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11 Basketball Shoes Under $50

By Aditya Bhattarai / 23 February 2023 07:09 AM

Here are the list of eleven basketball shoes under fifty dollars led by Adidas OwnTheGame 2.0	as the number one choice.
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Basketball shoes under $50 can provide better performance without stressing out on the budget. Basketball players require specific shoes to get better results.

Wearing the best basketball shoes might not be an issue for professional basketball stars, but getting a $200 Jordan could not be possible for a rookie player or a student.

Obtaining the best possible basketball shoes during the early stages of their career could be crucial for the future development of any player. Thus, they might not play up to their full potential if they have a weak financial status.

Considering these significant concerns, many brands have developed shoes in the budget range to support student-athletes and non-professional players to obtain the best possible features below $50.

While looking for cheaper versions, the most important features to note would be arch support, comfort, durability, traction, and breathability. Although they might not be the best considering the premium segment of the shoes, they provide the required support to lay down a strong foundation. 

Here is the list of eleven basketball shoes that provide the best features while being priced below $50.

11 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

Adidas OwnTheGame 2.0$48
Joomra High Top$44
PUMA Basketball Uproar PA$45
Beita High Upper$40
ASHION Mens$49
British Knights King SL$49
PUMA Legacy$35
Under Armour Lockdown 4$49

Thing To Consider For Cheaper Basketball Shoes

Few basketball shoes are comfortable and provide maximum performance for a reasonable budget. The frequent games can wear down the shoes in a month.

Choosing a shoe below the price of $50 can be a tough decision for basketball enthusiasts. As such the following key factors should be considered before making the purchase.

Comfort And Support

Basketball players must feel comfortable on their feet if they want to play without getting distracted. Protection around the ankle and insole quality is vital for any athlete.

Scientific research claims that the hardness of the midsole can be connected with injuries associated while running. An upgraded midsole keeps the foot posture natural and increases the time it takes to get tired, thus reducing the chances of injury.

Even with budget-friendly shoes, comfort and support should be given more attention since being uncomfortable could lead to unwanted problems.

A decent basketball shoe has proper cushioning and arch support on the insole that absorbs impacts better while assisting the players in making high jumps.

The protection around the Tounge and ankle helps prevent blisters and sprains during the gameplay.

Similarly, there are three types of shoes based on the collar length around the heels. The players choose Low-top, Mid-top, and High-top shoes according to their preferences for ankle support. 

While high-top shoes might seem the best fit for protecting the ankles, they can restrict the freedom to move quickly. However, they can provide more support to the ankles than the other two.

Looking out for these features is essential when buying a basketball shoe under $50.

Material Quality And Perfect Fitting

The quality of the fabrics and their fitting nature is necessary to note when purchasing basketball shoes under $50. 

The features and abilities of the material make a big difference during intensive gameplay. The materials should wrap around the shape of the feet ideally to ensure a perfect fit.

Their fitting should prevent slipping heels and have no extra space to move in the toe area. While basketball shoes normally require a perfect fit, people with wider feet should wear a bigger size than those with narrow feet.

Materials can determine the durability as well as the comfort of a shoe. In the early years, pure leather was used to make basketball shoes. Later, it was replaced by a mix of synthetic and leather to ensure breathability and flexibility.

Shoes in the current era utilize leather with synthetic mesh materials for smooth airflow.

Durability And Traction

Basketball is a high pace sport with the longest seasons in American sports. There are at least 30 games and four times more practice games at the high school level.

While purchasing basketball shoes under the 50 dollars range, looking for sturdy models is essential otherwise, they won't last even two months.

Many brands make basketball shoes that can last long to target athletes that cannot afford their expensive models. The above eleven shoes provide the best mileage considering their price being less than $50.

Similarly, traction is necessary for any player after entering the court since unstable footing can lead to many unwanted troubles.

Depending on the playing surface type, a player should pay attention to the sturdiness of the rubber sole and its texture that supports the grip.

Outsole is responsible for good traction, and the herringbone pattern soles are a suitable example of multipurpose stability. Since basketball is a fast pacing game with quick movements, maintaining a good position ensures the chance to score points for the team.


Breathability is a feature that prevents the feet from getting wet from sweat. Basketball players need to keep their feet dry to run and jump efficiently.

Most players prefer to wear shoes with thin or mesh materials on the top, allowing airflow to the feet. Further, it can effectively transfer moisture from the feet to the outer layer.

