Highest Scoring High School Basketball Game

By Bishow Adhikari / 14 September 2023 03:26 AM

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Highest scoring high school basketball game was between Hobbs and Carlsbad in 1970. The final score read 170-104 in Hobbs favor.

Various other teams have originated over many years trying to catch the scoreboard. However, only a few have been successful in gaining recognition over the years.

In high school basketball history, Kansas City High School has now the highest score point of a single game with a record of 234-2 when it knocked down Rainbow Athletic Club.

Only the best few who can score more than 150 can be considered as best high school basketball teams. But in 2024 high school basketball rankings have amassed so many teams that surpass the 150 points.

Thanks to the nation's all-time winningest coaches, Ralph Tasker Hobbs was able to win 1121 games in total till his retirement. Hobbs had the highest score with an average point of 114.6 points. This record was later broken by Yates in 2010.

1. Hobbs 170-104 Carlsbad

The game between Hobbs and Carlsbad can still be remembered as the highest-scoring game for combined teams with a total of 274 points.

Hobbs scored a total of 170 points whereas Carlsbad only made 104 points making Hobbs the winner.

The game was held on March 8, 1970, where Hobbs was able to average their game points to 114.6 per game.

Recently in the home of Albuquerque, Hobbs celebrated the 50th anniversary of their magnificent season.

2. North Vermilion 156-116 Deep Rock

North Vermilion and Deep Rock had a game in 1960 that made a combined score of 272 points.

North Vermilion won the game with their individual score of 156 points along with Deep Rock just having 116 points.

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A player known as Wilbur Sandblute also known as “Web” tossed in 48 points that led Maurice. The game was held on Nov. 22, 1960.

3. Whitewood 155-114 Rocky Gap

It has been more than 50 years since Whitewood played Rocky Gap on 14 January 1970. Their combined score tally reached 269 that night.

The game was later won by Whitewood managing to score 155 points to the scoreboard while Rocky Gap was only able to score 114 points.

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From the winning team, Mark Robinson was able to score 65 points and also grabbed 42 rebounds in the game.

Robinson was able to break his own record later after a month later during a re-match with Rocky Gap. He scored 74 points in a single game and was able to grab 48 points making Whitewood the winner with the final score on the leaderboard of 131-85.

4. Leelanau 171-94 Freesoil

Leelanau and Freesoil matchup on 17 February 1989 was one of the highest score combined games in the history of high school basketball.

The thrilling game had a total score of 265 points from both teams. Although the game was won by Leelanau beating Freesoil with a score on the leaderboard of 179-94.

Anton Phillips had a dream to win in the big-league game with the scoring title against Freesoil and he was able to gain the win. This junior player with only an average score of 30.9 per game was able to score 84 points for Leelanau's win.

Coach of Leelanau, Larry Smith told Mick McCabe who used to work in the newspaper company Detroit Free Press, that due to the intense gameplay between both the teams, it was no longer the basketball court, resulting in an easy win for the Leelanau.

5. Boyd County 170-87 Blaine

Boyd County vs. Blaine High School basketball game has a score of 257 points. The combination points of both teams in Kentucky history were considered a national record till the year 1973.

The three players of Boyd County were recorded to score more than 40 points each. Lyons with 43 points, Roberts with 41 points, and Price with 40 points total.

Price was later fouled as the time for the opposite team began to decline. Later he made two free throws for the team. Other players such as Renfroe had made about 24 points while Phelps scored 18 points.

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Blain also had some amazing players. Butler scored 41 points for Blain. Blain also had some other players such as Wallins, Sparks, and Wheeler. Skaggs was a substitute player for the team Blaine.

For the Boyd County VanHoose was on the sub.

The game was held in Boyd County High School on February 24, 1953.

6. Jackson City 180-72 Millersburg Military

With a combined score total of 252 points Jackson City and Millersburg Military are in the 6th place for the highest scores in high school basketball games.

David Gross attempted 25 three-point shots and he was able to score 14 of them. Jackson City scored 41 three points short while he made an attempt of 102 three points short.

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Chester Thomas was able to score about 12 three-pointers and he was able to male 38 points total.

While the opponent Millersburg scored 22 three-point shots. A total of 63 three-pointers were recorded in the game for both of the teams.

Jackson City won the game with the match scoreboard of 180-72 against Millersburg Military.

The game was played on January 28, 1992.

7. Loudon 197-57 McMinn County

Loudon scored 197 points to win the game over McMinn County who only scored 57 points in the loss. The overall score was 254 points.

On the February 14, 1956 contest, Loudon had the lead in the first half of the game with the scoreboard of 39-34. Where McMinn County was pushing hard for the lead.

However, due to some internal conflict the McMinn coach J.B. Ace Adams, started grumbling about "lax officiating" at the time of the second half of the game. Such grouse led to the expulsion of McMinn's best player.

Due to the complaining and ejection, the play became rough for McMinn County.

It was reported in the Chattanooga Daily Times that players of McMinn County stopped guarding Loudon players. They rarely shoot the ball during the second half of the game.

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It was like they had not even the slightest will to play against Loudon. They were even passing the ball to the players of Loudon for them to basket. McMinn shot twice at the basket of Loudon.

Loudon scored a total of 158 points in the second half of the game and 94 points in the fourth quarter. Reed Stamey of Loudon hit 62 points in that game.

8. Blanche Ely 193-58 Carver

Amassing the total combination points of 251 from Blanche Ely and Carver, it is considered one of the best basketball games in high school.

Creating a new Florida high school record of 85 points, Johnny Jones, a 6-foot-4 player from Blanche Ely High located in Pompano Beach maintains his record. He scored 32 field goals along with 21 free throws.

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Ely had the benefit of 53-9 in the first quarter of the game. After the half-game, it was 100-32.

His contribution led the team to the path of victory. Blanche Ely gain final scoreboard was 193-58 over the Del Ray Beach Carver.

9. Bartram Communications 158-89 Simon Gratz

Bartram Communications vs. Simon Gratz basketball game happened on February 16, 1968. Bartram Communications won the game with a scoreboard difference of 158-89.

The coach Lou Biester had been a member of the Bartram from 1999 where is worked as a partial and later a full-time coach from 2000 to 2005. He was also the coach of Communications Tech from 2006 till the end of 2013.

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Lou Biester helped the Bartram and Communications Tech win about 300 games, one Public League championship at each school, and two City Titles.

Mike Moore scored 57 points and was able to grab 21 rebounds for Bartram Communications.

10. Jackson City 215-28 Woodbridge Academy

Jackson City and Woodbridge Academy had previous matches with each other. Jackson City was able to beat Woodbridge in the previous season with the final scoreboard of 135-17.

Also, at the game that happened on February 10, 1992, Jackson City was able to beat Woodbridge Academy again with the final scoreboard of 215-28. The team combined score recorded a total of 243 points.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Jackson City would attempt to break the national record of 211 against Woodbridge Academy. His statement was publicly announced by Coach Ed Lowdenback.

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Woodbridge Academy used to contain 14-player teams in which 10 of the players were young and freshmen which also included a single girl.

The score till half time was 112 and later it was 103 points. Jamie Clay bagged 64 points while Chris McIntosh's scoreboard was 54 points. The other five players made the double-figure score.