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Ricky Rubio Wife Sara Colome Welcomed A Son In 2020

By Biren KC / 2 February 2023 03:56 AM

Ricky and Sara in Madrid airport travelling for basketball World Cup in 2019
Source : instagram

Ricky Rubio wife Sara Colome is a businesswoman. Sara Colome is a restaurant owner in Badalona a place near Barcelona.

Besides, Sara is a mother of one child. An Olympic gold medalist with Spain Rubio has been with his partner since 2018.

Known for his role as a point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers Rubio and Sara seem private about their personal life.

Ricky had already started playing professional basketball at the age of 14 with Joventut. He was the youngest Spanish player to make his debut in the Euroleague which attracted his name in the NBA draft.

While Rubio was playing for Barcelona, he was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2009. Although the point guard was drafted earlier, he finally represented the team in 2011 and went on to play six seasons.

Ricky then went on to play for Utah Jazz from 2017 to 2019 and Pheonix Suns for a season. He was traded to the Cavaliers in 2021 and is currently playing for the team despite a series of injuries in his career.

Ricky Rubio Wife Sara Colome Is From Spain

Ricky Rubio wife Sara Colome is a restaurant owner. Sara has her hotel in Badalona a place near Barcelona.

The Spanish media first spotted Ricky and Sara while traveling to Barcelona for his game with the National team. Spanish magazine Hola revealed pictures of them in an airport in the 2019 Basketball World Cup.

Colome and Rubio were already dating before their airport appearance and were even expecting a child. The same magazine also had images of them celebrating and dancing after Rubio's victory in the World Cup.

The story of their relationship took a boost when another famous Spanish magazine Vanitatis spotted them together in public. Ricky and Sara were smiling, getting in a car after leaving a Madrid hotel.

Ricky eventually confirmed his love life with Sara after posting a picture with her on his Instagram handle. The pair are walking together holding hands in the image, and Ricky has mentioned to follow the heart in the caption.

Rubio and Sara celebrated Spain's World cup win together
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Sara Colome Maintains A Private Life

Rubio and Colome have strict privacy in their love life and remain away from the spotlight.

Sara has very little presence with Rubio in public and at his basketball matches. Ricky has also supported her with her privacy because he does not reveal much about her and his married life to the media.

Colomé has private social networks where only those close to her can see what she publishes. The basketball player's wife takes care of the family and runs her restaurant as privatized as possible. 

Ricky also tries to hide her identity on his social handles as he always posts pictures showing her from behind. He has only posted two pictures with her on Instagram, and both images do not reveal her face.

Ricky Rubio Son

Ricky Rubio has a adorable son with Sara. Ricky became a father for the first time when Sara gave birth to their baby on January 14, 2020.

Carlos Gonzalez posted a photo of Ricky playing around his son during his pre-game on his Twitter account. The photo was taken in 2021 when Rubio was still playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and young Rubio was also wearing the team's jersey.

The picture proves that junior Rubio has attended some games with his father. Ricky is always happy around his son, as he is cheerful and smiling while playing with his only child.

Ricky and his wife have a three years old son
Source : instagram

Sports reporter Angel Grey also posted an image of Rubio's boy on her Twitter profile. He watched Rubio on her monitor and looked happy to see his guardian on the screen.

Junior Rubio is three years old but walks around his father and shows his support during his matches. He is still too young to know about his father's success in the biggest basketball league in the world.

Ricky Rubio Plans To Retire NBA After His Son Starts Schooling

Ricky has talked to the media about the time right for his basketball retirement. Fox news tweeted about this decision once his son began school.

Rubio mentioned that he and his wife discussed this matter and agreed upon the decision. The point guard's series of serious injuries and lack of game time obliged his retirement idea. 

Rubio is ready to call it quits soon or by the time his 3-year-old son starts school. Given the mental and physical strains of the journey back, Rubio thinks about returning to Spain and giving all his time to his family.

Ricky doesn't plan on missing any parent-children meetings in the foreseeable future. He does not want to make his boy dizzy, moving around when he’s six years old when he starts to make friends.

Ricky Rubio Family Life

Ricky Rubio was born in a Spanish household in El Masnou, Spain. Rubio has his father and two siblings cheering for him.

Rubio resides in the United States with his wife, son, and father.  He posted a picture of Rubio's father 60th birthday on Twitter, where he is seen holding Rubio's child and nephew

Ricky Rubio is the middle child of the family and has an older brother and a younger sister. Marc Rubio Vives and Laia Rubio Vives are Rubio's only siblings and are also associated with basketball in Spain.

FSA posted a picture of Laia lifting a trophy in 2014 on Twitter when she was eight years old. Laia left basketball as she is currently working in digital marketing and communication, as per her Instagram bio.

Rubio's brother Marc is still related to the sport as he serves as a basketball coach in Spain. His Instagram profile contains many pictures of him together with Ricky.

Marc posted a throwback picture of his family on his Instagram
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Tona Vives And Esteve Rubio Are Ricky Rubio Parents

Ricky Rubio mother Tona Vives is not together with her family as she passed away in 2016. She was 56 at the time of her death.

Rubio has partnered with ABOH to raise awareness about lung cancer and improve funding for research. The basketball player took this step in loving memory of his late mother.

Nevertheless, Ricky has his father Esteve Rubio with him. Esteve has been looking after Ricky's career from his Joventut days to his current Cavalier's spell.

Esteve is also active on Instagram under the username @esteverubiobert. Esteve has the biggest support for his son as his Instagram is filled with photos and videos of Ricky.