A perfect basketball shoe would be a sturdy fit body with mesh ventilation to ensure a snug fit and smooth airflow.

Moreover, according to a research study on shoe features published in the National Institute of Health by NIM affiliates, breathability is a significant factor that affects an athlete's performance while running.

Moisture-free feet can amplify the confidence and stability of a basketball player on the court.

Playing Style And Design

The best shoes in the budget range are the ones that suit your playing style while having a suitable design.

For basketball players, the shoes represent their personality, and it is important to choose something that makes you confident when playing in them.

Nonetheless, basketball players should purchase shoes that complement their playing position and has a visually aesthetic look. Each player has a specific shoe based on their build, size, foot shape, and playing position.

A guard requires a shoe that can handle shifty movements while a center or forward needs a shoe that reduces impacts and provides rebound energy with the help of the cushions when jumping.

Lastly, when choosing a shoe under the budget of $50, emphasis on brands and popular designs is secondary while comfort for individual playing style is primary.

1. Adidas Men's OwnTheGame 2.0

The Adidas OwnTheGame 2.0 is the best overall basketball shoe below the price range of $50. They are suitable for lightweight players and those with wide feet.

Based on playing position, it is a perfect fit for Guards as they require tricky movements and stability while having a durable quality.

OwnTheGame 2.0 from Adidas is suitable for basketball players with wide feet.
Source : amazon

OwnTheGame 2.0 has long-lasting outsoles and firm traction while the materials used are lightweight. The rubber outsole has a herringbone design which fully supports guards in making efficient movements in all directions.

Using full-length LighStrike foam in the midsole, they have thicker cushions on the heel compared to the toe box which has less cushioning to support wide feet. The foams help in getting an overall court feel because of their responsiveness.

Meanwhile, they do not have impact protection, making them less suitable for forwards and center players. Since they can handle wide feet, players with narrow feet might find it difficult to fit leaving dead space around the toes.

The reason for it being the number one pick on the list is because of its durability which is comparable to more expensive options.

They feature lightweight material using textile mesh designs that stretches to fit the comfort of your feet. It has internal heel caging and uses less padding on the ankle and tongue.

Adidas uses wide base in Ownthegame 2.0 to provide lateral containment and stability for quick movements along with a responsive midsole.

2. Joomra High Top Men

Joomra high-top is the best choice for men’s basketball shoes under $50. Their stylish look and durable rubber outsole make them a choice for any situation.

Joomra Basketball shoes are a high-top design shoes with low price, suitable for both rookie and professionals
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For a budget-friendly shoe, Joomra has proper cushioning on the inside while using leather materials on the upper areas giving them an elegant design. 

Although it does not have plush cushioning on the midsole, it is still comfortable for athletes because of its high-top design. With proper ankle support and a comfortable build, they can satisfy the needs of a basketball player.

They have durable materials that can last longer than others under the constant pressure of the games. Designed to be a versatile option, they can be used for everyday errands and gym to make a lasting impression.

The color combinations make it suitable for any basketball lover, while the designs on the tongue give it a fashionable look. The size range is available from US Lengths 6 to 13, covering almost every foot size in America.

Their rubber outsole and blade designs provide a stylish look, and the synthetic leather on the top provides a handcrafted feel at the toe and heel. Moreover, the laces are designed to provide stability while giving breathing room for the feet, suitable for high-energy workouts or longer gameplays. 

Although its traditional leather build reduces breathability, the tongue allows ample space for the toes to circulate air when wearing tight footwear.

3. PUMA Basketball Uproar

Puma Uproar is a performance model with all the features required in a basketball shoe. They cost cheaper for being an older model from the premium segment.

The Puma Uproar is a high performance shoes from the brand that costs less than $50.
Source : amazon

The NRGY and Ignite Foams used in the cushioning used new technologies to provide great lockdown and stability. 

Additionally, the traction is perfect for the clean indoor court as they provide a reliable footing using the multidirectional herringbone patterns on the solid rubber sole.

The high-top design is custom-made to focus more on sole responsiveness to reduce leg stress while the beads in the midsole absorb impact for added comfort with energy return functions. Likewise, they use Hybrid Cushioning tech for better support and snug fit.

Similarly, the ignite foams are not bouncy but have resistance to impact. While the materials might feel firm initially, they will become comfortable after using them for some time.

