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Ashton Hardaway Mother Dionne and Father Penny Hardaway Had A Major Influence Over Him

By Biren KC / 27 January 2023 08:49 AM

Ashton with his mother when he was presented to the Memphis Tigers
Source : instagram

Ashton Hardaway mother Dionne Richardson is an entrepreneur for OffThaCourt. Dionne is a single parent who raised Ashton by creating various business ideas.

Born to Dionne and former NBA star Penny Hardaway, Ashton has shown great basketball skills from a young age. Spending his amateur years playing for the Duncanville High School in Texas, he ranked first in the state as a junior.

Hardaway made news when he transferred east to join powerhouse Sierra Canyon, where he played alongside Bronny James and Justin Pippen. The team went on a global tour, playing exhibition games in London, Paris, and Rome.

With his exceptional shot-making abilities, excellent IQ, and much-improved playmaking skills, Ashton has won at the highest levels and understands how to influence winning in various ways.

Junior Hardaway has pledged to play for Head coach Penny's team and is all set to make them recognize him for his skills. When the Memphis Tigers signed him recently, the team was pleased to have him on board.

Dionne Richardson Raised Her Son Ashton As A Single Mom

Ashton Hardaway mom Dionne Richardson is a businesswoman from Los Angeles. Dionne raised her son Ashton as a single parent without any support.

Richardson is actively working with the AheartAwayFoundation as mentioned on her Twitter Bio. The organization assists players in maximizing their opportunities and achieving their goals, both inside and outside the court.

Dionne has also promoted her company OffTheCourt as a cover picture on her Twitter account. Being associated with such an organization, she has the facilities to provide the necessary tools and links required in Ashton's career. 

Dionne is the biggest supporter of Ashton as her Twitter account is full of her son's game updates.
Source : twitter

Richardson shared the news of Aston being selected by the Memphis Tigers on her Twitter account. People can find many other posts related to Ashton's progress as she proudly shares such information with the public. 

Dionne posted a birthday message to her son on July 21, 2022, with warm wishes on Twitter. She calls Ashton "Ash" as seen on the post, and expresses her joy in watching him grow, along with some advice to look forward in life.

Dionne Richardson Dated Penny Hardaway In The Past

Richardson and Penny Hardaway had dated in the past resulting in the birth of their son. Ashton is the only child between Dionne and the Tiger's Head Coach.

Penny has taken custody of Ashton after he got closer to his father because of basketball. Penny and Jayden have attended some of Ashton's important matches as per commercial appeal, which shows a direct relationship.

Ashton praised by Coach Penny after he joins Memphis top five recruiting class.
Source : twitter

Ashton even posed for a picture with a place of tribute to his father when he was traded to the Tigers. The image also shows that he is close to Dionne as he was seen with her at a particular moment in his life in his Instagram post.

Ashton Hardaway Is The Son Of Penny Hardaway

Ashton Hardaway is the youngest child of Penny Hardaway. Penny has four children, and both his boys are professional basketball players.

Penny praises son Ashton for entering Memphis and joining his team.
Source : on3

Hardaway Sr. influenced the interest of his sons as they pursued the same career as him. Penny is currently serving as the coach of the Memphis Tigers, which consists of Jayden and Ashton.

Penny had trained his older son to become a lethal player, already characterized by his stats. He must be proud to have Ashton on the same path.

Penny Hardaway Is A NBA Legend

Penny Hardaway played basketball in NBA for fourteen seasons. Hardaway was a four-time NBA All-Star and a two-time All-NBA First Team member.

Ashton recently signed for Memphis Tigers which is coached by his dad, Penny Hardaway
Source : instagram

Penny was involved in the sport from his teenage years and grew up playing basketball for Treadwell High School. He represented Memphis State University at the college level, introducing his name in the NBA draft.

The Golden State Warriors chose Hardaway in the first round of the 1993 NBA draft. He was dealt to the Orlando Magic along with three future first-round picks for the rights to first-overall pick Chris Webber.


Hardaway was moved to the Phoenix Suns in the summer of 1999 for Danny Manning, Pat Garrity, and two future first-round draft picks. He then went on to represent two other top teams in the NBA.

After representing the Suns, Knicks, and Hear, Hardaway was named head coach for the Memphis Tigers in 2018. He guided the Tigers to the NIT in his first year as head coach.

Ashton Hardaway Family Life And Siblings

Ashton Hardaway has four half siblings in the family. Ashton shares the blood with his three sisters and one brother as the kids of NBA star Penny Hardaway.

His half-brother and sisters are from the past relationships between Penny and his previous partners. Ashton grew up with his mother in Chatsworth, California as mentioned on his ESPN profile.

Meanwhile, Mary McDowell, the current wife of NBA coach Penny is the stepmother to all his children. 

Brother Jayden Hardaway

Ashton's older brother Jayden was born on July 16, 1999. Jayden is already a key player for Memphis Tigers men's basketball.

He spent the junior season at Miami Palmetto and East High before joining the Tigers. Penny is the inspiration for both his sons. Currently, he coaches them on the same team as both are Memphis Tigers players.

Ashton and Jayden Hardaway are both Mephis Tigers Players
Source : instagram

Ashton is a four-star recruit, and he selected the Tigers over SMU, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and USC. He has the chance to impress his father and brother with his play.

Sisters Layla and LaTanfernee Hardaway

Layla and LaTanfernee are the daughters of Penny from his former girlfriend. Ashton is younger than both his sisters and he rarely connects with them.

Ashton sister LaTanfernee is the CEO of designer fashion store LHXCollection.
Source : instagram

Layla was born in 1992 and is the first child of Penny Hardaway while LaTanfernee was born in 1995 and is known to be the second. Penny met their mother in high school, and they soon became the father of two little girls. 

As seen on her Instagram account, Hardaway's sister, LaTanfernee, is already a mother to a child. She has also posted pictures of her attending basketball games, as her brothers and father are active in the sport.

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