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MarJon Beauchamp Dad Jon Beauchamp Is A Former Yakima Basketball Star

By / 27 January 2023 04:28 AM

Bucks Small forward Marjon was drafted as the 24th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft.
Source : instagram

MarJon Beauchamp dad Jon Beauchamp is a former basketball player for Highline College. Jon is the inspiration behind the successful basketball career of MarJon.

With limited college basketball experience, MarJon entered the 2022 NBA draft with a few doubts over his amateur status. But things turned good for him as the forward was selected in the draft's first round. 

The Milwaukee Bucks were quick to draft him as the 24th overall. He initially signed with the NBA G League Ignite to prepare for the draft, and it certainly turned out great for him. 

Moreover, the small forward transferred to several high schools as a teenager and completed his freshmen season with Nathan Hale, leading his team to a 29-0 record. 

MarJon with the Greek basketball legend, Antetokounmpo
Source : instagram

Similarly, he finished his junior year at James A Garfield High School, later moving to Reiner Beach in Seattle. The Bucks star had a goal set to enter the draft without college basketball. 

However, not far from home, he joined Yakima Valley College and played beautifully as a freshman. But Beauchamp decided to forgo college and entered the 2022 draft. 

Jon Beauchamp Was A Basketball Icon In Yakima Valley College

MarJon Beauchamp father John Beauchamp is a Yakima Valley legend known for his basketball skills. Jon is best known in Washington, more specifically in the Yakima Valley

Marjon credits Jon for all his achievements as the best man in his life.
Source : facebook

MarJon has inherited his skills from Jon based on this fact. The Bucks star has followed in his father's footsteps and moved further in the sports career by becoming an NBA star. 

Moreover, his father was the reason behind the Bucks star's success. Jon was his first-ever coach and the most inspiring figure. He made him push boundaries and filter all his weaknesses. 

Jon and Denise accompanying MarJon at the Milwaukee Bucks event after his draft.
Source : facebook

Regarding his career, Beauchamp Sr. played college basketball for the Eastern Washington Eagles. He later transferred to Highline College in Des Moines. Wherever he went, he did nothing but make Yakima Valley proud. Unfortunately, he didn't make it to the NBA. 

Post-basketball, Jon worked as a radio personality and commentator. He used to comment on and analyze basketball games. Currently, the Eastern Washington alum works in customer relations in Bellevue. 

Similarly, Beauchamp is from the Native American clan, with his ancestors belonging to the Mission Indians and La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians. In addition, he is the grandson of Henry Beauchamp, the first African American mayor of Yakima.

Marjon Beauchamp Parents Are Natives Of Yakima Washington

Marjon was born Jon and Denise Beauchamp belonging to a Native American family. Marjon was born and raised in his hometown Yakima, Washington.

According to his Wikipedia, he is a descendant of the Mission Indians and the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians. These are two tribes of Native Americans residing in the southern and northern regions of California, respectively.

The NBA small forward was accompanied by Jon and Denise in the celebration after the NBA draft 2022.
Source : instagram

Jon and Denise were often witnessed attending the events with thier son including the draft and other events celebrating their wins.

Meanwhile, they seem to have separated as their relationship statuses on Facebook mentions that they are currently single. Moreover, Denise does by the last name Delight and they do not have the couples picture on their respective social profiles. 

Mother Denise Beauchamp Received A Surprise After His NBA Draft 

The 22-year-old MarJon dreamt of buying a house for his mom ever since he was a child. The NBA star bought it when he got his signing bonus after the draft.

Beauchamloading="lazy" p dreamed of getting a house for his mom since childhood. The dream came true after he signed multi-million contract with the Bucks of the NBA.
The Bucks star surprises his mother with a new house ( Source : instagram )

Following the draft pick, the young small forward had the means to make his dream come true. After signing with the Bucks, he didn't waste any time surprising his mother with a beautiful home.

Denise showed support for her son by attending his games and cheering from the stands.
Source : facebook

Denise became emotional after the gesture, and tears of joy flowed from her eyes. The Bucks star had the moment recorded, and he uploaded it on his Instagram as well. 

MarJon Was Adored By Former Yakima Mayor Henry Beauchamp

MarJon grew up in the shades of his grandfather Henry Beauchamp. The former Yakima Valley Mayor cherished his grandson MarJon who excelled in sports.

Marjon with his grandfather and the former mayor, Henry Beauchamp.
Source : facebook

Henry was keen on not missing his games and was always there when the Bucks star needed a headstart after a bad form. It looks like the Beauchamp family is known for making records.

He was the first-ever African-American mayor of Yakima while Jon was a college basketball legend in the city. Likewise, MarJon is now an NBA star turning up the heat on the biggest stage of the competition. 

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