They have a thin textile overlay on the top and use synthetic leather on the side for higher performance and durability. While the material lacks the premium feel, they are visually aesthetic and durable considering the price. 

Along with a broad base, they have a stiff TPU on the outside wrapped like a cage around the ankle area to protect it from injuries. They boast a perfect fit, with the shoes shaping nicely around the feet.

Their most popular color choice is the Puma Uproar PA White Palace Red Blue design.

4. Beita High Upper

Beita is a brand that has been making basketball shoes in a budget range since 1991. The Beita High Upper is a product that is made for hoop athletes.

They provide all the features that a beginner athlete can imagine and obtain for a reasonable price without putting a burden on the wallet.

Beita High is a designer shoe brand that makes budget range basketball shoes with maximum features since 1991.
Source : amazon

Beita boasts a superior build quality by using durable and wear-resistant materials. The upper textile design has multiple pores for breathability, and the high-top design provides heel support. Similarly, the midsole provides firm support to the heels and toes, and the cushioning foams keep the feet stable and comfortable.

Their all-rounder qualities make them suitable for all gameplay, be it jumping, smashing, dunking, or shifty movements on the court. While it is a bang-for-the-buck deal for basketball athletes up to the college level, they are not suitable for professionals considering the intense gameplay and risks of having unexpected trouble.

Costing less than $40, it is an excellent choice for beginners and can support them for a long mile. It won't be a burden for the student-athletes, and they can practice much harder for their future dreams.

Additionally, they use damping outsoles with a special net pattern that prevents slipping injuries for a long time. On top of that, they have highly breathable designs that keep the feet dry.

5. ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes

ASHION basketball shoes are perfect for active athletes that require durability and design on a low budget.

The brand keeps up with fashionable designs while providing durable anti-slippery rubber soles that prevent the players from falling. They use breathable mesh materials for the upper part that can last longer, while the shoes have an excellent fit that keeps the feet locked in.

ASHION follows stylish and fashionable trends to make visually aesthetic basketball shoes with durable materials.
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ASHION uses water-resistant materials to remain dry while maintaining a stylish front in the upper part using leather. It is suitable for all kinds of adventures as the water-resistant features allow them to perform well even in the rain.

On the inside, the midsole is highly elastic with soft cushioning that reduces impact during high-intensity games. Anti-Collison toe covers, wear-resistant outsoles, and cushions around the ankle provide support to prevent injuries.

With the responsive midsole, the ASHION shoes give players a better court feel. The foams from the midfoot come up on the sidewall and help maintain lateral stability.

The ASHION Men’s Basketball shoe is a modern performance sneaker that comes at the lowest price and can last for a few seasons, including all the numerous practice sessions, without worry.

6. BinGoDug

BinGoDug is the cheapest basketball shoe brand with features like arch support and strong traction. BinGoDug is a new brand established in 2019.

Their arch support and air cushioning tech keeps the feet comfortable during extended games and practices, keeping the strain away. 

At the unbelievable cost of $30, their features are second to none, and the materials used are all comfortable and made with breathability in mind. The mesh design prevents moisture and odor while boasting a sock line for people who move around a lot.

For a basketball player, arch support reduces foot tension when running around and making quick movements. BinGoDug is mainly focused on providing that support at a low-budget package.

Moreover, their products are durable even with high-intensity gameplay. The ankle support keeps the feet locked, with no place to slide around on the inside.

The outsole is made from a firm grip rubber with unique grooves to increase traction and stability when in action. Combined with the zoom air cushioning, they provide more stability and performance while running.

Similarly, the color combinations are aesthetically perfect with everything and have a stylish design that can turn heads. An athlete can get a few pairs with different colors to match multiple situations without hurting the wallet.

7. British Knights King SL

British Knights Kings SL is a retro model high-top basketball shoe suitable for everyday uses. The BK brand provides comfortable sneakers with memory foam and shock absorption padding.

They have breathable materials in the lining with synthetic leather in the upper region, which can keep the feet fresh and dry. While the midsole does not have arch support, this model is suitable for keeping the ankle in place and preventing injuries.

Meanwhile, they have a durable rubber outsole that lasts longer than average while protecting the feet from unexpected accidents during the game. In addition, it has proper traction, which can boost performance on the court.

The King SL Mens basketball shoes from British Knights offers durable quality with sturdy outsole.
Source : com

While the traditional lace-up closure provides a secure fit, it might become a hassle for the youth of the new generations. With the cushion and support on the tongue, the Kings SL model has exceptional cushioning, a padded collar, and a memory foam insole.

