Basketball Gifts For Boyfriend In 2023 - A Complete Buying Tips and Guide

By Aditya Bhattarai / 21 June 2023 06:02 AM

Here are ten best gift options for basketball loving boyfriends that will save you time on research.
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Basketball Gifts For Boyfriend In 2023 are 1. Basketball Pillow Covers 2. Basketball Theme Rug 3. Performance Basketball Socks are more.

The best basketball gifts for boyfriend can be anything from personalized pillows to customized balls. Gifts have different values based on their personal choice.

Choosing the perfect gift could be harder for girls, especially if they have less knowledge of the game. The gifts could make him look stylish and cool playing on the court or something that will attract everyone's attention in the living room. 

Men love to show their basketball accessories to friends and teammates, so getting them comfortable shoes, socks, or custom jerseys can make them appreciate it while playing.

Most boys are passionate about basketball and attentive to everything connected with their interests. They either play the game themselves or follow every stuff connected with their favorite sports. 

A basketball player is consumed by their love for the game as it's always on their mind because of their daily activities. Hence, they love anything that is related to hoops or has a reference to the sport.

The items listed in this article include simple keyholders to specifically designed wall art that could make them appreciate your gift and everything someone mentions about it.

Some would help them perfect their gameplay, while others would incite their passion and make them desire to show off among other basketball lovers. 

Below is a list of the ten best basketball gifts a girl can give her boyfriend.

10. Basketball Themed Name And Number Pillow Covers

A pillow cover with basketball themes could be a good start for choosing a gift for the guys. There are many providers that do custom content for specific teams and numbers.

There are basketball specific team and number printed on these pillow covers.
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Having a pillow with their name on the jersey number of their favorite player with a design based on their specific team could make a deep impression on your partner. 

Additionally, a pillow would make them think about you whenever they see it. They can either hold it while they sleep, grab onto it while watching movies, or chill on the sofa. 

You can order one on amazon by selecting the custom requirements, and they can deliver it within the designated time.


  • 100% Polyester fiber material with a soft feel and durability.

  • Fully customizable using own name and numbers that are printed in Capital Letters.

  • Both side print and graphics are based on the selected design with no risk of fading.

  • The zipper is hidden, and the sewing is durable with no risk of opening a thread.

9. Basketball Theme Rug Or Carpet

A basketball theme custom rug would highlight the room for the boyfriend. A rug or carpet can be placed anywhere from the bedroom to the living room.

Basketball themed carpets can maximize the attractiveness of the floor to any hoops lover.
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They help make the room attractive and can be the subject of discussion when basketball enthusiasts hang out together.

These carpets come under the category of luxurious gifts depending on the room's size and color combinations. A provider is Etsy makes handmade designs starting from $89 for the shortest length.

Made from cotton, and other exclusive materials, these carpets can be made in any design, color, or picture based on the instructions provided. They boast high-quality colors that retain their brightness for a long time while also being machine washable.


  • Handmade with cotton, luxury chenille yarn, and microfiber Polyester with an anti-slipping design.

  • The thickness of the rug is 5-6 mm.

  • Can be printed in any color, design, or picture you choose.

  • High-quality digital printing colors that do not fade away and are safe from machine washing.

  • Rugs are made of glossy soft velvety fluff on a non-slip cotton base.

  • Delivery can be made in 2-4 days.

8. Performance Basketball Socks

Basketball socks are a good option for athletic boyfriends as they would wear them every time they play. These performance socks can provide extra support and comfort for them.

These Nike Performance Crew Socks can provide optimum support to the players feet.
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Basketball players would love these high-performance socks for their features that make them feel less tired after a long day of practice. They are available in various colors and designs for specific teams. 

Some brands even have players-specific designs, such as the Stephen Curry edition from Under Armour Playmaker Crew, that can be purchased on Amazon. If the boyfriend loves Curry, then this would be a perfect gift.

Likewise, some of the best options would be the Nike Elite edition that NBA players mostly wear. It is available to order on Amazon.


  • Extremely comfortable with cushions and padding. 

  • Arch-support and breathable materials keep the feet active for a longer period.

  • Dri-fit Technologies ensures taking out sweat and maintains a dry environment.

7. 3D Illusion Basketball Player Gift Lamp

A 3D lamp is a unique choice for a gift when it portrays the best player. They feature popular NBA stars in their iconic dunking or tackling positions.

The 3D visual effect is lighted on the design over the optical acrylic surface plate. The engravings can be customized based on the patterns required to surprise the partner with their favorite player.

These 3D basketball lamp of you favorite players could be the best thing in the room.
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The catchy design and glowing look will attract many eyes in the living room, and the boyfriend will be reminded of you whenever someone talks about it. 

Controlling the lighting is easy with smart touch or periodical mode. There is a remote with 16 color options and brightness control when used as a bedside lamp. The product is available on Amazon through Lampeez Store with a delivery time of 3 to 4 working days.


  • Custom designable acrylic glass plates.

  • Changeable soft lighting colors with remote control features.

  • Adjustable brightness and color options from the remote.

  • Futuristic design for the new generations decoration.

6. Basketball Hoop Laundry Bag

Getting a basketball hoop with a laundry bag net can be an exciting gift for the boyfriend. They can practice shots while keeping the room clean.

The hoops with laundry nets would be the ultimate thing on the back of your door to promote clean room.
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Being a smart choice for any basketball, it can encourage the boyfriend to do the boring chore of picking up the scattered clothes. These stylish laundry bags can be placed on the walls or behind the door. 

