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Stephen Silas father Paul Silas is a former Hornets head coach

By / 1 February 2023 10:25 AM

Stephen Silas keeps his dad memories as he continues coaching journey with the Houston Rockets
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Stephen Silas father Paul Silas was the head coach for Charlotte Hornets. Stephen Silas is a basketball coach serving as the head coach for Houston Rockets in the NBA.

He is one of the few NBA coaches who hasn't played a single minute in the league. 

However, Silas played four years of college basketball at Brown University. Following that, he got associated with the National Basketball Retired Players Association. He spent three years as an assistant director of NBRPA. 

But when his father became the head coach of the Charlotte Hornets, Silas joined the franchise as an assistant coach at 27. He was the youngest assistant coach in the NBA at the time. 

As an assistant coach, Stephen got to work closely with a few of the greatest names in basketball such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry at the Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. 

At Warriors, Silas concentrated on the development of perimeter players. One such perimeter player at the time was Steph Curry. The assistant coach was promoted to the head coach for the Warriors' summer league campaigns.

In 2020, the Rockets acquired him as the head coach. It was the first time he became an NBA head coach, and for the past two years, he finished each season with 17-55 and 20-62 records. 

Paul Silas was a professional NBA coach for the Hornets

Stephen Silus's dad Paul Silus appoint him as the youngest assistant coach.

A star player and coach, Paul lifted the NBA championships three times as a player. The Arkansas-born power forward played NBA All-Star games twice while he was in the NBA All-Defensive Team five times. 

Known for his rebounds, Paul set the most rebound records for Creighton University. He was the 10th overall pick in the 1964 NBA Draft. 

The power forward played for five different NBA teams, winning three championships. He won two championships with the Boston Celtics and one with the Seattle Supersonics. 

Paul played for the Celtics in NBA and won two championships with them
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Paul Guided Stephen Towards Coaching Career

Stephen had a lot of potential to become an NBA coach, but his father provided him the opportunities that didn't come easy. 

In 2001, Paul was leading the Hornets with yet another successful season when he decided to appoint Stephen as an assistant coach. He was the youngest NBA assistant coach at the time. 

As a result, Stephen became an assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors after his father left the Hornets. The young assistant is credited for the development of Stephen Curry, one of the greatest basketball players. 

So, in many ways, his father cemented his coaching career for Stephen. And now, he is the head coach of the Houston Rockets. 

Paul and Stephen worked together in the NBA for the Hornets
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Stephen Silus Is Keen To Keep His Father's Legacy

The former Hornets coach met his demise on December 10, 2022. He died of cardiac arrest. 

Moreover, the tragedy left an unavoidable void on the Rockets' coach. His dad was his role model and he said it wasn't easy moving on from such an incident. 

After skipping a Rockets game to go to his father's funeral, Stephen went to a Boston game to remember his father. Wherever Paul played, he always felt Boston was his home. He won two NBA championships with the Celtics. 

Even though Paul is gone, he will be remembered for his contribution to the basketball family as a player and a coach. 

Stephen Silus Mother

Stephen Silus is born to his mother Carolyn Silus. Carolyn was a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. 

Stephen's mom was a businesswoman and philanthropist
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One of the very few events Carolyn appeared in was the "Look at her power" fundraiser for the "Dress for Success." She was the co-chair of the charity event and has helped many people through the organization over the past years.

"Dress for Success" was made to uplift women in all-around departments by providing them necessary tools to succeed in their businesses. Carolyn never took a step back to empower women in business. 

Moreover, she was also a supportive wife and mother. During Paul's coaching career, Carolyn would be on the sidelines cheering for the love of her life. And she does the same for her son. 

Stephen Silas Wife And Daughter

Stephen Silas and his wife Keryl Silasa have a lovely family with two daughters. The NBA coach Stephen and Keryl married in 2002.

They dated for several years before sharing their vows. 

Keryl was born Keryl Watkins in 1978 in Louisiana. She is a sister of Kendal Watkins Phills who was once married to Bobby Phills. But unfortunately, the latter lost his life in a car accident at 30. 

The Rockets coach and his wife Keryl
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Keryl Silas Is A Singer

The NBA coach's partner is a singer and songwriter by profession. She goes by the stage name Porsha. 

The 44-year-old co-wrote a song Nothing Stays The Same with O'Dell. The song is featured in a movie named Foolish. Besides, she collaborated with rapper Master P and released over a dozen singles. 

Throughout her career, Keryl worked with Snoop Dogg, Regina Belle, Britney Spears, Mia X, Nancy Wilson, and The Temptations. She changed her name to Kay Jai. 

Following her musical success, the singer is also the founder of Claim It Production. The company helps young people pursue their dreams. 

Stephen with Keryl and Kyler
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Keryl And Stephen Are Parents To Two Daughters

The couple has welcomed two daughters Kyler Elyse, and Kaelyn. 

Furthermore, the family keeps themselves far from the media spotlight. However, Keryl and the daughters often visit Stephen's basketball games. 

The coach's daughters are fantastic singers. They sang the national anthem ahead of the January 2021 game between the Rockets and the Kings. It was a beautiful gesture from Stephen's family.