Composed of thick and sturdy materials, the BK Kings SL would provide comfort and stability while playing on different surfaces. Their leather body is the most distinctive feature that helps them last longer for many seasons.

Nonetheless, the only drawback felt in these pair of basketball shoes would be the need for more flexibility. Due to the strong rubber sole, the feet become tired after a long day of practice.


The LZDZN is a basketball shoe with a high-top design with exceptional comfort for a budget price. LZDZN boasts superior support and stability with a soft insole.

The Basketball Sneakers collection from LZDZN features lightweight cushioning with stylish colors and designs.
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Their unique design and style make them popular among basketball enthusiasts. Similarly, the soft insole keeps the feet at ease for a long time while the rubber outsole maintains friction with the ground for a firm grip and stability required for slippery surfaces.

On top of that, there is an additional layer of rubber soles to protect the feet from injuries while playing basketball. LZDZN uses breathable materials to ensure proper airflow while wearing it all day.

Likewise, the soft cushioning will soothe the pressure on the feet, and the breathability of the materials will ensure it remains dry. Apart from the hoops, LZDZN shoes can also be used for running, jogging, and other strenuous activities in the gym.

While the double layers of rubber soles will add a few inches in height, making you look taller than usual, they are not lightweight because of the bulky sole.

9. PUMA Legacy

Puma Legacy Low is a shoe with a narrow herringbone pattern suitable for swift movements. Legacy is an older design with durable stitching and midsole.

The legacy series follows the older designs while retaining the required features below the cost of $40.
Source : facebook

They support super traction ability with side-to-side stability while being priced at an affordable cost. The cushions are made from non-bouncy foams called IGNITE and NRGY, but they feel comfortable considering the build and price.

The dual-density beads setup provides a low-to-the-ground design for a better court feel while providing decent protection from impacts.

The upper material has a premium feel with knit mesh designs for breathability but cannot compare to other breezy designs. Its sturdy outsole makes it a bit heavier than others as they have a wide base for wide-footed players. 

Legacy uses a lace-up closure that offers a perfect fit per the player’s preference and size of the feet. Along with a wide toe box for big footers, the webbing collars on the ankles provide stability and protection from injuries while locking the feet for a steady movement.

10. Under Armour Lockdown 4

Under Armour lockdown 4 is a design made for keeping the feet stable during the games. This shoe model provides complete lockdown as suggested by its name.

Lockdown range from Under Armour boasts complete support to feet stability as suggested by the name.
Source : facebook

The synthetic leather material on the upper side provides a premium look, and the EVA foam under the injection-molded midsole provides impact protection while keeping the feet in place during shifty movements.

Lockdown 4 also features dust-resistant traction in the outsole making it suitable for indoor and outdoor courts. It provides a multi-level adaptive grip for superior control over lateral movements.

The cushioning on the inside provides a perfect fit, making the shoes comfortable from all sides. They have excellent ankle and heel support for those extra hours of practice without worrying about blisters and keep the feet safe during high-intensity gameplays.

Being a perfect fit design, they might be uncomfortable for players with wide feet, as they might feel uncomfortable in the toe area. But getting a half-inch bigger size would solve the issue for most cases.

The mid-top style and lace-up closure ensure keeping keep stable and the ventilation pores on the top and sides allows breathability for heat reduction.


AND 1 Rocket 4.0 for Men is a basketball shoe designed for any environment. The Rocket 4.0 features a rubber outsole with better traction and durability.

Mens Rocket 4 Basketball edition from AND 1 features better design and color choices than its previous versions.
Source : amazon

The Man-made outsole offered by the model is wear-resistant providing a long lifespan considering the regular practices in basketball. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor courts with superior grip and ground feel.

The upper design is made from synthetic leather with drilled holes and a padded mesh tongue for an excellent breathable environment. Considering its materials, the airflow is enough to reduce the heat and offer comfort for a longer period.

Similarly, it uses cushioned footbed for reducing heel impact, and the midsole is made to keep the feet lower to the ground for a better court feel. While they do not provide arch support, the reinforced heels and padded ankle support keep the feet locked and stable. 

The lace-up design makes it adjustable according to the size, and the overall construction is strong with low-friction soles. They are cheaper considering their predecessor Rocket 3.0 and provides more features for the players.