus of $200,000.ย ย 

Similarly, the former Delaware coach will receive a certain amount given her contract is terminated without cause. If the university terminates her contract within a year of her signing, she won't receive any retention bonus.ย 

Also, the payment will change on whether ASU plays NCAA games. She will receive up to $300,000 if they become the NCAA champion. She will also receive bonuses for every individual honor and achievement such as "Coach of the Year."ย 

On the other hand, several conditions can decline her overall earnings as ASU women's basketball head coach. For example, if she leaves her job at ASU for another coaching job, she will have to pay up to $600,000 in liquidated damages.ย 

And if the university terminates her contract with cause, she won't receive anything. This could lead to her exclusion from further NCAA programs as well.ย 

Natasha Adair Net Worth

Natasha Adair has a net worth of $1 million dollars.ย 

With a coaching experience of over 20 years, she has developed an exciting profile for herself. Also, she has been working as a head coach for the past ten years and university athletics in the United States certainly pays well.ย 

Besides, Adair is best known for emotionally connecting with her students. She has made a wonderful group at ASU which will only improve with time.ย 

Coaching Career

The former Delaware coaching star has over two decades of experience.ย 

Adair started her coaching career as an assistant coach of the Georgetown Hoyas Women's Basketball Team. She worked there for six years under head coach Patrick Knapp.ย 

In 2004, the 50-year-old left Georgetown and joined the coaching staff of Wake Forest. She served as the assistant coach until 2007. Natasha then worked as the program's associate coach until 2014.ย 

Moreover, the Maryland native got her first head coaching experience in 2012 when the College of Charleston knocked at her door. She spent two excellent reasons with the team leading them to their third-best overall records in history.ย 

Following an outstanding campaign, she got an offer from Georgetown for the head coaching position, which she served from 2014-2017.ย 

The highlight of her career came in Delaware when she led the team to the conference championship. She also received the Conference Coach of the Year award in 2021.ย 

Natasha Adair Played Basketball At College

The ASU coach was a college basketball player. She played for South Florida for two years.ย 

Adair started her college career at Pensacola JC in Florida. She went to the school for two years and transferred to South Florida as a junior. After her graduation in 1994, she went on to gain coaching experience and training.ย 

After four years of graduation, Natasha landed her first coaching job at Georgetown.ย