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Luke Kornet Followed After Dad Frank Kornet Footsteps To Pursue Basketball

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Luke Kornet used to play for the Bulls before joining Boston Celtics in 2022
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Luke Kornet dad Frank Kornet is a former power forward for Milwaukee Bucks. Luke Kornet family is filled with athletes and sports anchors.

The Celtics center, Luke Kornet comes from a family that inspires athletes. And the 27-year-old has made his family proud throughout his career in the NBA. 

Moreover, the 7 foot 2 inches center entered the 2017 NBA draft with many expectations. Surprisingly, he went undrafted but the New York Knicks acquired him for the 2017 NBA Summer League. 

With the back of impressive performances, Kornet signed a two-way contract with the Knicks in 2017. He made his NBA debut on February 8, 2018, and finished the game with a double-double, making him the second Knicks rookie to achieve such a feat on debut. 

As a result of demanding performances, Luke got his first NBA contract in July 2018. His Knicks career ended in 2019 when the Chicago Bulls acquired him. The Vanderbilt alum played for the Bulls for two seasons before signing with the Celtics in 2021. 

During the pandemic, the Cavaliers and the Bucks signed him for ten days each. The Kentucky native finally signed with the Celtics and has appeared in 11 playoff games. 

The Vanderbilt basketball player had an impressive collegiate career. He has a all-time record for most blocks in the college's history. Also, Kornet is a top three-point scorer among players above 7 feet in the NCAA. 

Luke Cornet Dad

Luke's parents are now on the 33rd year of their marriage
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Luke Cornet dad is an experience NBA player. Frank Cornet played for the Bucks. 

Frank entered the 1981 NBA draft as one of the best prospects out of Tennessee. He was drafted as the 30th overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks. The power forward played for the Bucks for two seasons. 

Known to play as both the center and the power forward, Cornet played as the 12th man for the Bucks. He appeared in 89 games throughout his NBA career, and two came in playoffs. 

However, the player's career descended surprisingly as he found himself in the minor and other country leagues shortly afterward. 

Frank And Luke Are Both Vanderbilt Alumni

Frank and Luke both played for Vanderbilt
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Both the father and the son played college basketball for Vanderbilt

The Senior committed to the college in 1985 and spent four successful seasons in the NCAA division. He was named All-Southeastern Conference in his senior year at Vanderbilt. 

As a Vanderbilt senior, Frank was famous for his impressive dunks and blocks. "Tennesseean" once described him as the Vanderbilt beast with exceptional dunking skills. 

Following in his father's footsteps, Luke joined Vanderbilt in 2013. He finished his college career with the most blocks in the school's history. 

Luke is A NBA Star Because Of His Father

Luke had his father as a coach and mentor from the beginning. 

Coming out of high school, he didn't even get a single college division I scholarship. The Center was a raw talent yet to be discovered by the recruiters. 

However, his father knew his worth and the player he would be. So, he made a call to his friend in Texas Select and asked his friend to take Luke. The 17-year-old led the team to glory in a local championship. 

Not only this saved his career and confidence, but it also attracted offers from several colleges nationwide. When Vanderbilt came calling, the teenager couldn't resist. He was joining the school where his father once played. 

Hence, Frank didn't just teach Luke basketball; he provided a platform to showcase his skill. And the teenager didn't let his father down.  

Frank and Tracy are off to vacation
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Luke Kornet Mother Tracy Kornet

Luke Kornet mother Tracy Kornet works for Channel 4 in Nashville. She anchors the evening news. 

The Kornet family is very close to Vanderbilt. Tracy also went to the Tennessee-based college for three years before graduating from Kentucky. She met Frank and the two of them fell in love. 

Moreover, she was born in Chicago and raised in Tampa. The news anchor considers herself the greatest fan of Luke. She describes herself as the Celtics Cheerleader Mom. 

Luke with his mom Tracy at his wedding
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Tracy has been associated with television news since she graduated. After college, she became an anchor for WLEX-TV. Eight years later, she would launch her morning magazine show, Sonoran Living. 

