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Best Jumpshot For Big Man 2k24 Next Gen

By Bishow Adhikari / 20 September 2023 05:28 AM

Source : aliexpress

Best jump shot for big man 2k24 is James Johnson base, Tim Duncan Release 1, and Lamarcus Aldridge Release 2. This combo requires a 79+ three point rating.

Big men have an onerous place picking up a good one while the internet is crowded with whacky jumps. 

The best Bigs jump shot 2k24 is based on James Johnson with a 3-point rating height of 79+. This is best fit for MyPlayer with height of over 6 feet 10 inches. Playing center along with having a wingspan of 7’1”.

You can customize the best power forward build in 2k24 with the body attributes including height of 6’9”, weight 256lbs, and wingspan of 7'7”.

Joe Knows, a daily NBA content creator on YouTube also posted on his channel about the jump shots that can be played in NBA 2K24. His jump shots vary according to your player's height and rating.

Best Jumpshot Big Man 2k24 Next Gen

Source : twitter

Best jumpshot 2k24 next gen can be made by James Johnson base along with Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki upper releases. You must maintain a blending of 89-11% with 100% release speed.

As a player of NBA 2K24, one can find various selections of jump shots as per its playing style. Being able to customize your jump shot and even releasing your stylish shot you can perform any experiment with jump shot as much as you want.

The universally issued jump shot gives a feel of natural playing. It also helps to increase your chances of getting successful shots and making a formidable score.

For 3-Point Rating (83)+

  • Lower/Base - Davis Bertans
  • Upper Release 1 - Tim Duncan
  • Upper Release 2 - LaMarcus Aldridge
  • Blending - 74%/26%
  • Release Speed - 100%

For 3-Point Rating (79)+

  • Lower/Base - James Johnson
  • Upper Release 1 - Tim Duncan
  • Upper Release 2 - LaMarcus Aldridge
  • Blending - 89%/11%
  • Release Speed - 100%

For 3-Point Rating (<75)

  • Lower/Base - Montrezl Harrell
  • Upper Release 1 - Tim Duncan
  • Upper Release 2 - Dirk Nowitzki
  • Blending - 87%/13%
  • Release Speed - 100%

The above mentioned jump shots have a good combination of speed, release timing, and green window size. They are also relatively easy to learn and use, making them a good choice for players of all skill levels.

After the best bigman build 2k24 you can practice your jump shots in the practice facility to achieve flawless shot timing. 

Not just having the right timing can make a wonderful shot, you should be able to release it. Use the proper time for the shot. Timing is the key to execution.

Additionally, it is important to note that, what is best for you may not be best for others as it all depends on personal preferences. You may experiment with different combinations and find one that feels comfortable and consistent for you.

Best Power Forward Build 2k24

@dunk I did this in real life the other day but the cameras weren’t on 👀 (@okodre ♬ original sound - OkoDre

The best power forward build in 2k24 can be the Catch and Shoot badge. Best pf jumpshot 2k24 can be gained by a big, powerful, and strong forward.

Power forward player's body attributes can be a height of 6’9”, weight 256lbs, and wingspan of 7'7”. The skills attributes can be adjusted as below for the best power forward build.

Close Shot95
Driving Layup50
Driving Dunk45
Standing Dunk50
Post Control95
Mid-Range Shot83
Three-Point Shot38
Free Throw64
Pass Accuracy91
Ball Handle56
Speed With Ball26
Interior Defense85
Perimeter Defense45
Offensive Rebound30
Defensive Rebound60

The Power Forward build comes with many roles. They are responsible for the catching of the rebounds and shooting three-pointers from the line. They also block the defense by protecting the rim with the above stats. They can handle everything that comes with the mid-range. 

2k24 Point Guard Builds

Point guard build is the combination of Ball Handle, Acceleration, stamina, and Perimeter Defense. They need to be pro passers, fast, and excellent at dribbling.

It is also called The Point which runs offensively. If a player is playing as a point guard build your responsibility will be to complete offensive possessions as well as move assisting your teammate.

Point guard build is the customization for a miniature player in NBL. Point Guard build can be customized with a height of 6'2", a weight of around 180 lbs., and a wing span of 6'7".  

Source : twitter

The skill customization can be made as follows:

Close Shot53
Driving Layup78
Mid-Range Shot50
Three-Point Shot65
Free Throw40
Pass Accuracy91
Ball Handle98
Speed With Ball91
Interior Defense33
Perimeter Defense93
Defensive Rebound52

The point guard build is customized in such a way that the players can get fast dribbling, and accurate passes to teammates as well as maintain defense.

Ball handling of 98 and pass accuracy of 91 give the player the natural feel with the fastest animation. These aspects help the players to make their opponents more vulnerable.

Small Forward Build 2k24

The small forward build in 2k24 is with athleticism height of 6'7", weight of 215 lbs., and Wingspan of 6'11". They are also called “The Three”.

Small forwards are briefer than the Power Forward but are all-rounder.  They play in such a position that the whole game revolves around them.

They look after the ball handling, shooting, and playmaking. Along with that, you should be excellent at defending too.

Thanks to NBA 2K24, you can customize small forwards as in the table below which might increase success.

Source : twitter

Close Shot60
Driving Layup80
Driving Dunk28
Post Control82
Mid-Range Shot86
Three-Point Shot85
Free Throw61
Pass Accuracy74
Ball Handle81
Speed With Ball81
Interior Defense74
Perimeter Defense94
Defensive Rebound60

The player who helps to both score and assists are aimed to be the small forward. They are the most important part of the game where even the smallest player can have a huge impact while handling and passing the ball around.

There is only a single downside regarding the build of small forwards. They tend to lose points on strength, rebounds, blocks, and interior defense. Making sacrifices also benefits you by improving your speed and offensive skills.

Best Center Build 2k24

Source : commonsensegamer

Best Center Build can be maximized by increasing Driving Layups, defensive Rebounds as well as offensive Rebounds. 

Also known as the “The Five” are placed beneath the basket for all the possible defense and offense positions. They move all around the court blocking shots, collecting rebounds, and even bullying opponents.

The best center build 2k24 consists of the tallest player on the team. Hustling around they open the court for the score, make the playable opportunity, and score for the team.

Close Shot75
Driving Layup95
Driving Dunk64
Standing Dunk44
Post Control39
Mid-Range Shot35
Free Throw38
Ball Handle50
Interior Defense77
Perimeter Defense45
Offensive Rebound92
Defensive Rebound99

Creating a new player with various maxed points and you should be more focused on maxing the acceleration, vertical, speed, and getting more stamina. These attribute points should be above the number 85.