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Is Monte Morris Related To Marcus Morris?

By / 1 February 2023 11:18 AM

Monte announcing his comeback into the league
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Is Monte Morris Related To Marcus Morris? No, Monte Morris and Marcus are not related. But they share the same surname and profession.

Monte Morris is a professional athlete who plays for the Washington Wizards in the NBA. Born in Michigan on June 27, 1994, the point guard played for the Cyclones for four seasons while attending Iowa State University during his early years.

Morris did not receive a pick in the 2017 NBA draft, but he did sign a two-way contract with the Nuggets. The athlete played for the Nuggets during the NBA Summer League.

The NBA point guard participated with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, the team's G League affiliate. The player performed incredibly well, leading to him being called to the Nuggets in December 2017. He is renowned for his ability to handle the ball and play the point guard well.

The American basketball player and fellow teammate Will Barton were moved to the Wizards on July 6, 2022, and he is regarded as a dependable member of the Wizzard squad and a strong backup point guard. 

Monte Morris and Marcus Morris Family Ties

Monte Morris and Marcus Morris both play in the NBA. Despite having a similar surname, the two don't share any bond.

Marcus Morris was born in Philadelphia on September 2, 1989. The Basketball athlete was raised there while going to Prep Charter High School. Later, he continued playing basketball in college at the University of Kansas, where he was an important member of the Jayhawks.

Despite sharing the league, the basketball professionals have not played together as teammates. Rather, they have faced off as opponents on various occasions.

Monte to the left and Marcus in the right
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Although both play professionally in the NBA and have the same last name, they are not interlinked. Each has diverse upbringings, backgrounds, and routes leading to the NBA. Both the players are from different parents and were born in different places. 

Monte is a single child whereas Marcus has 4 brothers. Having the same surname, the two are confused as cousins but don't share similarities. 

Marcus Morris Siblings

Marcus has four brothers including an identical twin born on the same day. All four children played basketball while growing up.

The Houston Rockets picked Marcus in the 14th round of the 2011 NBA Draft after he graduated from college. Since then, he and his brother Markieff have played for several organizations.

Markieff Morris is the twin brother of Marcus. Markieff is also a professional basketball player who plays for Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. The twins played college basketball at the University of Kansas and have been in the NBA since 2011. 

Morris is renowned for his versatility on the floor because he can play center and power forward. People generally refer to the giant as his identical twin brother.

Marcus' cousin Blake Morris is an American actor appearing in only a few movies. Blake is best known for his role as Keenan in the Mother of the Year episode of the Pose series.

Blake wishing his audience a happy new year via his Instagram
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Other movies where Blake has starred are Jessica Jones (2015), The Woman in the Window (2020), and Marvel Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord (2021). Making a name for himself in the industry, the actor loves to dance and constantly flaunts his moves on his Instagram.

The two children with their mom in their hometown
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The NBA star has two more brothers Donte Morris and David Morris. Donte and David are younger than the twins and are not involved in Basketball, unlike their brothers. The younger brothers are low-key and don't appear in the spotlight quite frequently.

Monte Morris Family Life

Monte Morris was raised by a single mother and had difficulties growing up.

The NBA star is attached to his mother and doesn't miss an opportunity to talk about the importance of family. Despite the hardships in his life, Monte always kept pushing forward and worked hard to achieve his goals.

Monte Morris Parents

Morris was born to his mother Lationa Morris and father Robert Morris in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Monte grew up without a father as his father died too soon from a heart attack.

Lationa is a single mother from Flint, Michigan. Always having an interest in Basketball, she was the one who taught her child to play the sport. The NBA star uses her attitude and character and her basketball knowledge to date.

The Basketball player wishing his mother on her Birthday
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Starting from the begging, Lationa has followed each game Monte has played. Even after the athlete made it to the NBA, she follows her son's games and regularly calls to give him advice, encouragement, pep speeches, strategies, and criticism.

The mother texts during halftime to suggest the player and has received the nickname "coach on the floor".

Monte Morris Girlfriend

Morris's partner is Maisha, for whom he planned a birthday surprise and gifted a car on April 22, 2022.

After the NBA star made headlines after he was seen holding hands with his ex-partner Amber Rose, according to okmagazine, the couple split after less than 3 months of dating. After their breakup, Amber and Monte unfollowed one another on their social platforms.

Monte gifted a car to his new lover Maisha on her birthday
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