They have a board and a rim with a 3 to 4 feet hamper that keeps the laundry in place. The board is designed with varying teams and can be purchased at Walmart here.

It doubles as a mini hoop inside the room, making him practice shots inside the room.


  • Easy to install with the perfect size for placing at the back of the door.

  • Nets can be untied at the bottom to drop the accumulated clothes in a single bucket.

  • Created to inspire kids and men to get active with chores while honing their shots.

5. A flick glove for Basketball Players

A Flick glove is something that is out of the ordinary gift type which will certainly surprise the boyfriend. These gloves help maintain finger posture for shots and strengthen the muscles.

The Finger gloves are designed to train your follow-through muscles when shooting a basketball.
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They would appreciate the gesture for thinking about their skills and the research skills to find a gift like this. This is a training gear worn on the main hand that shoots the ball for training perfect shooting movement called follow-through muscle memory.

The ball feels more comfortable and grippy after removing the gloves. Made from resistant silicone material, these gloves have three modes for increasing their strength gradually. It is available at Walmart and can be delivered in 3-4 working days.


  • Trains finger movements using follow-through muscle memory

  • Durable silicone materials for handling tougher strength training.

  • Can be used on both sides where one side promotes perfect shot while the other increases resistance against shot.

  • Constant resistance on the hand forces muscle growth and strength build-up.

4. Air Jordans Performace Basketball Shoes

Air Jordans are the trending shoes in the basketball world that can make anyone happy. Gifting an Air Jordan to the boyfriend would be perfect for basketball lovers. 

Like the socks, a performance shoe like Air Jordan will provide superior comfort and reduce leg fatigue. This will result in the partner being in a good mood after a tiring day.

A pair of Air Jordans would be the best gift for the basketball loving boys for a better performance while playing.
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Shoes are essential for basketball players, and Nike’s Air Jordan is the most demanding product in the market. 

When nothing seems right to gift your boyfriend, getting a pair of Jordans will never be the wrong choice. Similarly, they would appreciate your love when they stand out in the court performing better with these on. You can obtain the one suitable for your partner from Amazon.


  • Comfortable materials with cushions and padding.

  • Supportive Mid-Soles to take pressure during jumping and running.

  • Grippy soles provide better traction when playing on the court.

  • Achilles heels and toe support reduce foot tension and blisters.

3. Custom Basketball Jersey 

A basketball jersey is a symbol for the players along with thier name and number printed on it. A jersey from your partner’s favorite team and player could cheer him up better than anything.

Jerseys never go wrong when gifting a basketball loving boyfriend, depending on their favorite team and player.
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Basketball athletes love their jerseys, and it is an important part of their life. The printed number and name represent their identity. Gifting a jersey would be a part of their daily life, and it can show support for the NBA players they love.

The best thing about jerseys is that they can be customized depending on the customer's request. So printing either the NBA player’s or the boyfriend's name with the related number will make them attractive among friends and other fans.

There are numerous options on Amazon to purchase the jersey of your choice with quality materials and customizable prints.


  • Made with high-quality sports fabric. 

  • Breathable cool designs for high-performance and heat reduction functions.

  • Washable and durable for everyday wear.

  • Prints or embroidered designs for the graphics do not fade.

2. Custom Basketball Metal Wall Art

Basketball players adore their favorite teams to the point that they adore anything related to them. A customizable wall art design from metals and lights that glows would certainly take their attention.

Basketball themed custom Metal wall art for teams and players of your choice could be a best decoration.
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The boyfriend can place it in their living room or bedroom to show it off to others who share the same fanaticism for basketball. They can be a perfect part of their collection, and it will remind them of your thoughtful gesture every time they see it.

Made from durable metal and light-up led with remote control lighting, they are the best decorative item for the home aesthetic. There are other options like these that focus on players' names, playing styles and other customizable options. They are available to purchase from ETSY and can be delivered within 15-20 working days.


  • Metal frame with durable quality.

  • Embedded Lights that can be controlled with remote

  • Brightness can be controlled manually as per the situation.

1. Custom Name Basketball

Getting a basketball with customizable prints can make the boys special among other players. A basketball with their name can make it easier for them to identify it while practicing every day.

Wilson provides the option for custom prints to those that prefer specific names on the ball.
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There are many customizable basketball brands that can print anything as per the customer's demand. The stylish designs from AND 1 can separate your partner from the crowd when playing in local groups.

Some companies provide a custom message option, making it more precious for the other party. Meanwhile, getting branded Wilson Evolution or Spalding balls are also better alternatives considering the frequency of their daily practice games. 

These brands are among the best basketball manufacturers, with durable leather and better performance. They are often used in NBA and other national competitions and can be obtained on Amazon.


  • Custom designs and names can make it easier to recognize the ball.

  • Prints are made with high-quality inks that do not fade away with heavy usage.

  • Some brands provide a custom message option, making it more precious for the other party.

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Gift

Personal preferences of boyfriends and their current accessories should be studied well before choosing a basketball gift for them. Also, the possibility of them owing these items should be monitored.

Here are a few things to note before finalizing the purchase;

  • Confirm the things he already owns since yours being the second, might not get much value.

  • Understand the interest and choose a gift that will make him excited. 

  • Consider what they currently require. Giving him new sneakers when they think of buying one could make him appreciate your gift more than usual.

  • Consider their best preference when choosing a gift from the quick list of items mentioned above.