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Nate Oats Family Life And Background

By / 16 February 2023 06:34 AM

The American Head coach posted his loved ones via Instagram on the occasion of  National Daughter's day
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Coach Nate Oats has 5 members in his family. Nate Oats and his wife Crystal Oats have three beautiful daughters Lexie, Jocie, and Brielle.

Oats is the head coach for the Alabama men's basketball team. Nate was born in Watertown and has been coaching basketball for over 20 years.  The Alabama star started as an assistant coach at Eastern Michigan University.

Nate switched to Romulus High school after his run at Michigan University. As the head coach, he led the team to a state championship during his time at Romulus.

In 2013, Nate became the head coach at the University of Buffalo leading the team to three NCAA Tournaments and even pulling off a big win against West Virginia.

Nate joined Alabama University after his run with the buffalos. During his initial year, the star mentor helped the team win 20 games and they qualified in the NIT tournament. People know Oats for his high-scoring offense and for developing his players into stars.

He is considered one of the best coaches in the SEC. 

Nate Oats wife Crystal Oats

Nate Oats wife Crystal Oats is a housewife who takes care of her loved ones. Nate and Crystal tied the knot on December 20 in 1997.

The couple primarily met when attending  Maranatha and instantly clicked. Crystal has always been supportive of her husband's profession as she frequently visits the stadium to watch his games. 

The head coach celebrated his 22nd anniversary with spouse crystal on Dec 21, 2019
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The housewife binds the family together and has been taking care of her kids simultaneously. The head coach was on the verge of renouncing his coaching duties but with Crystal's support and motivation, Nate pushed forward and was announced the head coach in 2015. 

Crystal was diagnosed with lymphoma 

Crystal Oats was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer lymphoma in 2015 as the coach signed with the Buffalos. Nate announced his lover's diagnosis on Facebook.

On his Facebook, the basketball coach wrote words of appreciation mentioning how she was the wife he needed and Crystal was the strongest woman he had ever seen. The Alabama star added how cancer required 5-6 months of chemotherapy and the diagnosis caught the family off guard. 

Due to Crystal's condition, Oats immediately considered taking a leave from his coaching duties but the lover forbid it. In an interview with Detroit news, Mrs. Oats told how she was a fan of the sport and most importantly didn't want her husband to stop chasing his goals.

She added saying watching and traveling with the crew helped her and made her feel like a normal person during the interview. In order to support the Oats, the Buffalo community started a GoFundMe Campaign. A sum of $13,210 was raised through donations.

The head coach's spouse went through six rounds of chemotherapy alongside receiving a bone transplant eventually curing cancer. The lumps did not reoccur and were completely cured.

The couple have three children together

Nate Oats daughters are Lexie, Jocie, & Brielle Oats. Lexie is the oldest sibling whereas Brielle is the youngest one.

The couple resides in Alabama alongside their kids. Nate is a loving father and doesn't miss an opportunity to flaunt his princesses. On August 19, 2014, the basketball mentor posted a picture showcasing his three children at Disney, where they clicked pictures with various cartoon characters.

Nate posted a picture appreciating his spouse and shared a picture of the group
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The trio even visits the stadium to show support for the team and their father. In 2016, the head coach left the buffalo team during a road trip to be with his loved ones. Both Nate and his princesses are very attached to one another. 

Lexie Oats

Lexie Oats is a college student at the University of Alabama. Oats is the oldest sibling of the three. 

Lexie is also a part of the University's women's volleyball team and has an appreciation post for the sport on her Instagram that she posted on October 22, 2021. The oldest sibling turned 18 the previous year on March 21, 2022. Father Oats wished her a wonderful happy birthday on the same day via his Instagram.

Oats congratulated Lexie on completing her Junior year and taking a further steps towards her career
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Nate constantly flaunts his princess on his socials and the two can be seen together on multiple occasions. The coach congratulated Lexi on August 8, 2022, on starting her senior year in and took all of his loved ones on a vacation to Orange Beach. 

Jocie Oats 

Joice  Oats is the middle child of Nate and Crystal. Joice is a student at American Christian Academy.

The middle sibling is a part of the school's volleyball as well as an important athlete for the school's girl's football squad. Oats took part on the Aca soccer season 1 and shared her experience and gratitude on her Instagram.

On May 23, 2022, Nate congratulated his kid on her 13th birthday and added words of appreciation for her. The Father-daughter duo can be seen having fun and spending quality time from time to time.

Brielle Oats

Brielle Oats is the youngest of the siblings. Brielle currently resides with her mom and dad.

On the occasion of National's sister day in 2018, the siblings and their father spend some fun time
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The star coach constantly posts his younger one through his social handles and is constantly keeping the audience updated regarding her. Brielle and her sisters are very close to one another and can be seen spending time together. 

Nate is close to his Grandparents

Nate Oats grandfather Bill Martin was one of the important people in his life. Nate frequently visited Bill despite his busy schedule.

Nate was attached to both of his grandparents as he grew up with them. Oat on his Instagram posted the sad news for his viewers on January 28, 2015, when his grandmother left the planet at the age of 96.

The basketball star coach added how his grandmom was his inspiration and she taught the coach many things in life. 

On February 10, 2020, Nate had to bear the grief of losing his only grandparent. Oat took his Socials to announce that his granddad Bill Martin passed away. He was glad to have visited Bill the prior year with his lover and kids.

The head coach shared how Martin always supported him and was Nate's favorite person.