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Donte DiVincenzo Parents Includes A Basketball Loving Father And A Realtor Mother

By Aditya Bhattarai / 26 January 2023 08:39 AM

Donte with father John F on the left, mom Kathie in the middle left, him in the middle and John junior at the right.
Source : youtube

Donte DiVincenzo parents have an athletic background paving the foundation for their kids. Donte grew up learning the tips and tricks of basketball from his father John.

John is a lifelong fan of the Milwaukee Bucks, and he instilled his passion for the game into his son from a young age. His dream was fulfilled when the Bucks drafted Donte in the 2018 NBA Draft first round as a 17th pick.

DiVincenzo is counted among veteran players like Steph Curry and Draymond Green for his achievements with the Bucks. He received his first championship ring as the Bucks won the NBA finals in 2021.

Additionally, he received two championship rings in NCAA while playing with the Villanova Wildcats. Likewise, he had a shining history in high school for leading his team to win two consecutive state championships starting his junior year.

Donte was a first round 17th pick of the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2018 NBA Draft.
Source : instagram

Although the Bucks' point guard has many accolades throughout his career, his frequent injuries have often delayed his postseason success. Regardless, he does not fall behind any other player, even after taking a break for many consecutive months. 

Donte lodged a season-high twenty points in the game against the Sacramento Kings in January 2022. Later, he was traded to the Kings on February 10, 2022, while the Bucks acquired Sergei Ibaka during a four-team deal.

Donte DiVincenzo Has An Athletic Background

Donte DiVincenzo was born to Kathie and John F DiVincenzo in Delaware. Donte grew up watching his dad fawn over basketball from a young age.

John used to play basketball in college but he had to leave sports to raise a family and his sports career was not strong. Later, he pursues his passion by coaching in middle school. 

Likewise, Donte has Italian roots, making him eligible to apply for an Italian passport and play for their national team. NSS Sports magazine noted that his nickname "The Big Ragu" was due to his red hair and connection to the Italian Ragu.

DiVincenzo has shown impressive abilities with his 6 feet 4 inches tall body, and his drive to win was always apparent on the court.

Big east Conference Interview with Kathie DiVincenzo ( Source : youtube )

Learning the basics from his dad, he grew up having a passion for basketball in his teens, while his first love was soccer.

Father John F. DiVincenzo Is A Bucks Fan For Life 

John DiVincenzo was a fanatic for the Milwaukee Bucks from his youthful days. John loved Lew Alcindor during his era, and his favorite player was Sidney Moncrief.

OnMilwaukee once wrote about his fanaticism towards his team when he was spotted among the team wearing Ricky Pearce's Bucks jersey with a "Mustard all over me" quote.

His family at the Milwaukee Bucks selection ceremony after the draft.
Source : youtube

Don Nelson was coaching then, and John was spotted shortly in Philadelphia because of his unique jersey.

With his love for the game, he later became a basketball coach for kids at a middle school in Delaware. Meanwhile, he also taught his son about the basics to lay the roots for his future potential.

In an interview with The Athletic, he said that John had helped him develop the fundamentals of basketball. He always advised Donte to hurry up and practice rebounds to build his foundation every time they met.

After many years, when his son brought him inside for a tour following his NBA draft, he was excited to visit his favorite team getting mesmerized by the interiors.

John DiVincenzo Senior and John Junior in the Bucks video after Donte joined the Bucks.
Source : youtube

John was thrilled to be there, and he claimed that his son would give his best and lead them to win many championships in the future. In addition, he claimed that he had a Big Ragu to cheer for on top of his previous love for the team.

Donte Mother Kathie DiVincenzo Is A Real Estate Attorney

Kathie Bridgeman DiVincenzo is a paralegal at Hogan McDaniel Law firm in Delaware. Kathie has worked as a real estate attorney for 17 years since April 2005.

Mother Kathie is a real estate paralegal working at Hogan McDaniel, Associates At Law.
Source : facebook

While Donte and her husband were immersed in basketball, she established a name for herself as a reputed attorney in the housing market. Her company also boasts of her talent on their official Facebook account mentioning her as the best in the business.

In addition, she also shows immense support for her boy by attending his game with her husband and cheering for him.

Donte DiVincenzo Draft To Bucks had his family all excited ( Source : youtube )

His mom Kathie had a post-game interview with the Big East Conference representative after his outstanding performance in the 2018 National Championship. 

His Older Brother John Junior Runs A Barbershop In Delaware

John DiVincenzo Junior is older than Donte by nine years. John finished high school in 2006, while Donte completed his schooling in 2015.

The two siblings share a good relationship, and they often spend time together on holidays. Donte adores his nephew and spends much quality time with John's children.

Donte and John often spend time with each other bonding as the only siblings in the house.
Source : facebook

His brother did not pursue a sports career since his love for cars and hairstyling had led him to pursue a different path.

According to John's LinkedIn profile, he started working as a Service Manager at Porter Automotive group immediately after graduation. After nine years with the company, he moved to I.G. Burton in 2017.

Junior DiVincenzo owns two business in Delaware based on Salon and hairstyling.
Source : linkedin

Later, in 2020, he ran Gloss Salon Delaware as a Co-Owner and Vice-President while managing his barbershop DiVincenzo & Sons on the side.

In addition to running two businesses, he also works as a corporate service director at Holocomb Inc since October 2021.

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