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Matt and Sherry Painter wore pink outfits for the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.
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Matt Painter's wife Sherry Painter is a retired flight attendant and a registered nurse at Unity Ambulatory Surgery Centre.

Purdue University basketball coach Matt Painter was born on August 27, 1997. Prior to his coaching career, Painter was a former athlete playing basketball throughout high school and college. 

After graduating from Prude University, Matt switched his profession to coaching. 

Matt's career started working as an assistant coach at Washington and Jefferson college where he led the team to the quarterfinals in the NCAA Division III tournament. Switching from the college, the assistant coach switched to Division I at Eastern Illinois. Later, he moved to southern Illinois after obtaining his master's degree.

The year 2004 turned out a great year for Matt as he was selected as the head coach for Purdue Boilermakers. The Purdue boilers have been to several NCAA Tournament appearances, including a trip to the Sweet 16 in 2018. All thanks to coach Painter.

Purdue Boilermakers finished 3rd in the south region during the 2019 NCAA Division I tournament. Coach Matt became the second coach to win 372 games until January 8, 2021.

Sherry Painter is a registered nurse

Matt Painter wife Sherry Painter Prude is a retired flight attendant turned nurse. Matt and Sherry got married on October 5, 2018.

Sherry is the basketball coach's second wife, and the duo resides alongside their family in Muncie, Indiana.

She has been working as a registered nurse at Unity Ambulatory Surgery Centre for over 7 years according to her LinkedIn profile. 

The Coach and his better half support Breast cancer survivors.
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Sherry posted her marriage with the love of her life on October 5, 2018, via Facebook and the couple will celebrate their 5th anniversary this year on October 5, 2023.

Sherry Prude is a Breast cancer survivor

As per Matt's Twitter, she is a breast cancer survivor. Sherry was diagnosed with cancer in the Fall of 2020.

Before the first game of the season, The coach received the news and rushed back to support his spouse in her tough journey to beat cancer. Sherry beat cancer with her husband's support throughout the process.

Since that period, the duo has been heavily invested in raising awareness against Breast cancer and is constantly raising funds to support cancer patients. Painter is constantly active and supports the cancer society always raising awareness about the topic.

The head coach has been helping her by supporting the cause and making a difference in the world through his influence. He is also a part of the Real Men Wear Pink campaign supporting cancer survivors.

Matt Painter family life

Matt Painter's family includes Sherry and his kids Maggie, Brayden, Wyatt, and Emma Painter. Matt lives with his loved ones in Muncie, Indiana.

The Purdue basketball squad's coach and his better half are constantly raising awareness against cancer. In the process, the duo collaborated and raised roughly $27,000 in sneakers, suits, and T-shirts in 2021. Matt thanked the 452 fans that helped the cause.

The painters could be seen spending some quality time in Coaches vs. Cancer documentary
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Sherry constantly supports her lover and cherishes every win alongside motivating after every loss via her social handles. The coach's children also support him and can be seen on various occasions attending games together.

Daughter Maggie Painter

Maggie is the daughter of the coach and his ex-wife Jerri Painter. Maggie shares pictures with Jerri from time to time.

Maggie graduated from William Henry Harrison High School and completed her Bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University. Painter has an impressive academic background.

The coach visited the stadium with Maggie and Wyatt to watch the game
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Currently working as a talent acquisition consultant at Olaris Inc, maggie has gathered a lot of experience in the field. Prior to her career in talent acquisition, she worked as a consultant at The Bowdoin Group. 

Son Brayden Painter

Brayden Painter is a former basketball manager at Purdue Boilermakers. He is the oldest son of coach Matt.

Painter was born to his father Matt, and his mother, Kim Lei. The oldest son shares pictures with both Kim and Matt from time to time. As per Brayden's Twitter bio, he is 2x Prude Alumni, 2019 Big Ten champion, and 2021 Hall of fame classic champion. 

The basketball coach and his ex-wife from their son's graduation
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Kim can constantly be seen with her kid as she shares pictures of them spending memorable time together.

Daughter Emma Painter

Emma was born in 2004 to Matt and Jerii Painter. Emma is the youngest sister of the siblings.

Emma grew up alongside her sister Maggie and half-brother Brayden. Emma is currently finishing her studies. According to mpspring670, Maggie's portfolio website, she mentioned how Emma is her favorite person and shares the siblings' bond. 


Matt painter ex-wife Jerri Painter

Matt Painter ex-wife Jerri Painter was born on November 17, 1963, in Carterville. Matt and Jerri tied the knot on May 14, 2003.

The duo dated for three years before they eventually got engaged. But later, in 2013, Jerri and her former partner parted ways after a decade of marriage, and a divorce was filed in Hamilton County.

The couple had two kids Emma and Maggie Painter. 

Matt ex-spouse Jerri Painter is a yoga Instructor
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Jerri was initially from Illinois and was a star athlete in high school. After earning a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from Southern Illinois University, the former partner now teaches yoga at the Pink Lotus Yoga Studio.

She describes herself as an octane, wicked wit street smart yoga meister with a mature assessment on her Twitter Bio. 

Not only is Jerri a certified yoga instructor, but she is also a certified personal trainer and wellness coach. She currently resides in Lafayette, Indiana, but lived with the head coach in Carbondale, Illinois, and Nashville, Tennessee.

The yoga instructor has also been remarried. 

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