Furthermore, Kornet also appeared on the talk show, The View. She filled in for Barbara Walker. 

The Kornets at John's wedding
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Tracy with her daughter Nicole
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Tracy Also Acts And Sings

News anchoring isn't the only charm Mrs. Kornet possesses. She is a fantastic singer and an occasional actor. 

According to her blog, she was the lead singer for her station band in Dallas during her time in Fort Worth. Even though she has not pursued a professional career out of it, Tracy still sings during her spare time. 

Also, the Kentucky alum starred in a long-running American soap opera, General Hospital. She played the role of "Nurse Tracy" in the series. 

A lover of adventure and travel, she left college in her sophomore year to work as Cinderella at Tokyo Disneyland and tour with a Japanese pop star. 

The Five-Time Emmy Winner Gives Back To The Community

Mrs. Kornet has won five Emmy Awards with Sonoran Living. The magazine show has won dozens of them. 

The Emmy winner gets involved in social activities whenever she can. She is always on the front line regarding community events and fundraisers. Also, she is currently serving as secretary of the Board of Trustees and a former co-chair of the Sexual Assault Center of Nashville. 

Luke Kornet Siblings

The NBA star has two siblings. He has a brother, John, and a sister, Nicole,

Unsurprisingly, Luke is not the only athlete in the family. Both of his siblings come from the background of basketball. All three played basketball during college. 

The three Kornet siblings in one frame
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John and Nicole in 2017
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Brother John Kornet

John played college basketball for four years at Ouachita Baptist University. He graduated in 2014. 

As the eldest one in the family, John was into basketball from a young age because of his dad. Post-college, he decided not to pursue sports and follow his passion for finance. 

John pops the question to his girlfriend
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The Ouachita alum is now a financial analyst at Stephens Inc in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is married to his longtime partner, Kori. The former college basketball player proposed to her in May 2021. 

Sister Nicole Kornet

Nicole played basketball for Oklahoma and UCLA. 

The 29-year-old spent three successful seasons at Oklahoma before transferring to UCLA in 2015. She was named the Academic All-Big 12 Rookie team in her freshmen year. She was also in the Academic All-Big 12-honoree first and second teams during her junior and sophomore years.

Nicole with Luke at a basketball game
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However, Nicole moved on from basketball after college. The UCLA alum moved to LA to pursue a career as an actress and singer. As of now, she has appeared in works such as "Hustle," "Fantasy Football," "Cheaper by the Dozen," and "Space Jam."

In addition, she also works at a record label in Los Angeles. 

Luke Kornet Wife

The Boston Celtics star Luke Kornet wife name is Tierney Kornet. Tierney Pirce Kornet is his college sweetheart.

Moreover, Tierney works as an FX Risk Advisory and sales analyst at Deutsche Bank. She also worked as an intern at the same bank before working as a full-time employee. 

Born to Rob and Maura Price in Texas, Tierney is an elder sister to two brothers, Brady and Tyler. 

Luke and Tierney celebrating their engagement
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Tierney Kornet Is Also A Vanderbilt Alum

Luke's wife Tierney also went to Vanderbilt. She was an athlete as well. 

She played soccer and track and field sports as a high school student at Woodlands College Park. She is also an impressive sprinter and jumper. 

During her Vanderbilt days, she made quite a name as a track athlete. She competed in events like the long jump, high jump, triple jump, relays, and sprints. 

Furthermore, the 27-year-old found the love of her life in college. She and Luke started dating in 2015 after knowing each other for a year. Little did Price know she would find a life partner in college. 

Luke And Tierney Engagement And Wedding

The couple started dating in May 2015 and things didn't take long to get serious. 

The NBA star gets down on one knee
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On June 7, 2018, the Celtics star proposed to her at Wagner Cove in Central Park. It was one of the most romantic proposals. She said yes and a year later, they tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony on August 2, 2019. 

The Vanderbilt alums shared their vows in a wonderful wedding ceremony alongside their family
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Both of them shared snapshots of their togetherness on Instagram. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The couple is yet to become parents.